Nasty Jack Dixon splits Daddy Dale Savage WIDE Open

One of my many jobs is video editing. And while I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, I’m part of Trenton Ducati’s team… so I get to be the first person to see the finished scenes when I finished editing them. So I was the guy who got to see Dale Savage BARELY white-knuckle through this scene.

Jack isn’t a mean guy. He’s actully nice and gentle and knows that not eveyrone can take his dick. But when he’s horny as fuck and ready to go, he’s kinda hard to stop and there WAS a porn scene to be made, so Dale had to man up and take that dick.
As Jack gives him that gentle bearded smile, Dale’s eye bug out of his head as his hole is streched to its limit and beyond. You can see him both shocked and turned on as Jack starts to slam his hole over and over.
Dale looks like a kind daddy himself. Silver hair, that pink skin and a soft smile. The polar opposite of Jack who looks like the mechanic that makes you wanna jizz your shorts the moment he says “pop the hood.” The kind of man that you’d drop to your knees and suck off withous hesitation. The kind of guy who could talk you into just about anything when that naughty twinkle in his eye hits you.
Seeing hat hot daddy take that HUGE dick… I may have wanked off a couple times while editing this one….?
Watch the whole scene at NastyDaddy.

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