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EXCLUSIVE BTS STORY: Derek just wanted to fuck Bradley, but the rule was “Only on camera.” So….


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I LOVE hearing the behind-the-scenes bits from GayHoopla because you get a real picture of how REAL those scenes are.

This isn’t hype… that really WAS Bradley Whitman’s first dick. He’d never kissed a guy, never sucked a dick and he sure as hell hadn’t ever been fucked before. But… there’s a first time for everything, right?

GayHoopla director Landon and I were chatting recently (we’ve kept in touch since our Fratmen days) and he gave me the inside scoop. The big rule for all porn makers is “YOU DO NOT FUCK THE TALENT.” It never ends well and it always ends bad. It’s always a bad idea to fuck the talent.

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Embarrassing moments in Entertainment History: The Brady Bunch sing “Shake Your Booty.”


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It’s hard to know where to start with this. The Brady Bunch Variety Hour was a very unfortunate attempt to recreate the Donny and Marie show using the only whiter TV property… the cast of the Brady Bunch.. who performed in character. Now… most of them couldn’t sing (although the girl recast as Jan could kinda sorta sing) and they really couldn’t dance (although I’d have taken a few pelvic thrusts from Greg) and Alice clearly didn’t know any of the dance steps… Dad couldn’t bend over and the whole thing is such a mess it’s hard to know where to look.

bonus points for that haphazardly thrown together multilayer blue screen at the end that threw in a swimming pool in front of them and miniature kick dancers in front of that…

There is no excuse for this other than “it was the 70s and we didn’t know any better.”

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Luke Adams: I never thought he’d grow a hair… there..


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The first time I worked with Luke Adams was back in 2015 when we were shooting Like Father Like Son. That was about 2 years ago and he was playing a very young man… in the script (and the novelization that I started and keep threatening to finish), he’s 18 but we never said that in the finished movie. But he had that angelic young man look to him… smooth as a ripe peach, corn fed and bursting with that youthful energy.

Now, I’m not going to say that he no longer has those qualities… but when he showed up on the set of Swap… he’d grown a beard and allowed his chest hair to grow in. He told us he’d shave it off to shoot the scene and we all loudly said “NO.” We all agreed that he looked great and we’d love to shoot him as a man in his mid 20s… he still has that perfect ass, that dick that stays rock hard no matter what and that uncanny ability to perform on camera and always look like he has no idea the camera is there (that’s not easy).

We paired him up with newcomer Adam Thicke. Adam is hairy… like… walking carpet hairy. That’s a huge turn on for Luke and me… he also has a really big, thick, uncut dick and we couldn’t wait to pair the two of them together. They didn’t disappoint. A few short moments together in the pool and you felt like you were watching a couple friends finally getting around to fucking (and if you watch the movie you know that simultaneously, Hunter and Tex are in the next room fucking up a storm).

And WOW those cumshots.

BTW… fun story from the set. We shot this over White Party weekend. And there was a big house of rather handsome gay men who’d rented the house next door to ours who saw that we were shooting porn and spent most of the time we were outside watching over the fence.

I may or may not have later hooked up with one of them.

Anyway… watch the full scene at Titanmen.

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Hunter Marx returns and gets his hairy little ass FUCKED by Tex Davidson.


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I will admit…

I’ve wanted to see Hunter get his ass fucked good and hard by Tex.

Hunter is a strong man… he can take it and like it. He’s always one of the guys we call when we need a big hunk of muscle. And Tex is an equally strong man who can REALLY dish out a good solid fuck.

So pairing them together is bound to get you jerking off non-stop. Such a hot scene. And your old buddy Jasun directed it so you know we show you ALL the things you wanted to see and you get to see it all up close and lit well enough to see it.

The hottest part was when Hunter was down on all fours facing the mirror while getting fucked from behind. Hunter is watching himself get fucked. And he’s looking at Tex in the eye in the mirror while Tex slides that huge dick up his hole.

Trust, me, you don’t wanna miss this one.

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Jason Vario gives Jack Hunter a big tool in BOOM.


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This was quite the scene. It’s rare we have someone in two scenes in a row, but the script called for Jack Hunter’s character to fuck with Adam Ramzi and then Jason Vario arrives and fucks Jack again. It was HOT… Very hot. And we had no AC so… we just had to push through it all.

I wanted a bit of parallel to the two scenes… In the first one, Jack stands up and blows a load in Adam’s face so in this scene the setup is the same, but it’s Jack on the receiving end this time.

We used a few different parts of that huge room. It’s not very often I have walls stripped bare (I think the last time was in Hard At Work with George Ce and Landon Conrad) so I was able to get a good run with the guys pushed up against the wall.

I also wanted to get a good riding position in the middle so I could see Jack’s hard dick flopping around 360°. And of course it had to end with Jack on his back so Jason could cum in his face like that.

