Chaosmen: Lorenzo & Zane

I feel like Chaosmen made this scene just for me because they serve up so many things I love in porn. First we have Lorenzo, who is just sex on legs. His dark skin covered in fur always make me pre cum at first sight. Zane always gets me going too, especially when that meaty butt is presented on all fours.

As Lorenzo is sucking on Zane’s perfect dick, Zane gives a dirty grin as if to say “damn, this is great head”

The deeper Zane takes Lorenzo’s cock in this throat, the deeper Lorenzo arches his back, writhing in pleasure

They both take time to taste each other’s furry holes


They both fuck each other senseless, sharing their loads and lots of ass to mouth. Feral, filthy fucking!

Head over the Chaosmen HERE to unlock this must watch scene.



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