Dirty Doctor Scene 2: Cade and Zario

OK so I’m going to kinda come clean on this one… While shooting The Dirty Doctor for Hot House, Trenton and I showed up to the studio early in the morning only to find that directly next door… there was a full construction crew working on what looked like a demolition of the building or… something. 
This was going to be a problem. The noise from the construction crew would be inescapable and we had two scenes to shoot that day. So we had to think fast. We came up with the idea that Cade Maddox and  Zario Travezz were construction workers who came over to the doctor’s office “from the construction site across the street” when one of them got hurt. A bit of a comedic tie-in with the previous scene and we were good to go.

Scene one ends with Ryan Rose walking naked out of the office into the lobby, leaving Devin behind and this scene takes place on the other side of that door… so Ryan walks through naked in front of the patients… Brian Bonds repeats his non-sexual role of the over-worked and exasperated nursing assistant and.. we were good to go.
Oh and we threw in an old porn magazine just for fun.

Construction worker Cade Maddox takes his injured co-worker, Zario Travezz, over to the clinic to get some help. Once they’re all checked in, Cade and Zario can hear loud moans from inside one of the patient’s room.
While sitting in the waiting room, Zario and Cade decide to have some fun of their own. Zario pulls out Cade’s thick cock from his pants and sinks to his knees to wrap his lips around the veiny pole. Zario works his lips up and down Cade’s shaft before standing up and letting Cade return the favor with a sopping-wet hummer. After deepthroating Zario’s cock, Cade bends his buddy over a desk and opens up his hairy hole with his probing tongue. With Zario’s hole slick with spit, Cade keeps him bent over and slides his massive cock deep into Zario’s crack.

Zario bears down and braces himself on the desk to take all of Cade’s big raw dick opening him up. They move back to the seating area where Zario hops on top and rides Cade’s dick bareback to deeper depths. When Cade wants control over his co-worker again, he lays him back on the desk to continue pounding his tight ass until Zario shoots his pent-up load all over his gleaming abs. After Zario busts his nut, Cade keeps pounding until he can’t hold back any longer and he paints Zario’s hole with his fresh load. Making sure it doesn’t go to waste, Cade scoops it up with the tip of his cock and slides it back into Zario’s hole. Just as they finish, they get busted by the RN!
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Prostate Play Premiere. Markus Kage FINALLY bottoms for Alex Mecum

Time for another fucking hot update from the new Masqulin site brought to you by the same guys who brought you MenAtPlay. Any time I get to see Alex Mecum in action is a good time… so seeing this was a dream. He’s hot as ever, fucking bareback and looking amazing doing it.
And this time… it’s Markus Kage’s first time bottoming.
Alex doing his best pushy top. “So you’re trying to tell me I have to get fucked in the ass to feel better?” Markus Kage asks…
Cue the silly music…I’m not sure what Masqulin has with silly music, but they make it work.

Alex is one of the most passionate performers and he’s at his best here. And that huge dick… hard to resist that.
Markus is hairy in all the right places… that thick dark beard and his very hairy ass crack. Alex with his naturally salt and pepper hair looking amazing as usual.

Markus Kage comes home frustrated from a hard day at work and is looking to take it out on Alex Mecum’s big ass. But, not this time! Alex wants to help Markus finally release all his pent up tension – with a good prostate orgasm or glanding!
Markus Kage, hesitant at first, succumbs to the sexual pleasure and finally gets prostate #glanded. Aggressive top no more! If it feels good, why not! Right?

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Face Full Of Dicks

I mean really… you gotta love a bear porn with big hairy, cuddly guys called “Face Full Of Dicks.

Muscle Bear Porn has this way of making it all look totally unmanned and unplanned. Stationary cameras, no director off screen talking through the whole scene… just big hairy bears all piling on and having fun the way big hairy bears do.

MAN, I’d love to be in the middle of that fur pile. If I ever DO decide to get back in front of the camera… this is where I’d go.

