Titanmen’s Private Entry

Wow, this is a bit of a blast from the past… Titanmen continues to remaster their older content into 1080p HD versions and the effect is amazing.


“You want inside the exclusive club? You’ll have to work extra hard to get an invite to one of Europe’s most decadent destinations, a secretive lounge that only admits the hot and the hung. Eight smooth, uncut studs have already earned Private Entry – do you have what it takes to keep up with them? Peek inside and join the party… 

Click Here to see it at Titanmen.

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That time I made a gay porn movie based loosely on Aaron Schock.

The original working title was “Aaron’s Cock,” but as the script grew and changed, we decided on the running joke of his name being Mike Cauke which sounds like “my cock.” And Cauke For President was born.

We cast the then unknown Matthew Bosch as Mike… his boyish looks and gigantic dick made it a no-brainer. We added Nick Prescott, Tex Davidson, Dallas Steele, David Benjamin, Adam Ramzi and Luke Adams to the mix and the movie took on a life of its own.

It took on a life of its own… the movie became the biggest hit I ever directed and was nominated for more awards than I could even remember. I still have people asking me about it and last week while I was on a self-imposed retreat in Palm Springs for some much-needed downtime, I met a very handsome lawyer from Canada who told me that the scene with Tex and David was one of his favorite gay porn scenes ever. When he told me this, he didn’t know that I’d directed that movie and written that scene.


Anyway… now that CITIZEN Aaron Schock, anti-gay former Senator who voted against gay people every chance he got has been… well, photographed making out with his hands down a dude’s pants while walking around half naked at Coachella… I figure it’s time for us to go back to Cauke and have some fun.

There’s a HUGE gallery of pics from the movie after the jump… Or just CLICK HERE to see Cauke In Action...

Watch the full movie at Titanmen.

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Saturday Night Live’s Gay Porn Sketch?

It’s kinda lazy comedy and low-hanging fruit… but it’s at least kinda funny… Emma Stone plays an actress playing the titular “mom who was away for some reason” while her husband has sex with her son. Or something.

It gets a bit tired for gay Porn to be such an easy goto joke, but straight people, bless their hearts, love to get the gay laugh in.

Anyway… if you really wanna see some good Dad/Son action… my own movie Like Father Like Son that has no “mom comes home” moment, and a much happier ending.

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Jesse Jackman and Jay Bentley in Heavy Load


I have a bit of a confession to make. I couldn’t remember if I directed this scene or not, so I had to look it up. I didn’t. But that said… I DO remember shooting it very well and I remember just how much chemistry Jay and Jesse had on set and how they went off to have fun together afterward.

The reason I’m even bringing up this scene from 5 years ago is that someone on Twitter recently started bad-mouthing Jesse with some rather obnoxious, ageist and frankly just false bullshit about him. The Twitter user (who blocked me once I told him that I actually know Jesse well and that he was totally wrong) said that Jesse refused to do scenes with Latino and black men on Titan. This is not only incorrect… it’s unfair to suggest that there’s any racial motivations with Jesse at all. Jesse was the one who, upon seeing Jay’s pictures, called up both (then production-head) Paul Wilde and me asking to do a scene with “that hot new younger guy you have.”

OH and he also said that Jesse is 66… which… fucking Hell if he looks like THIS at 66… that’s pretty amazing. But no… Jesse is 45. And I know this to be true because as a porn director and Photogrpaher, my job includes making sure I get copies of his IDs… so… yeah, I know how old he is.

Anyway…hope you enjoy the preview. You can see ALL of Jesse Jackson’s movies and Jay Bentley’s movies (neither of them ever worked for another studio) at Titanmen.

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Classic Titanmen: Chainsaw


One of my favorite Titanmen movies. A huge hit… starring some of the hottest Titanmen going. Dean Flynn and CJ Madison, Allen Silver… Some of the hottest action including the famous scene where the Forest Ranger jerks off with his sons… then later they watch each other get fucked.

All set in rural Virginia (that admittedly looks a lot like North Pacific Coast California), Chainsaw is full of those rural tough guys and country charm… big dicks, muscles and sweat. This is a classic for the ages.

Newly remastered in 1080p. Streaming to your computer or mobile devices… or download your favorite scenes.

