Men: Justice League Part 2

What a time to be alive for comic book fans! In the last month, we got Thor: Ragnorak, Justice League, Avengers: Infinity War trailer and Men.com’s high budget porn parody of Justice League. Part rolls out today with Colby Keller as Green Lantern and living legend Francois Sagat looking all kinds of badass as Aquaman.

I really can’t stress enough how fucking cool Francois looks as Aquaman, Men.com really did a really good job at his costume design. As Colby and Francois start undressing to suck each other’s dicks, I love that they don’t take off their costumes entirely. Fortunately their beautiful cocks and holes are unobstructed from view the whole time.

Colby delivers his signature power fucking, thrusting full shaft into Francois’ talented hole. Francois gets fucked standing up, on his back, in doggy – all the while, the camera catches just how meaty his butt is. Colby finishes off on Francois’ face and it is one helluva thick, creamy, gooey load. I would love to lick it all off Francois’ beard.

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Head over to Men.com HERE to check out Part 2 of this killer series.

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