Chaosmen: Barton & Zane

Thank you Chaosmen for pairing two of my favourites in your roster together. I’ve written about Zane a lot, I love him. His big muscle body lightly dusted in hair always makes me cum. If you haven’t gotten into Barton yet, lemme tell you – this guy’s butt has such a wonderfully round shape it is mesmerizing.

Watching these men kiss got me rock hard, so by the time they dived down on each other’s dicks I was leaking pre cum. I really loved watching Barton face fuck Zane in 69. Barton bends Zane to start rimming his butt and I’m amazed at how pink Zane’s hole is. As someone who spent a lot of time loving that hole, it’s never looked better than in this scene.

Barton starts fucking Zane in doggy first, then switching it around giving us a beautiful view of Barton’s butt getting slammed. Zane continues to fuck Barton on his back until they both shoot their loads. Zane coats Barton’s pulsing hole and takes his time pushing it back in with his fingers and his cock. Surprisingly, Zane drops down to his knees and starts tonguing Barton’s cum soaked hole. Pure piggy filth. Even hotter, Zane kisses Barton right after this so Barton can taste the swirl of cum and ass.

Get into this scene HERE because you will watch this one over and over.

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