Those Olympic Bulges

Lets take some time to admire what the men of the Olympics are packing… australia-mens-sculling-team candaian rowing london-bulges wrestler_bulge

Micah Will NOT Sing. Don’t Ask Him. (But he’s got a hard dick, anyway)

While shooting scene 3 of the Titanmen movie Silverlake, David Benjamin tried, unsuccessfully, to get a horned-up Micah Brandt to sing a few notes of anything.

Micah was just more interested in getting into David’s ass. Which… he did as soon as the cameras started rolling.

Scene 3 will be out later this month, but take a look at scene 2 with David and Bennett Anthony here.


The Gay Comic Geek

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This guy is AWESOME…. he’s super hot, into cosplay and comics and does some bad ass reviews of them and porn. You should check out his reviews. The majority of his porn reviews are on the Mancast tube site and you should definitely check out his Patreon site. I can say that I’m a supporter and the stuff he posts is great. Nothing overly sexual and it’s not porn, but his pictures leave a lot to the imagination. What can I say, he’s super nice and super sexy!

GCG Robin

Alex Mecum

Lately I’ve been on this Alex Mecum kick. Honestly, he’s hot… and he’s got a nice sized dick. I just watched his latest scene from Men.Com with Bruce Beckham and I couldn’t keep my hand out of my shorts! It’s a pretty hot scene and both Bruce and Alex are amazing in it. Alex manages to take Bruce’s huge cock like a champ and it’s all in a tiny kitchen.

Click Here to see him in the parody on Captain America.


Tarzan – A Gay Parody

I finally had a chance to review the third part of the Tarzan parody – wholly fuck is it hot. Watching Luke Adams get fucked in the “wild” like that by Diego Sans and the cum shots are amazing. Not gonna lie, instant wood.


The Parodies of Men.Com

With the release of some decent blockbuster movies, Men.Com has branched into the parody world. We’ve all had those fantasies of being fucked by a superhero or stormtrooper and went there. At first, when I heard about the Star Wars parody, I had some reservations. But I was pleasantly pleased with the way it was done. Even though I’m not a big Star Wars fan, the costumes were on point for the real deal. Of course the models and were great for their roles, and all the action got me hard and worked up.
So far their parody list incudes Star Wars, X-Men, Superman v. Batman, Captain America and Tarzan. Things that have made them a hit for me range from things like costumes to casting… Stormtrooper costumes in Star Wars were PERFECT and having Paddy O’Brian as one of them was great. Diego Sans makes an AMAZING Tarzan, and Alex Mecum is perfect for Cap.
Superman v. Batman had great casting as well with Trenton Ducati as Batman and Topher DiMaggio as one sexy Superman. The only issue I had with this one was the Superman costume… it didn’t do anything for Topher. He’s got a great body and there were times it just looked like Superman pajamas on him.

Check them out for yourself if you haven’t already – I’m interested to see what they come up with next!

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Jon Cena talks about love. And us Homos

Pro wrestler, actor, and large hunk of man John Cena gave America a good talking-to this Independence Day in a PSA from the Ad Council.

With a bunch of shout-outs to the GLBT community.

it’s bad that this makes me want to blow him MORE, isn’t it?

Titanmen’s BluePrint

It’s been months since we heard the rumors that former Michael Lucas muscle hunk would be returning to porn after years away from the lens (and with the train wreck over at Lucas, who could blame him?).

Studios have been clamoring to work with Bruce and knowing his own value, he chose to not sign exclusive to anyone. That’s good luck for us. He’s worked with Chichi, Falcon and a bunch of other studios (although rumor has it he flatly turned down working with Nica Noelle over at Icon Men after hearing from a parade of her former models telling him horror stories of unforgivably late-starting shoots, poor working conditions, obnoxious behavior from Nica herself and a house full of rat shit but no actual human food).

Check out the full movie at Titanmen.

Photo Shoot: Jesse Jackman

We shot a few scenes at the beautiful house of a friend of mine last year. We shot the Patio Scene from Stag with Alessio Romero and Brayden Forrester in his side garden, the Leather Armchair scene from Wet with Brayden along side Nick Prescott (in his first-ever scene). We shot a Couch scene from Worked Over with Shay Michaels and Ray Nicks.

(we also shot a scene with Ray Nicks and Alessio Romero that hasn’t come out yet).

And then we shot the scene from my newest Titanmen movie Morning Wood with Jesse Jackman and Josh West.. I had conceived of a movie that was nothing but guys waking up in each other’s arms and having sex before doing anything else.

We shot that scene in my friend’s bed. He wanted a scene shot in his own bed.

The other request was “can you shoot some pictures in my bath tub?” So I grabbed Jesse and my camera and… here’s what I got…