Legendary director Joe Gage takes us back to the sticks — this time, West Virginia’s Blue Mountains for Chainsaw, where horny loggers are having it out with one another in the great outdoors. When TitanMen exclusive Tony Buff finds fellow logger Braxton Bond napping instead of working, he’s got a great idea to get him up and at ’em: work naked. But when they both pop boners, the only kind of work they can do is on each other’s cocks and asses — until they cum two times each.

Meanwhile, Ranger Allen Silver hears some noises and finds his two sons (Riley Burke and Brandon Cole) having a contest to see who can shoot their load the furthest. He happily joins in on their little contest … Sebastian Rivers is a door-to-door salesman trying to make a sale with CJ Madison, who’s more interested in getting his massive, uncut cock sucked by his eager, young visitor. The two hairy, shaved-head studs are going at it in no time, with CJ ending up slamming Sebastian’s ass mercilessly atop his washing machine. Over at the roadhouse, Ludovic Canot and Bigg Pete catch Ken Mack spying on them in the parking lot. He tells them he’s a model scout but before long he’s on his knees “scouting” his cocks with his hungry mouth.

Next day is the big company picnic, but work’s the last thing on anyone’s mind. TitanMen exclusive Dean Flynn offers up Allen Silver’s long cock up to their new boss Dillon Buck (also a TitanMen exclusive). Before long, Riley and Brandon join in and soon all five are sucking, fucking and pissing all over each other. For the finale, Ludovic Canot, Bigg Pete and Ken Mack show up at the picnic tent to find Dean and Dillon still naked, still hard and ready for another round of dick sucking and ass fucking with plenty of watersports to boot.

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Lorenzo Flexx gets fucked by his ‘Big Brother’ Liam Knox

We all need a mentor.. and big brother figure to show us the ropes, right?

This was a fun scene to shoot, although we pushed our own limits in shooting in a very closed, tight space. Looks great and Liam and Lorenzo have chemistry off the chart, although considering they’re two of the coolest men in porn, it wasn’t a surprise that they’d get along so well.

This was NOT an easy scene to shoot.. the alley between houses is VERY tight and we had to use every possible lighting trick to get the light either in there OR sunlight reflected and defused and still able to get two cameras… but we made it work.

I was around the corner watching through the monitors yelling directions through a bush.

No, really.

Electrician Liam Knox gives apprentice Lorenzo Flexx some pointers at the switch box. “I really enjoy working with you,” says Lorenzo, staring intently at him. Liam grips his shoulder, moving in for a kiss as their jean bulges grind. Liam nibbles Lorenzo’s lip and takes charge, keeping the sub under his spell as he guides him down. He beats his dick on the sucker’s face, Lorenzo taking it to the root as he chokes, spit dripping down Liam’s sac to the ground.

Read more →

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Director’s Blog: Making the Big Brother scene with Jesse and Julian


As I wrote over on the Titanmen blog… I almost cut off Jesse Jackman’s head with the drone when we were shooting this scene.

Ok, not quite… there are safety guards and the blades are made of soft plastic.

But it would have done some pretty nasty damage to him and we wouldn’t have been able to shoot the scene. The carnage can be seen in the split screen from the BTS movie… I got REALLY close to Jesse..


BTW… that shot was kinda fucked up. That’s not the one we used. I had forgotten to remove the safety brace on the drone and the camera wasn’t able to pan straight down. The shot that I used in the scene was done after this and the drone stays way above their heads and just pans down at them. But this was a pretty cool shot, too.

The hardest part of the opening bit was that I had to shoot most of the opening sequence twice. I shot this with four different cameras. The Drone, my OSMO, my GoPro and the full-quality Titan HD cameras. But since most of those cameras have to be held very close… I couldn’t be in a wide shot… anyway… I had Jesse and Julian play around in the pool using my big cameras.. and then stripped down to my bathing suit and shot it all under water with my GoPro. Read more →

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Yes. It Was Me. I Talked Jasun Vario Into Bottoming For Daymin Voss. (ok, Daymin helped)

So… my phone is blowing up…

People are all going APESHIT over the fact that not only is Jason Vario bottoming, but hairy stud Daymin Voss got to do the honors.

That was a fun shoot… Jason was just going to top but somehow… I managed to talk him into bottoming and making the scene a flip.

