Men: William Seed & Shawn Hardy

I make no secret of my love for William Seed and how it tortures me I never met him during my years in Montreal (William if you’re reading this, heyyyyyy).  Today, William is paired up with Shawn Hardy in an instantly classic Men.com scene.


William and his girlfriend walk into a salon so she can get her hair done by Shawn. As Shawn as assessing her hair, he makes come-fuck-me eyes at William while rubbing his growing cock through his jeans. William’s confused and bemused facial expressions are everything. Shawn starts washing the chick’s hair and covers her eyes with a towel, giving William the perfect time to show Shawn his THICK bulge in his jeans. William pulls out his impressive meat and Shawn is stunned by the size of it.

Adding a extra towel over the chick’s eyes, Shawn drops down in front of William to slob on his knob. Shawn then climbs on top to ride William while the chick is just chilling out in the background. Shawn wants the taste of William’s dick back in mouth and gets back on his knees. The chick finally pulls the towel off and storms out in shock. William laughs and says “I think she’s pissed” to which Shawn replies with what we’re all thinking – WHO CARES.

William is a true power top, hammering away at Shawn’s little hole in, never slowing down or showing mercy. It’s fucking hot.

Head over to Men.com HERE to check out this Str8 to Gay scene for the books.

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