So do we call this "Saved By The Balls?"

ok I’ll just come out and admit it… sometimes when you have a porn scene to shoot and you have no idea what to do and you cast is there and the clock is ticking… you just go for the tropes.

Many years ago when I was directinig for Cocksure Men and John Tegan and I had no idea what to do with Landon Mycles and Brady Jensen, we just did a self-parody on the Pizza Boy (Landon had starred in a movie called “The Pizza Boy”) and had Brady essentially ordering the boy and not the pizza. Yeah, it was silly, but my motto when making porn has always been “as long as it ends with a dick in a butt, everybody loves a happy ending.”
This brings us to the new Men.com Straight To Gay scene “Anatomy Of A Men Scene.” This is a parody of gay porn with all of the cliche setups and absurd moments… closely copying the plot devices of the teen comedy Saved By The Bell where the lead actor snaps his fingers and freezes the action to catch the audience up on things.
Yeah, it’s silly… but this is gay porn. It can totally be fun and silly and not make sense and as long as it end up with a dick in some guy’s hole… we have a gay porn scene.

Here we have Beaux Banks taking it up the ass from Justin Matthews after a bit about making a cake. Both Beaux and Justin are in on the joke… they perfectly give that wink to the camera that they know how funny this all is and they’re just playing along. I really do like it when performers can show they don’t take themselves too seriously. It makes it all more fun when the guys show that they’d actually be fun to hang out with off set.
Justin’s body is amazing… ripped and tight… filled out perfectly in all the right places and rippled with muscles. His dick does that springy-bouncy thing when it pops out of his shorts. Beaux never really loses his sense of fun with this scene. They go through all the “I’ve never sucked a dick before, I’m straight” stuff and while they manage to get all the lines in, we really just wanna see Justin down on his knees sucking “his first dick.” Hey, it’s porn, let them have their fun.

I also had to laugh at the magically appearing condom.
It’s one of the connumdrums of making porn with condoms… sometimes the studio wants to make a production out of showing the condom going on. Sometimes I’d just do a quick cut-away to someone reaching for it and then it would be on the top’s dick.
But in this scene, Beaux just says “why don’t you try fucking me” and Justin stands up to reveal that somehow a condom has just magically appeared on his dick.
It’s not always easy to shoot a porn scene in a narrow kitchen. I won’t call out the director or site but I once saw a scene with two very hot men that was so poorly done, I called up the two stars and cast them together to shoot a totally different scene with them where we got it right. I’m kind of an asshole like that sometimes.

Anyway… here’s the scene… enjoy.. this is a fun one and it’s always good to see porn stars breaking character and doing something like this.
In the second part of Anatomy of a Men Scene, Beaux Banks gives us a peek into the everyday life of the hero of a Men.com scene. From waking up with an eerie feeling that he’s about to have anal sex to an unexpected visit from his married neighbor, we see all of the bumps and surprises that make up a day in the life of the average citizen of the Men.com cinematic universe. Through a series of unavoidable circumstances, straight neighbor Justin Matthews ends up with his eager lips wrapped around Beaux’s cock while trying to make his wife a cake. The first-time-fellator does his best, swallowing Beaux’s thick cock down to the balls then sucking and licking those, too. Soon Beaux is bent over his kitchen counter taking the kind of hardcore pounding that straight men always seem to deliver if given the opportunity, fucking Beaux until the tattooed cutie can’t contain his moans of pure pleasure and blows his load right there in the kitchen.

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