TSA Checkpoint – Teddy & Lorenzo

Teddy Torres is a horny airline passenger who thinks that airports are boring so he makes his own fun wherever he goes. Lorenzo Flexx is a baggage handler who comes across Teddy with his dick out by the men’s room. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, Lorenzo does as he’s told and gets on his knees to suck the hairy, uncut cock in front of him.

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TSA Checkpoint – Daymin & Rikk

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the security line at the airport and see a fine ass guard in uniform, secretly wishing I’d get the strip search treatment. Raging Stallion plays out this fantasy beautifully, with the muscular Daymin Voss dressed up in a sexy uniform that shows off his bulging body. Rikk York gets a full strip search and Daymin discovers contraband shoved up his ass.

Rikk doesn’t want to get busted and asks Daymin “Do you like a loose sloppy hole?”. Without missing a beat, Daymin dives deeper into Rikk’s hairy, muscle butt before feasting on his hole. If you like beefy, hairy dudes this scene is for you. Daymin strips out of his uniform to let Rikk worship his meaty dick, showing off his furry and muscled body. Daymin demands Rikk eat his ass and fuck him senseless, and Rikk has no problem complying to this officer.

Switching roles, Daymin throws Rikk on his back and pounds his hole until they both bust their nuts. Seriously, these 2 have amazing butts that are a privilege to watch get rimmed and fucked.

Watch the full scene of these gorgeous, burly dudes fucking at Raging Stallion HERE.

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Trapped – Tegan, Kurtis and Colby

What a fucking treat Raging Stallion unleashed on us. Kurtis Wolfe, Tegan Zayne and Colby Keller in one of the best threesomes I’ve seen this year. I love threesomes that actually take advantage of 3 people, rather than someone off to the side waiting their turn.

Watching Kurtis eat Colby’s balls while Tegan slurps on the head is hot, but it’s even hotter when Kurtis and Tegan make out on Colby’s throbbing knob. When Tegan drops to his knees, he forces both cocks in his mouth with Colby and Kurtis aggressively kissing each other.

Colby is hungry and wants more to eat, getting both guys on their backs and their legs in the air exposing 2 beautiful hairy holes. It’s really hot to see that while Colby is eating one hole, he is still fingering the other. Eventually he makes both Kurtis and Tegan suck his fingers after they’ve been in their butts.

The double oral continues to drive me crazy. Colby is fucking Tegan on his back, so Kurtis flops his cock on Tegan’s face so Colby can lean forward and share the worship. Kudos for Colby’s power fucking, he never slows down his rhythm and is it really driving it deep in Tegan.

Colby slams Kurtis mercilessly in doggy, but Kurtis’ face is forced in Tegan’s hole deeply so we can only hear his muffled moans. The view is fucking amazing, watching this train of sweaty muscle moving in unison.

These guys really put on a show and made sure the cum was shared with everyone. Tegan and Kurtis’s faced glazed in freshly shared jizz is forever blazed in my memory.

Watch this scene now at Raging Stallion HERE and let me know how many times you came watching it, because I’m on round 8.

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