The Parodies of Men.Com

With the release of some decent blockbuster movies, Men.Com has branched into the parody world. We’ve all had those fantasies of being fucked by a superhero or stormtrooper and went there. At first, when I heard about the Star Wars parody, I had some reservations. But I was pleasantly pleased with the way it was done. Even though I’m not a big Star Wars fan, the costumes were on point for the real deal. Of course the models and were great for their roles, and all the action got me hard and worked up.
So far their parody list incudes Star Wars, X-Men, Superman v. Batman, Captain America and Tarzan. Things that have made them a hit for me range from things like costumes to casting… Stormtrooper costumes in Star Wars were PERFECT and having Paddy O’Brian as one of them was great. Diego Sans makes an AMAZING Tarzan, and Alex Mecum is perfect for Cap.
Superman v. Batman had great casting as well with Trenton Ducati as Batman and Topher DiMaggio as one sexy Superman. The only issue I had with this one was the Superman costume… it didn’t do anything for Topher. He’s got a great body and there were times it just looked like Superman pajamas on him.

Check them out for yourself if you haven’t already – I’m interested to see what they come up with next!

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FUCK the Censors… HERE is the un-blurred George Burgess picture. Nice Dick.


Australian National Rugby League Player George Burges has gotten himself into more trouble..

George was cleared of any “willful damage” after an “incident” in Cairns where he thew a street sign through the window of a car. Charges were dropped after he settled the matter with the car owner. And by that, I’m guessing he agreed to send the car owner a picture of his wiener, who then posted it on Twitter.

And a nice, big dick it is, too. And a SWEEEET amount of foreskin…  I notice these things.

What IS it with Rugby players that they can’t keep their pants on?



Gay Porn Star Car Karaoke Telephone

After an exhausting week of shooting our new movie, we had some fun in the car on the way to the gym. We work hard, we play hard.

Or, I guess in this case, we lip sync to Lady Gaga songs.

in the car were Jason Vario, Jesse Jackman, Alex Graham and your old buddy Jasun.


Making “Package.”

A fast flashback to last January. The days are shorter in Palm Springs thanks to that gigantic mountain to the west that blocks out direct sunlight after about 3:40 in the afternoon. It’s still hot day, but we’re kinda racing against the clock.

We’d assembled a small cast to shoot a short 3-scene movie about a UPS delivery guy who meets porn star Hunter Marx (played by Hunter Marx) and then goes home to tell his policeman husband about it (played by Dirk Caber).

We got to play around with the drone a bit more, we played with indoor and outdoor lighting, but mostly we just had some fun shooting porn in the hot desert sun.

Watch the full movie here.

MAN, Matthew’s dick is big.

X Factor’s Ellis Lacy Shows us how to put on a condom

While we’re very happy for the educational content of this video, we’re equally happy that it’s done by a handsome man with an incredible tattooed body and a nice, thick uncut dick.

While it’s not the first time we’ve seem Ellis’ junk, it’s nice to see it all suited up and ready for action. And you know… famous guy’s naked is always hot to see.


See more at Lads Health.


This isn’t disturbing AT ALL

A mortifying video of watching silicone sex dolls being manufactured.

While it’s fascinating to watch and see how it’s all done, in the end it gives you a rather necrophiliac feeling in your gut to know that while they look very… real-ish, there are men who are going to have sex with them.


Scottish Policeman breaks up fight in gay bar, Stays to perform “I Will Survive” karaoke

Identified as “Officer John,” this hunky, bearish policeman gave bar patrons more than they expected for after turning up to investigate an incident outside a bar on the corner of Argyle Street and Wellington Street.

And what does Gloria Gaynor, the woman/icon/diva who made “the international gay anthem” famous have to say about it?

Peter McKenna-Boyd was hanging out with his friends at the bar when “officer John” took the stage and said “Something was going on outside and the police arrived to sort it out. The officer “tried to stop after one verse but the crowd were loving it”

Ah, the international language of Disco.