Size Matters


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Sometimes the direct approach is the best approach, and Zac’s simple ‘Hello babe, let’s go to fuck’ seems to do the trick for Peter Annaud. Those of you who are DVD fans will remember this remarkable encounter from the DVD ‘Size Matter’, for most of you though this will be the first time you are seeing this XXL encounter.

Peter seems to definitely be the better at giving blow jobs, but I’m pretty sure that his dick is the biggest thing that Zac has ever tried to put in his mouth.

The fucking action here is fast paced and intense with Peter taking all that Zac can give. For those of you who are left wanting more huge dicks all bundled together for ease of viewing, we can highly recommend any of our Size Matters or Offensively Large titles.

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Big Dicks and hot Young Men…


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It’s a romantic night in for Raf Koons and Nino Valens as they browse through the BelAmi book ‘For the Love of Bali’.

Of that’s what the setup is. Who cares? That HUGE dick is going in a butt. I’m happy.

Both of these guys are passionate and we already know that Nino isn’t going to have any trouble taking Raf’s huge dick, so this is an inspired pairing.

Judging by the cumshots, both boys enjoyed the scene even more than we did here in the office and Raf even gives us re-entry after he shoots his load on Nino’s ass.

Click Here to watch the whole collection at Belami.

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Saturday’s Wake Up And Wank Material – Kane Turner.


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Ex-Army Muscle stud Kane Turner is one of those big lumps of British muscle that we all love so much.

Or, at least, I do.

Nice closeups of the foreskin, good shots of his big but not too buff body and that bad-guy look and accent that always gets me going.

I woke up and had a nice wank to this one today.

See his whole scene at Hard Brit Lads.

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Dario Beck returns in Pure Suit Revivial


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Dario Beck returns to the dry cleaners to complain about a bad cleaning job.

So of course, he gets the nice stiff dick of Andy Star up his asshole for his troubles.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a silly set up but in the end, we have Dario Beck and Andy Star in suits… fucking. So That’s really all I need to know.

Click Here to see the whole sordid affair at MenAtPlay.

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Two of my favorite men to shoot EVER… together…


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I have no idea when this was shot. I thought both Adam Herst and Scott Hunter had retired from porn.

But… here they are together in a scene I admit I wish I had shot myself. These men are so perfect in every way that they were both a joy to work with. And they’re so hot I can cum just from looking at them.

Both hot as ever and both of them have such amazing facial expressions while fucking, it’s… well, it’s porn magic.

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Well, he’s never seen my dick, I hope he won’t be scared…


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You gotta love any porn scene that starts with the top bragging about how his dick is so big, his scene partner is probably going to be scared.

I would be, too, honestly. I mean, I love the big dick and all. But WOW I can’t imagine being on the receiving end of that. Sometimes reactions to Peter’s peter can range from shock and awe, eager anticipation all the way through to fear of its massive girth. Although this is Raphael’s first encounter with Peter, it is certainly not his first encounter with a massive dick. He’s taken THOSE before...

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Fuck Your Religious Ass.


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Half the time, MenAtPlay scenes are in another language… this one is no exception. Unrighteous is… well, without subtitles, I’d have no idea that Hector De Silva is fucking Axel Max because he wasn’t getting the message that “I’m not interested in your political propaganda.”

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Luke Adams gets fucked by his Big Brother


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I can’t really say much about this scene… it was a blast to shoot, although we spent more time laughing and chatting than actually shooting Luke Adams getting fucked.

Ok so… Tristan Jaxx has a HUGE dick... like… it’s so big that it doesn’t even really look as big as it is on screen because it’s… that big. Hard to explain.

Anyway… Luke had Googled Tristan so he knew what he looked like and he certainly did want to shoot with him based on that. But once he saw just how big Tristan’s dick was, he couldn’t wait to get going.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in with our friends at Reality Dudes and I’m glad I did! They’ve just released another scene in their Dudes in Public series, shot almost entirely on phones and security cams – really hot amateur stuff.

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Uncut Legends 2


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Big DicksCumFuckingKissMenMen.comMuscleUncut

Men.com is delivering us a series dedicated to foreskin and I love it. I love my foreskin, so I love watching porn where there’s worship I can relate to. This scene opens up with a close up shot of Damien Crosse playing with his uncut skin and it’s fucking hot.

Can we all just agree that Damien Crosse is one of the most beautiful human beings alive?

Damien is quickly joined by Rico Fatale, who is also uncut, and these 2 take turns devouring each other’s meat. These guys are ravenous for each other, switching back and forth to cock sucking, ball eating and intense rimming. BTW I’m adding this cool sex chair to my Amazon Wishlist.

Rico’s the first to get fucked, offering up his ass in doggy then switching to his back. Once they’re both worked up a serious sweat, Rico mounts Damien’s face for more foreskin devotion. I love when a guy gets rimmed after topping, because you know his butt is sweaty and juicy, which Damien’s is on full display.

Rico fucks Damien all over this Tron-like chair until they bust their loads into each other’s mouths. Damien never disappoints with the passion in his scenes and it’s great to see Rico also rose to the occasion.

Check out Men.com to see more foreskin fanatics HERE.

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