And WOW those cumshots were big. Really big.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Ryan Rose, Gabriel Alanzo & Jake Archer: Ripped, Lean Fucking Machines


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I’m not entirely sure what the “premise” of this scene was supposed to be other than “this is what you were wasting your time doing when you could have been fucking with the hot men in the room.”

There’s a bit with headphones and someone reading a cell phone and some dancing or… something.

(but really, dig that cumshot at the end)

Then Ryan Rose kinda walks in and Gabriel Alanzo and Jake Archer sort of just drop what they’re doing and focus on Ryan… which… hey, that’s why we’re here, right?

Once we’re past the (admitted cute) opening, the three men are all over each other in the three-way formations that we expect from Falcon. Brightly-lit… great settings… hot men fucking. No big frills here but that slick production we’ve always had. Perfection.

Click Here to see it at Falcon. 

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I find this disturbingly hot. John Stamos gives cuddle lessons. With… Bob Saget.


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I have the weirdest boner right now.

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Dirk Caber makes Jackson Grant “Cum Laude.”


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The joke was so obvious I’m amazed it hasn’t been done to death. And the setup is perfect for a Titanmen summer movie… Dirk Caber plays “the dirty professor” who brings three of his favorite students to his weekend house in Palm Springs for some fun in the sun.

First up… Dirk and Jackson Grant fuck under the hot California sun by the pool.

I’m really proud of how I made this one look. It jumps off the screen with super-saturated colours that make it look like a 50s vacation postcard. I achieved this by hitting the men with a lot of bright light that was on the warmer yellow end and then in post, correcting with an azure filter that gives the sky that stunning deep blue and the the trees that emerald tone. It’s always fun to shoot stuff with two really good performers that give me the chance to really get some great shots and action.

Since I had two really top-notch performers, I was able to also add a few accent shots… my favorite was the drone shot. We shot this in December last year (yes, it’s like that a week before Christmas in Palm Springs) and the sun disappeared behind that mountain at 3:12 that day…. so we had to finish fast… and we did.

They were done so early we had time to clear away all the gear and get the guys to do it all again so I could shoot it from the opposite angle. It helps further the illusion that the guys were alone…

Except they weren’t.

Lorenzo Flexx and Jonah Fontana were watching from the bushes (and are visible in one of the drone shots).

Scene two (next Wednesday) will be what happened after Lorenzo and Jonah caught Dirk and Jackson fucking.

You can see the whole scene here at Titanmen.

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Steve Cruz and I have been friends for years… And we often have a bit of a laugh at how high-concept some porn movies end up being when nobody is jerking off to digital effects, sets and lavish locations. It’s all about the hot men, hot action and good direction of those two things.

The rest is just fun for us. Not like I’m not proud of my high-concept movies with stories and digital effects… I’m just aware that they all have to support and never get in the way of the hot men and the action.

That said… I gotta say I never expected to be reviewing a movie about fast food restaurant employees… but Steve manages to make it work.

Tatted ginger Bennett Anthony is dining in with Noah Donovan and the service from Rikk York and Lucas Allen is slow. After finally getting their food, an annoyed Bennett realizes his hot dog is cold. Irritated, Bennett flags Rikk down and lets him know his hot dog is cold and wants it replaced with some ‘big fat meat.’ No, really.

Rikk takes note and tells his co-worker the irate customers wants some ‘big, fat meat’ and Lucas says, ‘lets give it to him.’ The fast food employees approach the table with throbbing hard-ons and Rikk grabs Bennett by the head and shoves his mouth down to the base of his cock. Rikk switches off with his work buddy to face fuck the annoying customer. Bennett’s foody friend joins in on the action in getting his swollen member serviced. Lucas joins Bennett on his knees as they alternate Rikk and Noah’s cocks down their throats. Rikk wants a taste of his uncut co-worker, servicing Lucas’ meat at the cashier counter. Lucas finishes as he jacks a load onto his abs while Rikk shoots a thick load on Lucas’ thigh.

Click Here to see it at Raging Stallion. 

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I Guess Technically there IS such a thing as a “Fluffer.”


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It’s one of the top questions I get asked. “Are you hiring fluffers?” or “how does one become a fluffer?” or “how much does a fluffer make?”

There is no such thing as a fluffer. So stop sending me your resumés. On the set of a porn  movie, your scene partner is there to help get and keep you hard… if you can’t get your dick hard without the help of someone else, you’re in the wrong line of work.

Here, however, is a fun clip that I shot back in the days when I was a production assistant. While the crew were moving cameras and adjusting lights, the three stars, David Anthony, Race Cooper and Kyle Quinn all took some time to suck each other’s dicks and get each other hard.

Click Here to see the full movie at Titanmen.

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