Dirty Doctor Scene 2: Cade and Zario

OK so I’m going to kinda come clean on this one… While shooting The Dirty Doctor for Hot House, Trenton and I showed up to the studio early in the morning only to find that directly next door… there was a full construction crew working on what looked like a demolition of the building or… something. 
This was going to be a problem. The noise from the construction crew would be inescapable and we had two scenes to shoot that day. So we had to think fast. We came up with the idea that Cade Maddox and  Zario Travezz were construction workers who came over to the doctor’s office “from the construction site across the street” when one of them got hurt. A bit of a comedic tie-in with the previous scene and we were good to go.

Scene one ends with Ryan Rose walking naked out of the office into the lobby, leaving Devin behind and this scene takes place on the other side of that door… so Ryan walks through naked in front of the patients… Brian Bonds repeats his non-sexual role of the over-worked and exasperated nursing assistant and.. we were good to go.
Oh and we threw in an old porn magazine just for fun.

Construction worker Cade Maddox takes his injured co-worker, Zario Travezz, over to the clinic to get some help. Once they’re all checked in, Cade and Zario can hear loud moans from inside one of the patient’s room.
While sitting in the waiting room, Zario and Cade decide to have some fun of their own. Zario pulls out Cade’s thick cock from his pants and sinks to his knees to wrap his lips around the veiny pole. Zario works his lips up and down Cade’s shaft before standing up and letting Cade return the favor with a sopping-wet hummer. After deepthroating Zario’s cock, Cade bends his buddy over a desk and opens up his hairy hole with his probing tongue. With Zario’s hole slick with spit, Cade keeps him bent over and slides his massive cock deep into Zario’s crack.

Zario bears down and braces himself on the desk to take all of Cade’s big raw dick opening him up. They move back to the seating area where Zario hops on top and rides Cade’s dick bareback to deeper depths. When Cade wants control over his co-worker again, he lays him back on the desk to continue pounding his tight ass until Zario shoots his pent-up load all over his gleaming abs. After Zario busts his nut, Cade keeps pounding until he can’t hold back any longer and he paints Zario’s hole with his fresh load. Making sure it doesn’t go to waste, Cade scoops it up with the tip of his cock and slides it back into Zario’s hole. Just as they finish, they get busted by the RN!
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