There is nothing sexier than Riley Mitchel’s eyes when he looks up at you while sucking dick. Want to know how to make him hard? Just stick your cock in his mouth and he starts leaking all over the place. A lot of jizz was exchanged in making this film and we know Riley is going to be a favorite of yours just like he is of ours.

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I actually blew a load watching this…

Imagine a world where hot young DIRRTY young men like this guy were sending you videos like this… asking you to invite them over to get fucked.
WELL THAT is the world where Hunter and Cole… The Maverick Men... live.
Fucking incredible. These men are all so hot and seeing this video that they’re all shooting live while they’re fucking… there is no director off screen, there’s no crew there with mics and lights. This is just two hot daddies who get a seemingly endless parade of hot guys coming to beg you to fuck them. And they’re fucking them while shooting I themselves.
There are YEARS of videos like this at Maverick Men and yeah… the whole site is this hot.

This young red head (you know I can’t resist a red head) is an auto mechanic by day. And he shot some video of himself jerking off at work.

Hunter and I met this amazing guy and instantly fell in lust. At first, we thought Levi was straight. Then, in a very confident way he said, “Look, I’m vers and I’m eighteen and you guys really turn me on.” We were super turned on by his cute smile and sexy auto mechanic persona. beside his rock hard cock, big blue eyes and amazing little fury muscle peach of an ass, he also has a wicked sense of humor.

There’s nothing hotter than a guy with a sense of humor. We sexted back and forth for a while. As soon as I saw how funny and open he was, I knew we had invite him to do a vid. During our sexting sessions, he sent these hot fun video clips that you see at the start of the teaser. This is one of the hottest breeding videos we’ve ever done. We really enjoyed making this video! And we know for a fact that he did, as well.

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The Jeff Effect

The copy that BelAmi released with this scene is… baffling. They say things like “well, Jeff isn’t that good looking and he doesn’t have the best body, but…” and I’m looking at him thinking… “well, actually.. yeah he’s got an amazing body and he’s young and ripped and handsome with a perfect uncut dick… why wouldn’t anyone like to dive in and have a taste of that?

OH… and Club Belami is currently 30% Off so don’t miss that….
There’s not much of a story attached to this scene, just two guys fucking and then “let’s go have a shower.”
We’ll see if there’s a part 2.

Here’s what they had to say that I find so confusing…
There is something a little magical about Jeff. He may not have the greatest body, the biggest dick or the handsomest face, but with this added magical element, he turns into the perfect package and has charmed staff and fans alike now since his debut in 2014.. and continues to do so today. Here we have him with Bob Marhiella. One of Jeff’s charms is that he is a stranger to no-one and can make friends instantly no matter where he is.
It is this ‘Jeff Effect’ in play today as he arrives at one of our apartments and finds no-one at home… except for a boy he has never met before.
It takes no time though for Jeff to get his clothes off and Bob’s dick up his ass. As with most of Jeff’s scenes, this is a pretty high energy affair, especially when he takes control of the fucking and stars riding Bob like a Bronco Buck.

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The Dirty Doctor: Devin Gets The Drill

Ryan Rose kicked some serious in this movie. It’s fun, funny, hot and the action is off-the chart. This is one that we’re REALLY proud of. We laughed a lot (there are a few intentionally comedic bits… scroll down). But we also were really excited to see all the hot men in this movie and the trouble they get into…

First up is Devin Franco coming to see the doctor because his asshole hurts… Dirty Doctor Rose reaches in and pulls out… dildo after dildo. And of course… the fun begins.

Later scenes feature Dalton Riley, Cade Maddox, Zario Travezz, Beau Banks, Adrian Hart and Steven Lee. We also added a running joke with Brian Bonds playing the slightly pervy assistant.

You’ll see four more scenes spool out over the next few weeks… I’ll keep you in the loop.
Oh and wait til you see THIS one….

Click Here to see the whole movie at Hot House.

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I was expecting the bear to get it in the butt, but… no. That Cowboy takes it like a Champ.

