BriGAYde #2 – Gay Comic Geek Review

This is a spoiler filled review, so be warned. But Gay Comic Geek nails why you want to see this series.

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Every superhero team needs a base of operations! For some it’s a fancy mansion or a high rise tower. For others, it’s a dark, dingy cave!  For the heroes of the BRIGAYDE, it’s the Armistice Estates; a newly constructed, state of the art townhouse development that comes equipped with all the amenities a superhero could want.

Today is “moving in” day! As NAKED JUSTICE and his teammates lug their belongings, they finally meet DOC SOLANDO, their patron and the man responsible for uniting them as a team. But danger lurks in the least expected places, as Golden Boy soon discovers from a chance meeting with a particularly difficult neighbor.

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More Gay Porn Comics from Class Comics: Exodus

Been a fan for a long time… I’ll start posting about all my favorites regularly but I wanted to drop a note about the newest title from David Cantero. I’m loving the artwork and the depictions of the raw masculine sexuality… the muscles, the enormous dicks, the body hair. Class Comics always releases the best in gay erotic comics.

NEXUS is a young planet in a far away galaxy, divided by it’s opposing deities. For centuries, KIONA the mother goddess has kept the balance between all other divinities. Each god protects a city in the 7 continents of NEXUS.

Now the unthinkable has happened. KIONA has disappeared and all the other gods are trying to take control of NEXUS, starting a war all over the planet.

This is the beginning of a great adventure, full of magic, fantasy, science-fiction, love, action and sex. The NEXUS universe is just beginning to unveil its unlimited wonders.

Like most of their titles, Exodus is available in both Print and PDF versions, the PDF being available in multiple languages.

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