British Rugby Player Marriage Proposal.

I really need to do a movie about cute random wedding proposals.

This is from Pride in London where Kings Cross Steelers (” the first ever gay inclusive rugby union club” founded in 1995) player Fernando Ferreira got up from a sort of fake play (called a “Line out”) and walked to his boyfriend  Greg Woodford, got down on one knee and proposed to him.

For the record, my own marriage proposal was done over the phone and went like this: “Hey, I was thinking that next time you go back to Toronto to renew your work visa, why don’t I come along and we’ll get married while we’re there? We should do it now so we don’t have to worry about it when it’s time for Canada pensions and shit.” And they say Romance is dead.

Matthew Bosch lets Liam Knox get all 10 Inches up his hot little ass.

Yes, porn lovers of all persuasions… it’s time for another movie in the Titanmen Renovation series.

We started over a year ago with Blueprint… introduced Bruce Beckham to the Titanmen family and gave our first look at the huge old “Pablo Escobar” house that Titan was going to renovate… Then we dropped a few scenes in the movies Say Uncle and Parole… then earlier this year in Demolition and now “BOOM.” *The movie was originally called “Boom” because we were going to totally demolish the house… but instead a less dramatic gutting and rebuilding happened.

BOOM stars in a different house (which we’ll also see be renovated) and then continues in the main house. Matthew Bosch and Liam Knox play contractors who can’t keep their hands off each other…

And really… if you were one of them, could you keep your hands off the other one?

Matthew’s dick is so big it defies description.. it’s long… very long… and thick… and uncut… and when it gets hard it’s like a unicorn horn pointing to the sky… Funny how he started out as a top and then one day (in a scene with Eddy CeeTee if memory serves me), he decided he wanted to top… and now he’s a lean, mean fucking machine.

Liam’s ass is so perfectly muscular and round… solid and fuckable. Pairing the two together was one of the best casting choices we could have made.

And they two tore it up. Enjoy…

Click Here to see the full movie at Titanmen.

No, putting “Contour Makeup” on your dick isn’t gonna make it look bigger. Also, yes, that’s my dick.

You wanna put Lipstick on your Dipstick?

Bronzer on your Boner?

Some… Contour on your Cock?

OK, I’m sorry… this is literally one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard and I actually do know two men who’ve had their assholes bleached. Now… we’ve all seen our masculine-appearing friends throw on some rouge, some eye shadow, some powder and some mascara and suddenly look like the most beautiful woman one could imagine… so it’s not like makeup can’t work wonders. But “internet-famous makeup artist” Jeffree Star says that he uses makeup to make his Lance Larger (Sorry, I spent all dinner thinking of penis puns and I’m going to use them all).

I contour my shaft a lot,” were his words. And while I’ve seen makeup work magic, I’ve never seen that magic work on an actual wand.

Now… I’m not going to really dump on anyone who wants to add some Womp to their Wang… but aside from a possible good use in intentionally-misleading Grindr pictures to send to Rubes who are gonna know you’ve shafted them in hopes they’d… open the door and let you in… WHO is going to want to do this?

I mean… your dick might look bigger in selfies, but it’s gonna taste REALLY bad and it’s all gonna rub off once the main event starts… right?

While I hate having to be the guy with the bad news…. if there was a way to make your dick bigger… you’d know about it. You’d be able to get it in places other than spam emails and clickbait banners on garbage blogs. They’d be handing it out at the corner of Hollywood and Highland. They’d sell it on the front page of Amazon.

I’d sell it here.

But it doesn’t exist.

So… learn to love your dick. It’s the only one you’ve got.

Barry Harris Xanadu Club Enhanced Mix.

When I was 10 I bought the single and then the album… I’d throw it on and dance away my little gay heart.

Nearly 40 years later and it’s still one of my favorite songs. It still feels like listening to magic after all this time. Back in the early 90s in Toronto Barry was a pop star and while I had a huge crush on him, I figured he was WAY out of my league… so I just crushed from… the quiet corner. Love that he’s still making such fun music.