“Is THAT what you want?” that kinda dopey cowboy asks.
This one didn’t end how I thought it was going to end up at all. I figured the beefy meat head cowboy was gonna get blown, fuck the bearish one and walk away.
But no… Jack makes him strip, show off, get down on his knees and suck some dick… then they’re back at the house and that cowboy is sucking dick again, then getting his meaty ass fucked.
THEN he gets a big load of cum all over his face and right up his nose.
FUCK, I love TheGuySite.

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Copperhead Canyon. My FAVORITE Titanmen Movie and that's saying a lot.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve wanked off to this movie. A few hundred at least.
Years before there was even a chance of me working in porn, let alone helming the best gay porn studio ever… Titanmen released what would become my favorite porn movie ever. Everything about this movie is perfect. The look at feel of Appalachia where it’s set (it was actually shot in the mountains along the North Pacific coast) and the mixture of younger/older men, the star power of Dean Flynn and Chad Manning... even a young Kurt Wild and Wolf Hudson.

The scene where the young dad discovers his underwear drawer has been raised by his son’s best friend and responds with “it’s ok… we all have secrets” is still one of the hottest moments in porn.

Couple this with Joe’s other opus shot at the same time, Chainsaw, and you don’t really need much else.
Copperhead Canyon remains one of my goto porn movies when I just wanna want to some real, hot men out in nature doing what guys do.
Copperhead Canyon has been remastered in a stunning 1080p High Def redux and is now back up at Titanmen.com
enjoy. I know I will.

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Robbie fucks Ayden with ALL 9"

Robbie and Ayden start this one out playing a bit of one of those card games where they ask each other “have you ever…” Or “what is your favorite…” All about sexual encounters. Not sure how real those answers are, but they seem to actually mean it. Robbie gets asked “what are your three Big Dick problems” and Robbie talks about how there’s no way to hide having a boner in public, public rest rooms and he’s hard because he can’t hide it and being too big for guys.
Ayden says “that won’t be a problem with me” because “I got a big ass and I’m not stranger to taking big dicks.” Robbie tells him “yeah, so I’ve heard… word gets out.”

Conversation turns to what kind of dicks Ayden likes and he says he likes “length, girth and firmness.” Robbie tells him “I have 9 inches.
And with that…we’re off to the races.

Both guys are mostly smooth… a slight peppering of hair on Ayden, but they kiss with a lot of passion and Ayden can’t keep his hands off Robbie’s dick. I was a bit interested to see if this would be a good pairing, and it is… they have a lot of natural chemistry that comes across like watching two college buddies. Looking into each other’s eyes and those quick stolen kisses. Both guys are rock hard as they shed their underwear. I love seeing that. It means they were really into it. And you can tell they are.
Robbie doesn’t waste any time getting his dick up Robbie’s hole. Was kinda hoping for a bit more buildup and foreplay but it’s very obvious that the guys just wanted to dive right in. Robbie’s dick stays hard as a rock as it slams (and I mean SLAMS) up Ayden’s hole… Ayden stays hard, too. Side Note: It’s always a bit odd to me when the guys save cock sucking until the third act.

But after the FIRST CUM shot (remember this is Sean Cody and we usually get multiple cumshots from both in each scene), That’s when Ayden goes down and sucks Robbie. Then Robbie buries his tongue in Ayden’s hole before we get a final pile-driver position where Robbie blows a HUGE load all over Ayden’s hole. This is a much bigger finish than I was expecting. Even after the cumshots, they’re still kissing and sucking. This is a total slam-dunk of a scene.
Expectation: Medium. At first there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of chemistry and they came across more as friends.
Result: HIGH. That cumshot that Robbie blows is a gusher that I can’t believe we got out of him as his SECOND cumshot….

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Training Past 30 Is Hard

So last week while I was in Key West, Jesse Jackman tweeted out a picture of me and his friend Levi who was in the midst of training me. Yes… I decided that it was time to finally just say “fuck it” and head back to the gym with a trainer and pump some iron. I’m doing my best to have some realistic body goals (not always that easy) and I’m going to be at the gym regularly during the week and sweating my ass off on the weekends… I promise I won’t become an insufferable meat head. But… and this is a very big but… if I can get myself back into on-camera shape… we might see if any studios want to see this in one more porn scene.

