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I Guess Technically there IS such a thing as a “Fluffer.”


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It’s one of the top questions I get asked. “Are you hiring fluffers?” or “how does one become a fluffer?” or “how much does a fluffer make?”

There is no such thing as a fluffer. So stop sending me your resumés. On the set of a porn  movie, your scene partner is there to help get and keep you hard… if you can’t get your dick hard without the help of someone else, you’re in the wrong line of work.

Here, however, is a fun clip that I shot back in the days when I was a production assistant. While the crew were moving cameras and adjusting lights, the three stars, David Anthony, Race Cooper and Kyle Quinn all took some time to suck each other’s dicks and get each other hard.

Click Here to see the full movie at Titanmen.

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Working Again with Joe Gage.


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Joe Gage is a legend. I joke about how he “invented gay porn,” but it’s really not a joke. The whole look and feel of gay porn through the 70s and 80s came from him.

I’ve been a fan as long as I’ve been a fan of porn, and when I met him it was like meeting your idol and finding out he knew who you were.

I’m back in Palm Springs today shooting a new movie (as yet untitled) and sitting next to Joe at the director’s table. This is our fourth time working directly together like this.. He’s the director and writer of the movie… I’m there to more direct the cameras and technical side of it all.

Today’s scene stars Titanmen Exclusive Matthew Bosch along with returning Titan mega-star Dakota Rivers. Two men I love working with.. they’re funny and fun and smart and a blast to have on set.

See all of Joe’s Titanmen movies here.

See all of Joe’s own movies here.

See Matthew Bosch’s movies here.

See Dakota Rivers’ movies here.

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The Wayback Machine: Shay Michaels Gives BJ Tips


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Another years-old clip from the set of François Sagat’s Incubus. Enjoy..

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The Wayback Machine: Making the François Sagat Realistic Dildo


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This is going back many years to 2009… François having a cast made of his dick for the François Sagat Realistic Dildo. It’s no longer available (although you can still find a few on eBay) but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching him get his dick cast and then jerking off in front of the crew and the guy making the dildo cast…

If you want to see more of François Sagat in action… Click Here to Check out his MANY scenes over at Titanmen.

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Porn Director Problems: When there’s something on the lens but the men wanna Suck Dick.


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Being the director means a lot more than just yelling “action” and watching the men fuck. While we were shooting this scene from the up-coming Titanmen movie Cum Laude, I noticed a tiny spec on the monitor from camera 2. That means we have to stop the action… try to fix the problem and then move forward.

But when your men have great chemistry and just wanna play… that means that while you’re moving lights, adjusting gear or (in this case) cleaning the lens… the dick sucking doesn’t stop.

Watch for this scene with Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant coming soon.

If you wanna see Dirk in action now… Click Here check him out in one of the biggest scenes I’ve ever done from OUT!

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The Wayback Machine: Francois Sagat gives Blow Job Tips


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Found this gem today.

Since I launched Dick Harden, I’ve been having a blast going through my hours and hours of old video clips. Some are from other sites… some are just my old clips from as far back as 2006. Watch for them all, here. We’ll be adding old clips and showing you some new stuff, too.

Here’s a fun one… my first day on set at Titanmen. I was originally hired as a production assistant but because of a scheduling issue, I ended up working camera on the Francois Sagat, Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed scene in Incubus.

That scene is a stunner… really hot, beautifully edited and unbelievably hot men who were all really into each other.

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