Blast from the Past: Submerged.

This was originally shot on the set of my movie “Wide Awake” as part of a short dream sequence (technically the whole movie is a dream sequence) in the “Blue” section of the film where George Ce watches the men from below the surface of the water, looking up. I set my camera at the bottom of the pool and allowed Tom Wolfe and Jay Bentley (and a bit of Dario Beck) to play around in the water in the blazing Palm Springs sun, I shot it during a few different times of day to get slightly different light temperatures and angles of the sunbeams shining through the water.

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So great to have François Sagat back in porn

A few years ago, maybe a minute after we had finished shooting the final scene for his magnum opus movie Incubus, François turned to me and said “that’s it… I think that’s my last porn.” He told me that he didn’t regret any of it but that he was ready to go on and do other things. He wanted to do some fashion design, he wanted to do some runway modeling and performance art and music, some acting. He did all of those.

But a few years later, François felt ready to return to porn and we’re all better for it. No longer the mysterious bad boy of gay porn, he’s now a stronger and more confident man. Dare I say “daddy?”

He’s done some amazing work and I was stoked when I saw that he’d finally started to do scenes with one of my favorite sites of all time, MenAtPlay.

Menatplay welcomes gay porn superstar Francois Sagat into the fold and Tyler Berg is all too eager to break him in. Francois is working late on a presentation that he has to deliver to his boss by end of the week, but his insatiably horny colleague and new fuck buddy Tyler Berg has other plans to keep him busy, putting Francois in a very precarious situation. ‘To Work or to Fuck?’

Francois almost immediately gives in and lets Tyler swallow and slobber over every inch of his cock before bending him over and devouring his meaty ass. After pounding Tyler, the way his hole was begging for, Tyler returns the favor and plunges balls deep into Francois giving us a flip flop anyone would stick around late at work to see. After cumming all over each other and the desk, they high tail it out of there leaving the boss with a presentation and a little something extra.

Click Here to see the whole scene at MenAtPlay.

Click Here to see the whole scene at MenAtPlay.

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Make Me Wet

I’ve been a huge fan of MenAtPlay since they first appeared on the web back in the 90s and their content was all just still pictures… some of them got a bit messy, but the whole focus was hot men in suits… fast forward to 2019 and there are literally hundreds of incredible videos with stunning men… muscle, hair, uncut thick dicks, stubble and a lot of steamy action.

This new scene kinda feels like some of their very early scenes… hot action, hot men and the top gets his suit soaking wet while he hauls out that big dick and fucks.

Andy Onassis and Malek Tobias steam up the screen in this one. And I can’t recommend buying a membership to MenAtPlay enough. One of the hottest sites going and with that many years of content you’ll never run out of stuff to jerk off to.

Click Here to watch the whole scene at MenAtPlay

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My Boss Caught Me Jerking Off.

So now that I’ve relaunched here at DickHarden and I’m updating semi-regularly, one of my top search terms is “Jasun Mark Caught Jerking Off.”

And… yes… like a few times a month I still get asked for this clip. It’s been nearly a decade since Jake Cruise caught me jerking off in my office, shot video of it, posted it on the now-defunct CocksureMen blog called “CuzUrHorny” and… I became a meme.

People still ask me about this and I’m going to come clean. Not like I’m an Oscar-caliber actor, but the fact that many people aren’t sure if this was real or not means that Jake and I did pretty well. But yeah, this was planned and this was, in fact TAKE THREE. I had to cum three times before we got it right. I was pretty tired when I got home.

Enjoy (clearly I did)

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That time I made a gay porn movie based loosely on Aaron Schock.

The original working title was “Aaron’s Cock,” but as the script grew and changed, we decided on the running joke of his name being Mike Cauke which sounds like “my cock.” And Cauke For President was born.

We cast the then unknown Matthew Bosch as Mike… his boyish looks and gigantic dick made it a no-brainer. We added Nick Prescott, Tex Davidson, Dallas Steele, David Benjamin, Adam Ramzi and Luke Adams to the mix and the movie took on a life of its own.

It took on a life of its own… the movie became the biggest hit I ever directed and was nominated for more awards than I could even remember. I still have people asking me about it and last week while I was on a self-imposed retreat in Palm Springs for some much-needed downtime, I met a very handsome lawyer from Canada who told me that the scene with Tex and David was one of his favorite gay porn scenes ever. When he told me this, he didn’t know that I’d directed that movie and written that scene.

Anyway… now that CITIZEN Aaron Schock, anti-gay former Senator who voted against gay people every chance he got has been… well, photographed making out with his hands down a dude’s pants while walking around half naked at Coachella… I figure it’s time for us to go back to Cauke and have some fun.

There’s a HUGE gallery of pics from the movie after the jump… Or just CLICK HERE to see Cauke In Action...

Watch the full movie at Titanmen.

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Jesse Jackman and Jay Bentley in Heavy Load

I have a bit of a confession to make. I couldn’t remember if I directed this scene or not, so I had to look it up. I didn’t. But that said… I DO remember shooting it very well and I remember just how much chemistry Jay and Jesse had on set and how they went off to have fun together afterward.

