While making an up-coming Hot House movie. Ryan Rose stands just off screen and Devin Franco delivers the final line of the scene… he’s covered in sweat and lube… he just has to give his last line and get off the examination table… (he wasn’t the only one to do this on that shoot). Movie should be out soon… don’t have a title yet but I’m betting it’s gonna be something like “The Dirty Doctor.”

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Flashback Video… Jeremy Spreadums shows up on set wearing a Butt Plug… do you blame him?

We’re going back to a couple years ago when I was shooting West Texas Park N Ride for Titanmen along side my idol Joe Gage.
Jason Vario has a HUGE dick and Jeremy Spreadums has a very hot and tight hole. So the only way for Jeremy to be ready to take that monster cock was to get a big dildo and shove it up his ass. So that’s what he did.
If you want to see the finished scene, watch the trailer at Titanmen right now

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Tour Of The Tubes – Roundup of what gay stars are doing on Youtube.

Dave London talks about dicks and stuff. I’ve always been a fan of Dave. His soft voice and his love of just getting naked. That huge smile when he drops his pants and shows us what he’s got. Always flips my switch. His porn is hot but I could jack off just watching him stand there naked.

LGBT Youtubers tell us why they’re sueing Youtube. I’m down with this.
I’ve got my own Youtube channel, but they demonetized me (meaning I was no longer able to make money off ads shown on my videos) and demoted me in listings. Once they deleted my whole channel saying my videos were inappropriate. I got my channel back, but that doesn’t make it ok. I don’t update my channel much these days because I know that there’s still a chance that some reviewer in a foreign country could delete my whole catalogue and ban me because of “the gay thing.”

the Munchy Music Striptease Challenge. Cute.

Tank and Joey make Rice Crispy Treats. Hot hairy men who can cook. Yes.

Next Door Studios Q&A. I need to start doing these again.

Victor Yates reviews the most recent episode of Pose (which, if you haven’t watched it…. watch it. It’s an excellent depiction of how life was like back in the late 80s and early 90s).
And finally…

Should I be offended by this? The whole premise is “how gay are you” and one of the criteria is “you’re very masculine so you’re not gay at all.” It seems to be more about grading people on visible stereotypes and shaming guys for not dressing well or dressing TOO well. It’s weird. There seems to be a weird homophobia that permeats this. Being one of those guys who doesn’t always “read as gay,” I often get told that I’m “straight acting” which makes me want to break femurs… but then when people point out minor stereotypical things they can find, they act like it’s a “minus” on their scale. I dunno… hard to put it into words…

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Gayest Moments in Avengers Endgame

  1. Extended conversation, solely by men, about how great Cap’s ass is. It ends with Ant Man declaring “THAT is AMERICA’S ass.”
  2. Ant Man gets into prone position. Tells Iron Man to “flick me.”
  3. Ant Man tells Iron Man “Ok, I’m going inside you.”
  4. Cap admiring his own ass. He then agrees “That IS America’s Ass.”
  5. Quill/Thor argue about who’s the top.
  6. Iron Man/Spiderman in extended hug; Spiderman gently whispers “this is nice.”
  7. Thor shirtless; even though he’s out of shape, he’s still a hot dad bod daddy.
  8. Gay guy discusses his attempts at dating for the first time since half the world turned to dust. Captain America encourages him to keep dating.
  9. Thor threatens to rip the arms off a gamer shit-talking his friend and “shove them up your butt.”
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Homo, Please:

A sadly-necessary roundup of bullshit from the inter webs. 

No, “I would do anything for love but I won’t do that” isn’t about anal sex. Or pegging. And meatloaf didn’t write that song. 

No, Madonna did not “perform with holograms.” Those were just digital layovers done for the TV audience. The live audience didn’t see them. 

No, Hillary Clinton still isn’t going to be arrested. 

There was no cloning facility discovered in the Nevada desert. 

Marijuana doesn’t kill cancer cells. 

Turmeric doesn’t cure Alzheimer’s. 

Dandelion root doesn’t cure liver failure. 

Ginger doesn’t treat kidney problems. 

Boiled banana peel doesn’t help you “melt fat.”

Vaccinate your damn kids. 

There is no such thing as a “condom that tests for STDs.”

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Porn Director Problems: When there’s something on the lens but the men wanna Suck Dick.

Being the director means a lot more than just yelling “action” and watching the men fuck. While we were shooting this scene from the up-coming Titanmen movie Cum Laude, I noticed a tiny spec on the monitor from camera 2. That means we have to stop the action… try to fix the problem and then move forward.

But when your men have great chemistry and just wanna play… that means that while you’re moving lights, adjusting gear or (in this case) cleaning the lens… the dick sucking doesn’t stop.

Watch for this scene with Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant coming soon.

If you wanna see Dirk in action now… Click Here check him out in one of the biggest scenes I’ve ever done from OUT!

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File Under “Duh”: Straight Men More Willing To Have Gay Sex While Drunk

A new study published in The Journal of Social Psychology gives us a bit of scientific background to the well known phenomenon we call “The Five Beer Queer.”

This field study, conducted outside of bars in the Midwestern United States, examined 83 heterosexuals’ sexual willingness with a same- or other-sex partner. Participants viewed a randomly assigned video vignette of a same- or other-sex partner. Alcohol intake, partner attractiveness, and sexual willingness were measured. Using moderated regression analysis, we found that alcohol intake predicted sexual willingness with the male target for both men and women, but not with the female target. The attractiveness of same-sex partners was related to sexual willingness. Sexual willingness was only influenced by alcohol intake and perceived attractiveness of a same-sex prospective partner. Most notably, alcohol intake was related to increased sexual willingness of men with a same-sex partner, suggesting a potential shift in normative casual sexual behavior among heterosexual men.

In other words, straight guys are more likely to “go there” if they’ve had a few drinks.

My own personal market research in this area back in college could have told you that, although I should probably point out that it’s NEVER ok to ply your hot straight guy friend with tequila shots in hopes that he’ll give you a shag.

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Cauke Opening Montage

For those of you who want to know what I’ve been up to but do NOT want to see dirty gay smut… here’s the first 45 seconds of my newest movie Cauke For President. The movie is about a closeted gay Republican senator who gets outed by a Manhunt hookup and… hilarity ensues. Well no… just a lot of gay sex. Anyway… this clip is totally work safe and features cameos by Matt Baume, JoeMyGod, Gay Comic Geek and features the voice talents of Don Mike and ME, dammit. (it also has Matthew Bosche in his debut Titanmen role playing senator Mike Cauke). Enjoy…

and yes… please go ahead and send me more “Shut Up, Jasun” questions… I’m ready to come back if you’re ready to have me.

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