Put It In Your Mouth And Swallow: The IKEAtini.

After a day of buying more candles, some new towels, new pillow cases and a new reading light… I came across the IKEA food area and I had an idea….

The IKEA-tini
Two shots vodka
Half shot IKEA Lingon Berry syrup
Dash lemon bitters

Combine ingredients jn a shaker, strain and serve in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a Swedish fish.

Put it in your mouth and swallow.

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Evening Drive Song – Breathe Me by Chris Salvatore

I hadn’t heard this song until I was at the Red Line (a kinda gay neighborhood bar staggering distance from my place) and it was playing… Apparently it’s a couple years old, but after I Shazammed it and added it to my phone’s playlist and it came up while I was driving home from a job in Hollywood last night… I discovered that it’s a REALLY good “driving home fast down the 101 late at night” song.

And… why haven’t I been asked to direct a video for him yet? I love doing music videos and I work cheap… practically for free as long as it’s not porn….


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Jesse Jackman and Jay Bentley in Heavy Load

I have a bit of a confession to make. I couldn’t remember if I directed this scene or not, so I had to look it up. I didn’t. But that said… I DO remember shooting it very well and I remember just how much chemistry Jay and Jesse had on set and how they went off to have fun together afterward.

The reason I’m even bringing up this scene from 5 years ago is that someone on Twitter recently started bad-mouthing Jesse with some rather obnoxious, ageist and frankly just false bullshit about him. The Twitter user (who blocked me once I told him that I actually know Jesse well and that he was totally wrong) said that Jesse refused to do scenes with Latino and black men on Titan. This is not only incorrect… it’s unfair to suggest that there’s any racial motivations with Jesse at all. Jesse was the one who, upon seeing Jay’s pictures, called up both (then production-head) Paul Wilde and me asking to do a scene with “that hot new younger guy you have.”

OH and he also said that Jesse is 66… which… fucking Hell if he looks like THIS at 66… that’s pretty amazing. But no… Jesse is 45. And I know this to be true because as a porn director and Photogrpaher, my job includes making sure I get copies of his IDs… so… yeah, I know how old he is.

Anyway…hope you enjoy the preview. You can see ALL of Jesse Jackson’s movies and Jay Bentley’s movies (neither of them ever worked for another studio) at Titanmen.

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TV’s First Gay Wedding…

My buddy Matt Baume, who you can see make cameo appearances in my movies Cauke For President and Cauke For Free, has one of my favorite YouTube Channels and he’s been doing a semi-regular series called “Culture Cruise” and he dissects queer content in mainstream TV. If you like this video, check out his looks at Golden Girls and Married With Children.

But this video is great… I love Matt’s stuff.

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Me waiting for Steven Colbert to get the fuck off the stage and show the damn trailer already.

Also, it was a HOLIDAY special. Not a “Christmas” special.

SO if you haven’t heard because… I dunno, your only internet is DickHarden (and if so, your old buddy Jasun thanks you)… the “teaser trailer” for the new Star Wars movie is out… now… it’s not much of a teaser. It’s really just a 90-second video montage that essentially just shows us moving pictures of the people that we knew were in the movie anyway… virtually no dialogue or real idea of what the movie is about. The only solid info that we have is that the movie takes place a substantial amount of time after the events of the successful but maligned The Last Jedi. The only other hint of what it may be about comes with the cryptic title “The Rise of Skywalker” and the disembodied laugh that was unmistakably from Emperor Palpatine (who, we assumed, died on the second Death Star so he’s either appearing as a Force Ghost or he didn’t really die).

But as a die-hard Star Wars fan, I’ll of course go see this… and was wearing my X-Wing Fighter onesie, drinking from my Death Star rocks glass and holding my light saber because… that’s how I roll.

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And now for some Daddy Dick…

Muscle Bear Porn is my new guilty pleasure… Will Angel‘s big bear belly, covered in that thick hair, that muscle and that beard… all that sexual drive… This scene where he fucked Sean Maygers is hot enough with just those two men… BUT… watch that bit (it’s in the trailer) where Sean swings up and down on Will’s dick in that sling.

Such a hot scene…

Click Here to see the whole scene at MuscleBearPorn.

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Chatting with Michael Boston

Ok this was a fun shoot… Trenton Ducati had booked out a whole Gay Resort but… well, we didn’t tell the guys who’d come to just hang out at the gay resort unaware that we’d be shooting a movie right in front of them.

While we took over one of the play areas for a couple hours to shoot, I managed to get a few minutes with Michael Boston. Watch for the movie tentatively called coming this spring.

Here’s some pics from that day…

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Classic Titanmen: Chainsaw

One of my favorite Titanmen movies. A huge hit… starring some of the hottest Titanmen going. Dean Flynn and CJ Madison, Allen Silver… Some of the hottest action including the famous scene where the Forest Ranger jerks off with his sons… then later they watch each other get fucked.

All set in rural Virginia (that admittedly looks a lot like North Pacific Coast California), Chainsaw is full of those rural tough guys and country charm… big dicks, muscles and sweat. This is a classic for the ages.

Newly remastered in 1080p. Streaming to your computer or mobile devices… or download your favorite scenes.

Legendary director Joe Gage takes us back to the sticks — this time, West Virginia’s Blue Mountains for Chainsaw, where horny loggers are having it out with one another in the great outdoors. When TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff finds fellow logger Braxton Bond napping instead of working, he’s got a great idea to get him up and at ’em: work naked. But when they both pop boners, the only kind of work they can do is on each other’s cocks and asses — until they cum two times each.

Meanwhile, Ranger Allen Silver hears some noises and finds his two sons (Riley Burke and Brandon Cole) having a contest to see who can shoot their load the furthest. He happily joins in on their little contest … Sebastian Rivers is a door-to-door salesman trying to make a sale with CJ Madison, who’s more interested in getting his massive, uncut cock sucked by his eager, young visitor. The two hairy, shaved-head studs are going at it in no time, with CJ ending up slamming Sebastian’s ass mercilessly atop his washing machine. Over at the roadhouse, Ludovic Canot and Bigg Pete catch Ken Mack spying on them in the parking lot. He tells them he’s a model scout but before long he’s on his knees “scouting” his cocks with his hungry mouth.

Next day is the big company picnic, but work’s the last thing on anyone’s mind. TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn offers up Allen Silver’s long cock up to their new boss Dillon Buck (also a TitanMen exclusive). Before long, Riley and Brandon join in and soon all five are sucking, fucking and pissing all over each other. For the finale, Ludovic Canot, Bigg Pete and Ken Mack show up at the picnic tent to find Dean and Dillon still naked, still hard and ready for another round of dick sucking and ass fucking with plenty of watersports to boot.

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Chatting With Derek Bolt

While on set working for my buddy Trenton Ducati as his second camera while he directed the upcoming Hot House movie RimRock, I managed to grab a few moments to chat with the adorable muscle hunk Derek Bolt. (Follow him on Twitter @DerekBoltXXX)

Watch a preview of the scene here.

Derek plays a furnace repairman in this movie… which was fitting because when we arrived at the location up in the mountains and the furnace had stopped working… Derek went down into the basement and fixed the furnace.

Watch the whole video after the jump…

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