John and AJ Play Naked Boner Football and suck some dick

I’ve been really getting off a lot on TheGuySite which features those rugged, “regular” guys. Maybe a bit of a belly, not really ripped… those guys that you just wanna throw down and have your way with them or let them have their way with you.

Here’s a fun short scene of John and AJ running around naked with boners through the forest. Some good boucning dick. Then some ritual throwing of the football with boners because why not?
And then we finally get to see John sucking AJ’s dick.
Watch it at TheGuySite.
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Two Quick Ones with Daxx and Champ – Naked Football Players on the Beach

So this one is pretty cute. And hot. Maybe a bit offbeat.
[jwplayer hRfQtS9y] The Guy Site has two new scenes. One with the big beefy chub boy Daxx fucking Football player Champ and then a second one where the two guys head out and run around naked in the waves together, rolling around naked in the water, playing football, maybe a bit of grab-ass… then they head to the shower.
[jwplayer InjvNTNV] Watch both scenes (and a LOT more big-bellied guys like them) at TheGuySite.

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British Boxer Don Broadhurst drops his pants…

broadhurst05Ruggerbugger have pictures of 29 year-old British boxer Don Broadhurst naked at a weigh in.

Remember that scene in Vision Quest where they hunky young wrestler takes off his shorts and weighs himself naked to hit his weight goal? Other than a then-not-that-famous Madonna playing a singer in a bar (for no reason at all other than to include two songs on the soundtrack) it’s the only part of the movie that anyone really remembered.

We’re big fans of when sports stars drop their pants here, so when we heard about this… well, Ruggerbugger is only a click away, right?

What is it about athletes that they can’t keep their fucking pants on?

Check out the gallery after the jump or head over to see the whole collection at Ruggerbugger.

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