I think we need another “gay porn star road trip karaoke” soon…

Two Dick Minimun

I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Two Dick Minimum from Raging Stallion. I must admit, I think this is one of my new favorites. Not only is there a small army of hot men, but leather is involved.

It starts off with a hot four man orgy with Jack Vidra, Jack Andy, Manuel Skye and CJ Phillips. It’s Last Call at the bar, and Jack and Jack aren’t ready to go home. Watching Manuel service the other three and take load after load in the face is a damn good way to start. Check out the hot orgy here.

Scene 2 is another favorite. Mostly because of Jack Vidra – he’s one sexy ginger I would love to meet in a dark alley! This time, he’s waiting outside the bar with his cock in his hands and that’s when Mick shows up and drops to his knees and takes Jack’s monster cock. Watching these two switch roles is amazing.

The first 2 scenes are definitely my favorite – the entire film is nicely done and the cast was well selected for the roles… definitely one that you should put on your watch list.


The Return of Dylan Now

So while perusing The Guy Site today I recognized a vaguely familiar face… Their new Southern Gentleman Athlete known as “Dylan” I instantly recognized as the hunky red head uncut stud that was Dylan Now whom I directed back in 2011 just before I left Cocksure Men.

Check out his newer pics…

and his older pics…

Gay Men’s Room Blowjob Video Game. No, really.

So the game… it’s like a sort of… SIMS… where you’re in a men’s washroom… and checking out other men’s dicks at a urinal… (the dicks look like flesh-colored guns). And the object is to suck dick without getting caught by police or in a sting.

This is a video game made by Robert Yang, a gay Asian video game designer whose games are known to follow a “Queer” aesthetic. And hey, if you can play a video game AND get some virtual dick… why not, right?

Hot Naked Red Head Comic Book Hero…. JOX 4 is Finally Out.

Two of my favorite things: Red Head Men and Porn Comics with actual good stories.

The JOX series continues with the explosive fourth issue. I’ve been a huge fan of Class Comics for years because of the solid titles, the amazing art and stories, the hot action and the unapologetically gay tone of it all.

Strong, muscular men… heroic and all, but there are also the bad boys who “get it in the end,” so to speak.

In this fourth installment, JOX has been captured by an enigmatic mercenary named Ganymead Sicard. After some hardcore fucking action, JOX is set free and we find out that Ganymead isn’t such a bad guy after all… he just has personal motivation to do the bidding of the evil Reiwulf (who himself is working for someone we don’t know yet…)

I highly recommend this series which is one of my favorites from their massive catalogue of titles, and you can start with this issue or go back to the premier. Class Comics are available in both digital and print versions.

Ryan Rose, Gabriel Alanzo & Jake Archer: Ripped, Lean Fucking Machines

I’m not entirely sure what the “premise” of this scene was supposed to be other than “this is what you were wasting your time doing when you could have been fucking with the hot men in the room.”

There’s a bit with headphones and someone reading a cell phone and some dancing or… something.

(but really, dig that cumshot at the end)

Then Ryan Rose kinda walks in and Gabriel Alanzo and Jake Archer sort of just drop what they’re doing and focus on Ryan… which… hey, that’s why we’re here, right?

Once we’re past the (admitted cute) opening, the three men are all over each other in the three-way formations that we expect from Falcon. Brightly-lit… great settings… hot men fucking. No big frills here but that slick production we’ve always had. Perfection.

Click Here to see it at Falcon. 

Handyman Hard-On

Seriously – you can’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same if you were the handyman that responded to take care of Aspen’s sink…


Handyman Damien Kyle is aroused by Aspen flaunting his hot body while he tries to work on fixing the sink. After being caught trying to sneak a picture, Damien is pulled into the shower by Aspen for some dick sucking and fucking. Meanwhile, Aspen’s wife awakens and enters the bathroom to get ready for work…

Check out the all of Handyman Hard-On from Men.Com