Movember Moment

Think we’ve all had that barber fetish. When I was just discovering just how hot men are… being at a barber shop was the closest thing to sex I had… So this scene from Masquilin is… a jerk off dream come true.

OK so…. Movember is a sort of charity event that… it’s about men’s health and encourages men to grow mustaches for awareness or something. I don’t get it, but whatever… it’s hot men, shaving and butt sex. Whatever they want to call it. And if it can raise funds to combat prostate and testicular cancer.. even better.

Ian has found a particularly friendly barber named Brock Banks to help him. The two chit-chat and become acquainted while Ian’s tight cut leads to a close shave. He has never had a professional barber shave his face before, and he is seriously impressed with the smooth result.
As Brock makes a final assessment of his work, he comes face to face with Ian; it’s too much to resist a kiss or the passionate fucking that follows (right in the barber’s chair). There’s a good chance that Ian will become a repeat client.
Click Here to watch the whole movie.
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Daddy AGAIN?

Ok so… this is one of the hottest scenes of the year. Wesley Woods playing a dumb redneck and Jack Dixon playing his daddy… there’s a bit with a TV that doesn’t work, a trailer park daddy telling his boy “come over here and suck my dick, it’s the only thing you’re good for” and then we get to see Jack Dixon’s HUGE dick in all its glory… sliding in and out of Wesley’s hole. This is a HOT scene with Wesley taking every inch of Jack’s huge dick… Jack’s hairy ass thrusting and a lot of sweat and cum.

I was the lucky guy who got to edit this scene for NastyDaddy. Every moment of this scene (and the movie itself which is four scenes of pure white trash perfection) is filled with that dirty action that I love… the southern accents, the outdoor sex, the BIG dicks and hairy man meat… seriously this is one you don’t wanna miss. I actually had to stop editing and jerk off three times the day I cut this…
Click Here to see it at NastyDaddy.
Check out Jack on Twitter here.  Check out Wesley Here.

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I was expecting the bear to get it in the butt, but… no. That Cowboy takes it like a Champ.

“Is THAT what you want?” that kinda dopey cowboy asks.
This one didn’t end how I thought it was going to end up at all. I figured the beefy meat head cowboy was gonna get blown, fuck the bearish one and walk away.
But no… Jack makes him strip, show off, get down on his knees and suck some dick… then they’re back at the house and that cowboy is sucking dick again, then getting his meaty ass fucked.
THEN he gets a big load of cum all over his face and right up his nose.
FUCK, I love TheGuySite.

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Nasty Jack Dixon splits Daddy Dale Savage WIDE Open

One of my many jobs is video editing. And while I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, I’m part of Trenton Ducati’s team… so I get to be the first person to see the finished scenes when I finished editing them. So I was the guy who got to see Dale Savage BARELY white-knuckle through this scene.

Jack isn’t a mean guy. He’s actully nice and gentle and knows that not eveyrone can take his dick. But when he’s horny as fuck and ready to go, he’s kinda hard to stop and there WAS a porn scene to be made, so Dale had to man up and take that dick.
As Jack gives him that gentle bearded smile, Dale’s eye bug out of his head as his hole is streched to its limit and beyond. You can see him both shocked and turned on as Jack starts to slam his hole over and over.
Dale looks like a kind daddy himself. Silver hair, that pink skin and a soft smile. The polar opposite of Jack who looks like the mechanic that makes you wanna jizz your shorts the moment he says “pop the hood.” The kind of man that you’d drop to your knees and suck off withous hesitation. The kind of guy who could talk you into just about anything when that naughty twinkle in his eye hits you.
Seeing hat hot daddy take that HUGE dick… I may have wanked off a couple times while editing this one….?
Watch the whole scene at NastyDaddy.

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Luke Adams: I never thought he’d grow a hair… there..


The first time I worked with Luke Adams was back in 2015 when we were shooting Like Father Like Son. That was about 2 years ago and he was playing a very young man… in the script (and the novelization that I started and keep threatening to finish), he’s 18 but we never said that in the finished movie. But he had that angelic young man look to him… smooth as a ripe peach, corn fed and bursting with that youthful energy.

Now, I’m not going to say that he no longer has those qualities… but when he showed up on the set of Swap… he’d grown a beard and allowed his chest hair to grow in. He told us he’d shave it off to shoot the scene and we all loudly said “NO.” We all agreed that he looked great and we’d love to shoot him as a man in his mid 20s… he still has that perfect ass, that dick that stays rock hard no matter what and that uncanny ability to perform on camera and always look like he has no idea the camera is there (that’s not easy).

We paired him up with newcomer Adam Thicke. Adam is hairy… like… walking carpet hairy. That’s a huge turn on for Luke and me… he also has a really big, thick, uncut dick and we couldn’t wait to pair the two of them together. They didn’t disappoint. A few short moments together in the pool and you felt like you were watching a couple friends finally getting around to fucking (and if you watch the movie you know that simultaneously, Hunter and Tex are in the next room fucking up a storm).

And WOW those cumshots.

BTW… fun story from the set. We shot this over White Party weekend. And there was a big house of rather handsome gay men who’d rented the house next door to ours who saw that we were shooting porn and spent most of the time we were outside watching over the fence.

I may or may not have later hooked up with one of them.

Anyway… watch the full scene at Titanmen.

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