Bruce Beckham and Micah Brandt asked to do a scene together and who am I do say “no?”

Sometimes it’s hard to cast a scene. Finding guys you think would look good together, like each other, be INTO each other (those are two different things), they have to be available at the same time, I prefer to NOT shoot men who’ve done scenes together already (although if they did a scene together that sucks and I know I can do better, sometimes I’ll just do it to spite the director).

Anyway… I was tasked with shooting a movie in LA that was just about “cruising for sex in LA.” I can do that. Bruce and Micah both lived here at the time (Bruce moved to New York not long after). Seemed like a no-brainer.

I called up Bruce and asked him if he’d like to do a scene with Micah and he said that yes… they’d been chatting and were hoping I was going to ask. We chatted for a few minutes about the weather and my dogs… then I hung up, grabbed myself a coffee (I drink about half a gallon per day) and called Micah.

Micah just answered the phone with “Yes, I’ll do a scene with Bruce… FUCK yes.

Apparently Bruce had called him while I was pouring my coffee. These men move fast.

Anyway… the scene turned out great, although they were so into it that I had to shoot it twice. They were so carried away that they raced through everything and when they were just about to go for their first fucking positions, I had to get them to loop back to the oral and rimming so I could get enough footage.

They had no problem with that. We got a great scene. Hope you like it….

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen. 

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Gay Men’s Room Blowjob Video Game. No, really.

So the game… it’s like a sort of… SIMS… where you’re in a men’s washroom… and checking out other men’s dicks at a urinal… (the dicks look like flesh-colored guns). And the object is to suck dick without getting caught by police or in a sting.

This is a video game made by Robert Yang, a gay Asian video game designer whose games are known to follow a “Queer” aesthetic. And hey, if you can play a video game AND get some virtual dick… why not, right?

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Rix & Quentin Gainz fuck at Active Duty


More hot young military tattooed boys fucking. Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty has been one of my top favorite gay porn sites in over a decade. It’s rough and hot… dirty and low-fi. But the sex is always hot.

Rix is back in action with us once again. His firm attitude and lust for that tight ass is making him climb the ranks at a steady pace. This is only his second time being with one of our vets and this time he’s tackling Quentin Gainz. Quentin loves to try out the rookies who are just learning the ways of battling through the ranks here at AD. He’s more of our special ops vet when we need him to test the willingness of these new recruits. Quentin brings the fun while Rix brings the pain and toughness.

Quentin’s cock is usually the first to be hard and throbbing but Rix has beaten him to the punch. Rix drops his drawers and his cock is hard as a rock standing straight up and Quentin is amazed by it. Rix is ready to rock out so he wraps his mouth around Quentin’s throbbing dick.  More about this video →

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Steve Cruz and I have been friends for years… And we often have a bit of a laugh at how high-concept some porn movies end up being when nobody is jerking off to digital effects, sets and lavish locations. It’s all about the hot men, hot action and good direction of those two things.

The rest is just fun for us. Not like I’m not proud of my high-concept movies with stories and digital effects… I’m just aware that they all have to support and never get in the way of the hot men and the action.

That said… I gotta say I never expected to be reviewing a movie about fast food restaurant employees… but Steve manages to make it work.

Tatted ginger Bennett Anthony is dining in with Noah Donovan and the service from Rikk York and Lucas Allen is slow. After finally getting their food, an annoyed Bennett realizes his hot dog is cold. Irritated, Bennett flags Rikk down and lets him know his hot dog is cold and wants it replaced with some ‘big fat meat.’ No, really.

Rikk takes note and tells his co-worker the irate customers wants some ‘big, fat meat’ and Lucas says, ‘lets give it to him.’ The fast food employees approach the table with throbbing hard-ons and Rikk grabs Bennett by the head and shoves his mouth down to the base of his cock. Rikk switches off with his work buddy to face fuck the annoying customer. Bennett’s foody friend joins in on the action in getting his swollen member serviced. Lucas joins Bennett on his knees as they alternate Rikk and Noah’s cocks down their throats. Rikk wants a taste of his uncut co-worker, servicing Lucas’ meat at the cashier counter. Lucas finishes as he jacks a load onto his abs while Rikk shoots a thick load on Lucas’ thigh.

Click Here to see it at Raging Stallion. 

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Making Parole with Jesse Jackman and Lorenzo Flexx.


We had a lot of fun shooting this one, although that location comes with a lot of its own geographical problems. Shooting outside is always rough. Sun needs to be scrimmed out, there’s noise and a mighty wind can come up and blow all your gear over if it’s not secured down properly.

We had the scrim placed on the rafters over the action in the courtyard in that house (which has since been demolished to build a new one). We had to keep stopping the action to move the scrim with the sun and a high wind gust came up in the afternoon that almost knocked over all our lights.

But we did get the scene shot.

Jesse is huge. HUGE. Lorenzo is a much smaller guy with a similar build. Shooting men who are that different in size comes with a lot of its own challenges to shoot it well. Getting the top low enough and the bottom high enough for bend-over positions, getting them in a well-placed area so the top doesn’t over-shadow him too much. The good thing was that these guys had great chemistry so it all went down pretty well.

This is a sequel, of sorts, to my movie Jail Break. Jesse plays the same character in this movie.

Click Here to download the whole movie at Titanmen.

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