It’s possible that Daymin batting those eyelashes at him and asking him to bottom was the deciding factor. But I don’t care… I got to direct these two stunning men together in a scene that everyone is talking about.

watch the trailer here… Read more →

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Adam Ramzi gets a face-full from Dakota Rivers.


This was a fun scene to shoot, although we had a couple unexpected visitors… both the owner of the house (a friend of mine) and a construction worker accidentally walking in on the guys naked and blowing each other while my crew switched out lights and stuff in the gym.

And of course, we also had construction noise, street noise and a very tiny space to shoot in…

But ANY scene that ends like this is a good one…


Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

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Tristan Jaxx’s Big Ol’ Dick Goes Up Jeremy Spreadums’ Butt.

This was one of those wild scenes that we had to just… wing.


Keith Webb told me that because all of our rental locations in Palm Springs had been rented for things like Spring Break and other events… we had nowhere to shoot that month. So we had to shoot in LA.

“What do you want me to shoot?” I asked and he told me “whatever you want… make it fun. Make it…. LA.”

I called a few friends. I asked if I could use their houses or basements or garages… This scene was shot in the Korea Town apartment of a friend of my first camera operator Darius Union.

We decided that instead of having a script and dialogue, we’d keep what the guys were saying secret. We were going to have a movie about cruising for sex in Los Angeles. Yeah, it doesn’t happen as much now that smart phones have become how men find quick sex. But we all LOVE that idea of just seeing a guy out in the wild, chatting him up for a minute and then finding a place to have a quick trick.

The opening bits were shot with the same steady cam I used for the Micheltoreana Steps sequence in Silverlake. We were fine with a few cars or people way off in the background, but on a busy day in a busy neighborhood, finding those moments when no people were there… THAT was rough. We had a lot of waiting between takes. But we got it. And it flows beautifully.

Once we got inside and started the still photography, Jeremy saw Tristan’s dick and couldn’t WAIT to get it up his hole. Honestly… Tristan has one of the most pretty dicks I’ve ever seen. Even the tops are all “yeah, he can stick that up my butt.”

This was seriously a great scene. The guys were totally into each other and they just wanted to fuck. Jeremy’s amazing body, Tristan’s amazing dick. Perfect combination. And while it was a VERY tight shoot (that room is a lot smaller than it looks), we made it work.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Adam Ramzi and Jack Hunter go “BOOM”

Welcome to Titanmen, Jack Hunter. This was a fun scene to shoot.

The house we’ve been shooting for over a year as part of the Renovation series had been stripped down to almost the frame alone and we were in very… bare bones surroundings. We had very little to work with so we just had to have two hot men fucking.

And that’s what we got. I love working with men THIS good at being porn stars. With two men who were totally on top of their game, I was able to move around the location… play with the huge space… lighting and good angles… got to have some fun making the men look their best while they concentrated on giving me good performances.

And yeah… a nice facial cumshot.

Adam Ramzi uses a piss bucket in front of construction bud Jack Hunter. They stroke each other, kissing deep before Adam wraps his bearded lips around Jack’s tool. “Suck that big dick,” moans Jack, guiding Adam’s head down.

Adam gasps for breath, Jack beating his dick on the sucker’s mouth. Adam fucks Jack’s face, the sucker chewing on his foreskin. Adam plants his beard in Jack’s ass before ramming him from behind, the two then switching positions. “Give it to me slow,” says Adam, who takes it deep. He gets on his back—propping up his boner for the top to stroke. Jack fucks a load out of Adam, then dumps a big wad all over his beard.

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The Wayback Machine: Francois Sagat gives Blow Job Tips


Found this gem today.

Since I launched Dick Harden, I’ve been having a blast going through my hours and hours of old video clips. Some are from other sites… some are just my old clips from as far back as 2006. Watch for them all, here. We’ll be adding old clips and showing you some new stuff, too.

Here’s a fun one… my first day on set at Titanmen. I was originally hired as a production assistant but because of a scheduling issue, I ended up working camera on the Francois Sagat, Shay Michaels and Spencer Reed scene in Incubus.

That scene is a stunner… really hot, beautifully edited and unbelievably hot men who were all really into each other.

Click Here to join Titan. You’ll get full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen online catalogue. Streaming in crystal-clear HD. It’s like having a complete, regularly-updated Titanmen DVD library in your back pocket for any time the mood strikes you.

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