The reason I’m even bringing up this scene from 5 years ago is that someone on Twitter recently started bad-mouthing Jesse with some rather obnoxious, ageist and frankly just false bullshit about him. The Twitter user (who blocked me once I told him that I actually know Jesse well and that he was totally wrong) said that Jesse refused to do scenes with Latino and black men on Titan. This is not only incorrect… it’s unfair to suggest that there’s any racial motivations with Jesse at all. Jesse was the one who, upon seeing Jay’s pictures, called up both (then production-head) Paul Wilde and me asking to do a scene with “that hot new younger guy you have.”

OH and he also said that Jesse is 66… which… fucking Hell if he looks like THIS at 66… that’s pretty amazing. But no… Jesse is 45. And I know this to be true because as a porn director and Photogrpaher, my job includes making sure I get copies of his IDs… so… yeah, I know how old he is.

Anyway…hope you enjoy the preview. You can see ALL of Jesse Jackson’s movies and Jay Bentley’s movies (neither of them ever worked for another studio) at Titanmen.

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TV’s First Gay Wedding…

My buddy Matt Baume, who you can see make cameo appearances in my movies Cauke For President and Cauke For Free, has one of my favorite YouTube Channels and he’s been doing a semi-regular series called “Culture Cruise” and he dissects queer content in mainstream TV. If you like this video, check out his looks at Golden Girls and Married With Children.

But this video is great… I love Matt’s stuff.

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And now for some Daddy Dick…

Muscle Bear Porn is my new guilty pleasure… Will Angel‘s big bear belly, covered in that thick hair, that muscle and that beard… all that sexual drive… This scene where he fucked Sean Maygers is hot enough with just those two men… BUT… watch that bit (it’s in the trailer) where Sean swings up and down on Will’s dick in that sling.

Such a hot scene…

Click Here to see the whole scene at MuscleBearPorn.

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Chatting With Derek Bolt

While on set working for my buddy Trenton Ducati as his second camera while he directed the upcoming Hot House movie RimRock, I managed to grab a few moments to chat with the adorable muscle hunk Derek Bolt. (Follow him on Twitter @DerekBoltXXX)

Watch a preview of the scene here.

Derek plays a furnace repairman in this movie… which was fitting because when we arrived at the location up in the mountains and the furnace had stopped working… Derek went down into the basement and fixed the furnace.

Watch the whole video after the jump…

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Dario Beck returns in Pure Suit Revivial

Dario Beck returns to the dry cleaners to complain about a bad cleaning job.

So of course, he gets the nice stiff dick of Andy Star up his asshole for his troubles.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a silly set up but in the end, we have Dario Beck and Andy Star in suits… fucking. So That’s really all I need to know.

Click Here to see the whole sordid affair at MenAtPlay.

LOTS more pics after the jump… Read more →

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Watch In Horror: The Star Wars Holiday Special

The year was 1978 and… well, Star Wars had been around for about a year and a half. It had only grown in popularity and fans couldn’t get enough Star Wars anything.

While home video didn’t exist yet and the movie hadn’t been shown on TV, fans shelled over money for comic books, posters, novels, action figures, space ship miniatures and pretty much anything else with Star Wars on it.

While a sequel movie was already being planned, it was years off and to keep people from forgetting or moving on, CBS suggested a TV special. Bruce Vilanch was one of the writers and he was tasked with following the idea of George Lucas to have it mostly speechless Wookies grunting at each other for 2 hours.

It’s mortifying, but oddly entertaining in the same way it’s fun to watch a building being demolished.

The story is… odd… it has Han, Chewie, Luke and Leah all coming to a sort of Wookie Thanksgiving but they all get delayed by the Empire. Some footage from the original movie is used and a lot of dialogue is lazily dubbed over it. The Death Star is inexplicably back together and Darth Vader makes a sort of cameo appearance (so does Boba Fett who actually debuts in this… mess).

Things to watch for: An alien cooking show featuring Harvey Corman that isn’t mildly amusing for about 30 seconds and then excruciating for the next 8 minutes. Bea Arthur singing a song trying to clear out a bar, Art Carney telling a bunch of very unfunny jokes, Lola Falana playing a CGI masturbation movie (that the grandfather watches while sitting in the living room). Mark Hamill had been in a motorcycle accident so he looks… wrong. Carrie Fisher shows up at the end and is so stoned she seems to be more interested in the invisible butterflies in the room before she bursts into song. There’s also a sort of weird toy circus thing that Lumpy watches for 10 times longer than anyone would want to see it.

Jefferson Starship also sings for some reason.

George Lucas was apparently so horrified by the end result that he refused to ever let it be seen again. But thanks to the wonder of Youtube.. here it is for you. OH and in the book “From A Certain Point Of View,” Chuck S Wendig made Bea Arthur’s character canon which… technically makes this whole mess canon… so… yes, this all happened.

My first love was Han Solo. Not Harrison Ford… Han Solo. But even I had trouble suffering through this mess when it first aired.

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