Jack Dixon (finally) Gets His Hairy Ass Fucked.

We’ve all wanted to see it. He’s hot, he’s hairy, he’s a big bad wolf with the booming voice that you’d happily allow to blow your house down. He’s Jack Dixon.
But he’s always been a top. Always. I did a short interview with him a while back and he talked about maybe bottoming one day… well that day is today.
Jack finally did his first bottoming scene for Nasty Daddy… honestly my favorite site going today.
Carlo Cox did the honors (and I was the lucky guy who got to edit the scene).
And yes… it’s Nasty Daddy, of course it’s bareback.
The scene takes place in the men’s room. Haven’t most of us wanted to blow a guy in a men’s room? Right next to the urinals on the floor sucking a dick?
I know I have.
Look… seeing that big, tattooed hunk get the tables turned on him… I think a lot of us have wanted to get our faces in that hairy crack. But seeing him get bent over and fucked… I didn’t think I was gonna get to see that.
Click Here to see the whole scene at Nasty Daddy.
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Daddy AGAIN?

Ok so… this is one of the hottest scenes of the year. Wesley Woods playing a dumb redneck and Jack Dixon playing his daddy… there’s a bit with a TV that doesn’t work, a trailer park daddy telling his boy “come over here and suck my dick, it’s the only thing you’re good for” and then we get to see Jack Dixon’s HUGE dick in all its glory… sliding in and out of Wesley’s hole. This is a HOT scene with Wesley taking every inch of Jack’s huge dick… Jack’s hairy ass thrusting and a lot of sweat and cum.

I was the lucky guy who got to edit this scene for NastyDaddy. Every moment of this scene (and the movie itself which is four scenes of pure white trash perfection) is filled with that dirty action that I love… the southern accents, the outdoor sex, the BIG dicks and hairy man meat… seriously this is one you don’t wanna miss. I actually had to stop editing and jerk off three times the day I cut this…
Click Here to see it at NastyDaddy.
Check out Jack on Twitter here.  Check out Wesley Here.

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Daddy Bear Jack Dixon Slams Teddy Bear in Jizzworthy 'Furgasm' Finale

A couple weeks ago I posted about Jack Dixon’s upcoming scene for Pantheon that I had shot along with a fun little interview video, and y’all went wild. I’m glad because I’m a fucking HUGE fan of Jack Dixon and I always feel my own dick twitch a bit when I even hear that voice or see that hairy butt of his.
Figured I’d do a bit of a reach back to Jack’s scene with my buddy Teddy Bear in Steve Cruz’s FURGASM.

It all comes (and cums) down to this. Seeing those two hairy men, covered in sweat and lubed up… makes me wanna jump in face first and join the fun.
Rugged and hairy muscle bears Jack Dixon and Teddy Bear get down to fucking in the finale of Raging Stallion's Furgasm series.
In the last scene of Steve Cruz’s Furgasm series for Raging Stallion, two of the series’ most hairy – and beary, if you will – guys meet in the bar on a pool table.Rugged and hairy muscle bears Jack Dixon and Teddy Bear get down to fucking in the finale of Raging Stallion's Furgasm series.Teddy Bear (riding above) rides the muscled daddy bear Jack Dixon (right) right on that table, too, billiard balls be damned.
Get your first look way down below at the finale, on Raging Stallion.
Jump here for Scene 1 of Furgasm with Daymin Voss and Drake Masters:
See Jay Austin and Jack’s wildly energetic Scene 2 here:
Watch newcomer Ashland fuck blue-eyed Ziggy Banks here in Scene 3:

Jump here for Scene 4 with Eddy Ceetee and Jay:

But let’s talk about Jack and Teddy….
Jack’s deep and bboming voice is hot… that hairy butt is hot.. but OMG that dick. It’s huge, it’s thick, Jakc uses it like a battering ram right up Teddy’s hole and I jizzed in mypants just watching these men fuck.
Rugged and hairy muscle bears Jack Dixon and Teddy Bear get down to fucking in the finale of Raging Stallion's Furgasm series.

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Chatting with Jack Dixon

He’s hot, he’s cool, he’s funny, he’s hunky and handsome. He’s also a gamer and a pretty cool guy and yes, he’s got a gigantic dick He smells like man. And WOW that dick is huge. We’d just finished shooting a scene together (I was director of photography) and sat down for a chat. 

Wanna see him in action? Check him out now at NastyDaddy. Oh and BTW… if you happen to want to see that scene I mentioned where I performed with Adam Russo.. that’s also on NastyDaddy. Check out the interview after the jump…

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