Trapped – Tegan, Kurtis and Colby

What a fucking treat Raging Stallion unleashed on us. Kurtis Wolfe, Tegan Zayne and Colby Keller in one of the best threesomes I’ve seen this year. I love threesomes that actually take advantage of 3 people, rather than someone off to the side waiting their turn.

Watching Kurtis eat Colby’s balls while Tegan slurps on the head is hot, but it’s even hotter when Kurtis and Tegan make out on Colby’s throbbing knob. When Tegan drops to his knees, he forces both cocks in his mouth with Colby and Kurtis aggressively kissing each other.

Colby is hungry and wants more to eat, getting both guys on their backs and their legs in the air exposing 2 beautiful hairy holes. It’s really hot to see that while Colby is eating one hole, he is still fingering the other. Eventually he makes both Kurtis and Tegan suck his fingers after they’ve been in their butts.

The double oral continues to drive me crazy. Colby is fucking Tegan on his back, so Kurtis flops his cock on Tegan’s face so Colby can lean forward and share the worship. Kudos for Colby’s power fucking, he never slows down his rhythm and is it really driving it deep in Tegan.

Colby slams Kurtis mercilessly in doggy, but Kurtis’ face is forced in Tegan’s hole deeply so we can only hear his muffled moans. The view is fucking amazing, watching this train of sweaty muscle moving in unison.

These guys really put on a show and made sure the cum was shared with everyone. Tegan and Kurtis’s faced glazed in freshly shared jizz is forever blazed in my memory.

Watch this scene now at Raging Stallion HERE and let me know how many times you came watching it, because I’m on round 8.

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Brysen & Joey

What a great weekend for power fucking! Over at the Sean Cody house, seasoned pro Joey gives up his beautiful butt to Brysen. The action starts out slow and teasing, Brysen giving Joey a poolside massage. I love that Brysen doesn’t really massage anything but Joey’s ass. Who can blame him? Look at this ass!

Yes, this pic is from another scene but it’s a great pic

Don’t worry guys, the pace picks up quickly when the duo take a shower together. Joey first takes on Brysen’s cock with his mouth and we really get to see how huge that dick is. In a shower that was clearly built for porn shoots, Joey slides his hole down on Brysen’s cock and magic ensues. Brysen is possessed and power drills Joey’s hole from a seated position. The shower walls echo Joey’s moans beautifully as Brysen moves them into standing doggy for the first pop shot.

Joey is really tall but Brysen has no problem using Joey’s body to his advantage. Brysen throws Joey around in all kinds of positions for ass eating, sucking dick, Twister like dip stick fucking and some really hot ATM. Joey blows a load while sitting on Brysen, taking ‘balls deep’ as literal as possible.

Brysen is fucking insatiable. After what feels like the 20th position change, but no change in power fucking pace, Brysen drops a load perfectly in Joey’s mouth. After a moment of caressing to catch their breath, Brysen leans in for a jizzy smooch.

Guys. I came 3 times to this scene today. Click here to watch this scene on Sean Cody and lemme know how many times you shot a load to these 2.


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The Wayback Machine: Making the Ropes Scene from François Sagat’s Incubus

It’s been six years since this scene was shot… this actually isn’t a porn scene, it’s a rather jaw-dropping bridge between scenes 2 and 3 in Incubus Part 1.

We spent a whole day shooting that 1-minute sequence… It’s stunning and is a perfect segue between the scenes.

Follow François Sagat here and watch the whole scenes here.

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Johnny V and Nate Stetson act out my #1 Jerk Off Dream

Tony DiMarco finds a very fun way to pay homage to gay porn’s roots. Giving a bit of a wink to the audience by copying scenarios from classic movies in the Flacon catalogue, Route 69 gives new life to old movies in a great way.

Starting the movie with a bang, the old gay porn cliche of the horned up auto mechanics gets a new addition with this hot-as-fuck scene that I’ve jerked off to 5 times now… and is def going to be in my top 5 scenes of the year. Johnny’s strawberry blond pubes, Nate Stetson’s reddish mustache, the smooth skin, Johnny’s perfect asshole taking Nate’s thick dick.

Trust me on this one.. these are two hot men who like to fuck, know how to fuck and wanna fuck with each other. When Nate is sucking Johnny, you can almost feel that mustache rubbing your dick. When you see Johnny’s eyes roll back, you can feel it in your own hole.

Tony did an amazing job of shooting, lighting and editing this. Five Bones from me for this scene.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Falcon Studios. 

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and now… a selfie stick

Will Braun tries to find the perfect angle to take a nude selfie for his roommate Eddy. The selfie stick helps, but works better to open Will’s ass for Eddy’s deep pounding

Who would of thought a didgeridoo was a gateway item to see what things Men.Com would stick up their models’ asses? The latest non sexual item, is of course that pain in the ass, selfie stick.  Now, no matter what your feelings towards these objects of vanity are, you have to admit that shoving the stick up Will’s ass with his phone attached its a pretty interest way to use it…

Check out all the hijinks that Will and Eddy get into in SELFIE STICK.

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Hooray for Fleet Week

From Men.Com:
These navy gays are ready to take the plunge! Rafael Alencar slides his monster cock deep into Griffin’s puckered pink hole. Griffin’s throat takes that huge dick before Rafael fucks it back into his ass. Once he hops on top for a ride, it’s only so long until he busts his nut all over Rafael’s toned stomach.

Check out Part 1 of Fleet Week!


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Dig Down: New single from Muse

The last album by Muse (Drones) was also introduced with a sort of electro downbeat analogue song called “Madness,” but the album itself sounded more like what we’d expect from Muse… so we’ll have to hear the new album to see what it’ll sound like, but this first single is rather glorious. The band says no new album until next year, though, so we’ll have to wait quite a while.

And dig that 80s-style video that riffs on Max Headroom.

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