Shut Up, Jasun: How Do Straight Guys Have Gay Sex Edition

yes, dear friends, bitter enemies and confused people who have no idea who the f*ck I am… Shut Up, Jasun is Back. Today’s question is “are those guys in gay porn who say they’re straight really straight and if so, how do they have sex with other guys and stay hard?” I won’t get into “why” or even defend the “no straight guy would do that” thing because I’m so sick of that discussion. But I’ll give you a short answer as to how we shoot it.

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Shut Up, Jasun: Dumb Starbucks Edition

Randomly heard from my friends on Facebook about this “parody” coffee shop about 5 minutes from my house in Silverlake. It’s called “Dumb Starbucks.” Everyone was talking about it, trying to figure out just what it was, trying to find out the story behind it. I decided to come down and check it out myself. When I first saw how long the line up was, I almost bailed (two hours for a free cup of coffee is more than I really have time for) but then I saw Johnny “Gay Pimp” MacGovern in line and I hopped in line and said “hi.”

We were all very aware that it was probably part of a promotional campaign for something.. the general consensus was that it was Jim Carrey promoting the new Dumb and Dumber movie. But when something that the whole world is talking about is happening a short trip from your house… why not check it out.

Yeah, we’ve never heard of Nathan.. whatsisname, either.

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