I'm not gonna pretend to totally get this fetish.

A few years ago (truth be known, it was 13 years ago… 2006), I was at the Miami airport for some reason (I think to go to a porn convention) and the sales guy suggested The Road, a very fucked up dystopian novel that features scenes I’d rather not tell you about. But I LOVED the book and I think I read it twice before I put it down.
Then there was a movie of it… that was ok.
but um….
This seems like… a gay porn version of the very messed up, post-apocalyptic novel The Road.
Or as close as porn lets you get, anyway. Keep reading below.

It’s pretty Epic… like… I love the look and feel and tone of it. The hotness of it all. The way he leaves his shirt and pants on, the look on the slave’s face. Ryan Bones and Andrew Green really made this their own. I’m intrigued.

In an apocalyptic new world, the last and few men on earth have to fend for themselves for survival. While roaming the woods, Ryan Bones stumbles upon what resembles to be a trap. A half-naked and dirty Andrew Green, with a sign around his neck that reads: ‘Protect Me. I Will Be Ur Slave’.
Ryan teaches Andrew what slavery means.. first by having him suck on his thick cock and then by turning him over and fucking him until he cums.
No longer the last man, Ryan endures with his slave Andrew by his side. The Last Men.
Click Here to watch it all at Masqulin.

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