Like I said, this is a VERY big butt. Huge, really.
Anyway…while I was working with Hot House a couple months ago, Michael Roman told me that he’d shot this scene with Sean Harding. Michael does a lot of training anyway, and when the promo email passed by my desk this morning I had to laugh. Yes… training over 30 is tough. And I’m… well… I’m over 32. Wish me luck.
Sean Harding is doing his pre-workout warm-up by doing crunches and his trainer Michael Roman is motivating him and as he gets down next to Sean to assist, Sean cannot help be distracted by the hard cock showing in Michael’s shorts. Not hesitating, Sean reaches for it and starts stroking him making it even harder. Michael stands up and feeds Sean his cock and Sean eagerly sucks him deep down his throat. Michael then drops to his knees and sucks Sean. They then move into a 69 on the exercise matt and then Sean moves to Michaels ass and rims him. Sean then fucks Michael’s hole deep with his long hard cock. Michael then puts Sean on his knees and rims his ass and then fucks him from behind doggy style. He then flips Sean onto his back and fucks him hard until he cannot hold back and pulls out shooting his cum all over Sean.
This is a pretty straight-forward scene, we’re not expecting drone shots and a huge opening sequence on the beach in this one… we don’t even get a Flashdance training montage (which I guess we should be a bit thankful for that. But we get some hot action with some hot men and hey… that’s what we watch porn FOR, right?

Click here to see it at MenOver30

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Peter Coxx gets fucked by Lex Anders

Ah Kristen Björn… the guy who, along with a few other idols of mine, created what gay porn was and would become through the 80s and 90s.

Kristen is still going strong. His movies are maybe a bit less epic than they were back in the days of Gangers At Large (still in my top 5 favorite gay porn movies of all time). But a membership to KristenBjorn not only gets you regular new scenes, you also get a LOT of the old classic titles.

New scene is with Peter Coxx getting his rather sweet hole fucked by Lex Anders. I LOVE Lex’s beard.

After some sun and fun in the pool, Lex Andres takes Peter Coxx back to his flat. Although the package has been nicely wrapped in their KB swimsuits, its time to unleash the beasts. These two hairy, bearded men love to kiss and feel the other’s cock expand in anticipation. Peter drops his swimsuit as Lex moves in and begins feasting on Peter’s engorged cock. Lex gives Peter’s cock a thorough cock sucking before swapping positions with him. Peter’s pink pucker hole is on overtime as it winks with excitement as his lips quickly approach the throbbing head of Lex’s cock. With his lips maneuvering up and down Lex’s cock shaft, it is his own fingers that pry his sweet ass open as he fills his ass with pleasure as Lex’s cock takes care of his mouth. Lex sees the full extent of pleasure that Peter is giving himself and gets behind him and rams his raw cock deep into that hot, pink hole. 

As Lex pumps pure pleasure into Peter’s ass, Peter cries out to not stop and fuck my ass and Lex continues to fill his ass with cock and pleasure. Peter is flipped onto his back and Lex continues to fuck his ass as Peter’s balls are inflamed and engorged with passion, pleasure and a huge load that keeps building. Peter takes control as he lowers his hot ass down onto Lex’s straining cock. Peter takes all of Lex’s cock in one swoop of his thrust downward and begins a gyrating action that builds with each advance of his hungry ass. Peter has ground his ass and Lex’s cock into oblivion as his thick cock spews its thick load of cum all over Lex’s hairy chest. Peter’s ass muscles are working overtime as they are clench tight around Lex’s cock as his cum flies, which of course milks Lex’s heavy load right out of his cock and all over Peter’s pink ass. With Peter’s ass creampied, both men have reached that exhaustive state of ecstasy.
Click Here to download at KristenBjorn

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