Retreat Yo’Self 2

Here we are. Nov 1st and Men.com has released the Part 2 of the series Retreat Yo’Self. Men.com usually schedules series releases within a week of other, but this was worth that wait. Griffin Barrows explores more the retreat and friendly patron, Adam Thicke, offers him a massage to relieve stress. The massage last 2 seconds before Adam flops his uncut cock on Griffin’s shoulder.

Rather than being startled, Griffin dives in. His throat skills are top notch here, eagerly moaning as Adam’s meat simply disappeared for this part of the scene.

The fucking is hot and aggressive, Adam drilling Griffin’s hole slam after slam. Griffin is determined to be the star of this scene. His arms are noticeably bulkier than he has been, the sweat on his body gently glistening as the camera pans over him and his moans filling my speakers as I stoke.

Adam declares he’s about to cum, pulling out and Griffin slips of the chair he was fucked on to catch the load in his mouth. You can hear the chair loudly falling over in this maneuver, letting you know that aside from the acting Griffin is fucking craving that cum.

I gotta say, I didn’t think I’d like this scene as much as I did but Griffin really puts on a show. You can check out this sweaty scene at Men.com HERE. If you wanna check out Part 1, click HERE.

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Tristan Jaxx’s Big Ol’ Dick Goes Up Jeremy Spreadums’ Butt.

This was one of those wild scenes that we had to just… wing.


Keith Webb told me that because all of our rental locations in Palm Springs had been rented for things like Spring Break and other events… we had nowhere to shoot that month. So we had to shoot in LA.

“What do you want me to shoot?” I asked and he told me “whatever you want… make it fun. Make it…. LA.”

I called a few friends. I asked if I could use their houses or basements or garages… This scene was shot in the Korea Town apartment of a friend of my first camera operator Darius Union.

We decided that instead of having a script and dialogue, we’d keep what the guys were saying secret. We were going to have a movie about cruising for sex in Los Angeles. Yeah, it doesn’t happen as much now that smart phones have become how men find quick sex. But we all LOVE that idea of just seeing a guy out in the wild, chatting him up for a minute and then finding a place to have a quick trick.

The opening bits were shot with the same steady cam I used for the Micheltoreana Steps sequence in Silverlake. We were fine with a few cars or people way off in the background, but on a busy day in a busy neighborhood, finding those moments when no people were there… THAT was rough. We had a lot of waiting between takes. But we got it. And it flows beautifully.

Once we got inside and started the still photography, Jeremy saw Tristan’s dick and couldn’t WAIT to get it up his hole. Honestly… Tristan has one of the most pretty dicks I’ve ever seen. Even the tops are all “yeah, he can stick that up my butt.”

This was seriously a great scene. The guys were totally into each other and they just wanted to fuck. Jeremy’s amazing body, Tristan’s amazing dick. Perfect combination. And while it was a VERY tight shoot (that room is a lot smaller than it looks), we made it work.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Hector and Joey Bareback

I think my favorite thing about this picture is that look of happy anticipation in Hector’s face…. he knows he’s gonna get to fuck Joey… and he can’t WAIT to tap that ass…

Hector is so beautiful that I could just stare at his stills all day. That handsome face framed with the black beard is great and the accent is a plus, but it’s the eyes that do it for me. I mean… look at him…

When I saw he’d been paired with Joey, I was pumped… Joey’s amazing body and that incredible ass that really needs a good hard dick. Hector is TOTALLY into Joey, so the chemistry is great. There’s a bit of an interview at the start where we see that adorable nervous laughter that we get very often. But once we’re past that, the walk outside together just builds the tension so the action moves inside.

Check out the trailer….

The men are all over each other and seeing Hector finally bury his dick in Joey’s ass is like watching a kid play with his new favorite toy… You’ll really love this one…

Click Here to watch the whole scene at Sean Cody 

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Men At Play: Morning Tiger… the best scene from them ever?

It’s not like Men At Play have ever let us down. Nearly 20 years after this site launched (or was it more? I know I remember jerking off in 1997 to their early scenes that were all done with stills… video came later) and they’ve never forgotten just what their whole focus is… hot men in well-fitted suits, groomed and polished but never lacking that hardcore edge.

All these years and I’m still blown away by their movies. And this one is honestly one of the best we’ve seen from them… which is saying a lot.

But this scene, the result is magic.

‘Morning Tiger’ starts with a sensuality that we don’t often see in porn, but it quickly turns into some seriously nasty fucking once the guys let loose. Dato Foland and Andy Star give us an amazing performance… to the point that it doesn’t feel like a performance. You get the idea this is how they’d fuck if there were no cameras on them at all. Because it genuinely feels like you’re right there watching two hot guys fuck each other hard and tough but with a passion that almost melts the screen.

Andy and Dato both deliver incredibly on this scene… you won’t get let down. And with 20 years+ of movies, you’ll have a hard time choosing your favorite anyway.


Click Here to see the whole movie at Men At Play.

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Big Wet Cocks

Well… THIS looks fun… You all know how much I like Red Heads, right?

I mean, you can be the ugliest uncle fucker on the face of the earth but if you’re an uncut red head, I’m PROBABLY gonna wanna blow you anyway.

Peter isn’t QUITE a red head, but he’s close enough.

Peter & Marco have met up in the showers and are admiring their big cocks hanging between their legs. Once under the water of the shower they start playing with each other and making their cocks grow even bigger.

They share blowjobs under the water and then Marco bends Peter over and rims his ass. Peter then bends Marco over and fucks him up against the wall first.

Marco then says it is his turn and bends Peter over and drives his huge cock deep in Peter’s tight ass. He fucks him deep for a while and then lays him on his back and fucks him even deeper with his massive throbbing cock. They fuck until they cannot hold back and both shoot nice loads of cum.


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College Jocks Lucas Garza and Brady Corbin

So I do actually have a connection to Gay Hoopla. Back in 2005, one of my first jobs in gay porn was for Fratmen. And Landon who now runs Gay Hoopla was one of the guys on camera… Now just directing his own stuff, he’s one of the guys who brings you Gay Hoopla. Very cool to see where it all went.

Here’s Lucas and Brady. Lucas gets fucked for the first time by Brady… he starts out a bit… slow… it’s clearly pushing him past his limits. But he’s eventually enjoying it. A lot. His dick is rock hard, he’s got that pleasure-and-pain thing and that look on his face when he realizes that a dick up your pipe feels good.

And then the cum starts to shoot.

After it’s all done Lucas admits that it hurt a lot at first but then he got into it… but then says “I’m gonna have a hard time walking tomorrow.” I have a feeling he’s gonna want more dick.

Click Here to watch it at Gay Hoopla

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The Wayback Machine: Making the François Sagat Realistic Dildo

This is going back many years to 2009… François having a cast made of his dick for the François Sagat Realistic Dildo. It’s no longer available (although you can still find a few on eBay) but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching him get his dick cast and then jerking off in front of the crew and the guy making the dildo cast…

If you want to see more of François Sagat in action… Click Here to Check out his MANY scenes over at Titanmen.

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Last Summer In Greece Part 5

BelAmi’s LAST SUMMER IN GREECE continues this week with another perfect pairing on the idyllic island of Mykonos. The series, which runs throughout August into September, is summertime sex at it’s finest. Featuring 5 star scenes with one BelAmi superstar after another, LAST SUMMER IN GREECE is the porn series of the Summer.

2 3 4

Spying on the 6 Greek Gods from the beach while they had their orgy in the last episode of ‘Last Summer in Greece’ left Helmut, Hoyt and Jerome so horny that they had to find a way to release all that sexual tension with each other. Seeing the BelAmi boys in their seaside Greek villa reminds one of a group of frat boys playing around and helping each other out like a group of frat brothers.

In today’s scene it’s Jerome’s turn to be the bottom for his buddies so he ends up being Hoyt and Helmets boy toy for the afternoon as they twist and turn him in various positions and have their way with the angelic blonde. Jerome, by all accounts doesn’t seem to mind judging from  the cum drenched smile on his face at the end of this stellar scene. Now the question remains…who will be the bottom in the group for next week’s episode of LAST SUMMER IN GREECE? The series of the summer is running until September only at BelAmiOnline.

5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 1 10

Click Here to download it from BelAmi.

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Making “Package.”

A fast flashback to last January. The days are shorter in Palm Springs thanks to that gigantic mountain to the west that blocks out direct sunlight after about 3:40 in the afternoon. It’s still hot day, but we’re kinda racing against the clock.

We’d assembled a small cast to shoot a short 3-scene movie about a UPS delivery guy who meets porn star Hunter Marx (played by Hunter Marx) and then goes home to tell his policeman husband about it (played by Dirk Caber).

We got to play around with the drone a bit more, we played with indoor and outdoor lighting, but mostly we just had some fun shooting porn in the hot desert sun.

Watch the full movie here.

MAN, Matthew’s dick is big.

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X Factor’s Ellis Lacy Shows us how to put on a condom

While we’re very happy for the educational content of this video, we’re equally happy that it’s done by a handsome man with an incredible tattooed body and a nice, thick uncut dick.

While it’s not the first time we’ve seem Ellis’ junk, it’s nice to see it all suited up and ready for action. And you know… famous guy’s naked is always hot to see.


See more at Lads Health.


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