Johnny Rapid & Jordan Levine

Jordan Levine is one of my all time faves because he has so many reasons to fall in love with him: the face, the muscle, the tattoos, the butt and the glorious dick. Now a Men.com exclusive, it was only a matter of time before he was paired with the ultimate Men.com exclusive Johnny Rapid. 

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It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in with our friends at Reality Dudes and I’m glad I did! They’ve just released another scene in their Dudes in Public series, shot almost entirely on phones and security cams – really hot amateur stuff.

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Daddy Gets Seconds

I am so mad I never got the chance to meet William Seed when I lived in Montreal, especially now that I’ve learned we have mutual friends! I take great solace in watching him blossom in quite the star. Today, Men.com has William in a dangerously hot scene with Jack Kross and Marco Vallant. That’s 650lbs of muscle. God damn.

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Quentin Gainz & Kevin Grey

I love all things Quentin Gainz. He’s got such a great smile and oozes charm. I had the incredible pleasure of meeting him earlier this year and that charm is even crazier in person. Such a great guy and his abs are insane. He is paired with Kevin Grey in this hot flip fuck scene by Active Duty.

The guys swap some awesome cock sucking, but the scene really ramps up when Quentin bends Kevin over the bed for ass eating paradise. Quentin spreads Kevin wide open giving us a crystal clear view of that hairy hole covered in spit. Kevin’s not used to bottoming as we can see Quentin’s cock struggling to get into that really tight hole. Once Quentin’s in and gets the rhythm going, Kevin slips into bottom heaven. Kevin’s butt looks fucking perfect getting fucked raw.

Quentin offers up his hole to Kevin too – I love a hot flip scene with 2 ripped dudes. This is a really good flip scene because these guys go back and forth fucking on every inch of the bed until the shoot their loads all over Kevin.

Get into this muscle duo only on Active Duty HERE.

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John Magnum Returns!

What a weekend for Men.com! First they bring back Brodie Sinclair (check out the full story HERE) and today they brought back John Magnum. Not to be out shined, John co-stars with newcomer Beaux Banks. His lean, muscular body and beautiful skin has me keeping an eye on his career.

Beaux starts jerking off at Johnny Rapid’s house after playing video games… as one does… When he hears someone enter the room, Beaux thinks it’s Johnny and asks him to sit down beside him to beat off together. Little did Beaux realize, it was actually Johnny’s dad John who walked in. John whips it out and starts stroking until Beaux opens his eyes and realizes it’s his friend’s dad! John’s got an amazing cock, so Beaux just dives down and gets the party started.

John wants in too, getting Beaux’s dick wet before bending him over for thorough ass eating. And WOW Beaux has a seriously beautiful butt.

John’s cock looks incredible sliding in and out of Beaux’s flawless ass in doggy. Beaux shows off his bottoming skills as he jumps on top to ride John’s dick. I love watching John massage Beaux’s lightly hairy chest while fucking him and hearing Beaux command “fuck that hole!”

John spills his seed on Beaux’s face making him moan “mmmm yea daddy”. You can watch John Magnum’s triumphant return to porn on Men.com sub site Str8 to Gay HERE

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Just One Night: Boomer Banks & Michael DelRay

This Halloween, Cockyboys gives us quite the treat with a sexy flip fuck of Boomer Banks and Michael DelRay. When the action begins with ass eating on a fire escape, you know you’re getting something special. Don’t worry! They only spend a few minutes here before heading inside for more filth.

Watching Michael choke and gag on Boomer’s infamous meat is just great. Michael looks up and you see his cute face covered in slobber and pre cum. This is prime time throating guys. So turn your volume up. Michael stands up, turns Boomer around and roughly pushes him over presenting the Boomer Butt to the world. Michael takes the words right out of my mouth “Look at this beautiful ass!” before diving in. 

Michael first slides his dick inside Boomer in doggy and I love seeing Boomers hair flair forward with each thrust into him. When Boomer sits down on Michael, he spreads is own cheeks apart for us to see a perfect view of his hole being stuffed.

Boomer throws Michael on his back and gets his legs in the air. It’s right here we’re reminded how huge Boomer is. Michael doesn’t visibly struggle to take it all in, but boy is he vocal about. And it’s not fake porn moaning – it’s clear Michael’s never been probed this deep before and walls are shaking. In doggy, it’s pretty hot to see Michael’s slender body being rammed by one of the biggest dicks in the game.  

Michael unloads all over Boomer’s face and chest in gallons before eating Boomer’s balls until he pops. Sticky sticky yum!

Bone up with Boomer and Michael in Just One Night here.
Check em out now to get 50% off your first month!

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Brysen & Joey

What a great weekend for power fucking! Over at the Sean Cody house, seasoned pro Joey gives up his beautiful butt to Brysen. The action starts out slow and teasing, Brysen giving Joey a poolside massage. I love that Brysen doesn’t really massage anything but Joey’s ass. Who can blame him? Look at this ass!

Yes, this pic is from another scene but it’s a great pic

Don’t worry guys, the pace picks up quickly when the duo take a shower together. Joey first takes on Brysen’s cock with his mouth and we really get to see how huge that dick is. In a shower that was clearly built for porn shoots, Joey slides his hole down on Brysen’s cock and magic ensues. Brysen is possessed and power drills Joey’s hole from a seated position. The shower walls echo Joey’s moans beautifully as Brysen moves them into standing doggy for the first pop shot.

Joey is really tall but Brysen has no problem using Joey’s body to his advantage. Brysen throws Joey around in all kinds of positions for ass eating, sucking dick, Twister like dip stick fucking and some really hot ATM. Joey blows a load while sitting on Brysen, taking ‘balls deep’ as literal as possible.

Brysen is fucking insatiable. After what feels like the 20th position change, but no change in power fucking pace, Brysen drops a load perfectly in Joey’s mouth. After a moment of caressing to catch their breath, Brysen leans in for a jizzy smooch.

Guys. I came 3 times to this scene today. Click here to watch this scene on Sean Cody and lemme know how many times you shot a load to these 2.


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Reality Blows Part 2

Whenever I see Jason Vario in a scene, I get an insta-chub and need immediate release. His face is a scene of perfection and I can never get enough. Jason’s got a world class ass that I study every day of my life. Though I think his best work so far was at TitanMen (click here to see that glory), Reality Blows Part 2 by Men.com really caught my attention.

Jason’s co-star is Trent King. I’ve watched most of his scenes and this is the first I’ve caught where he bottoms. Scene starts with Trent walking in on Jason asleep in the nude. Trent, much like I would do, immediately drops to his knees to fill his mouth with dick. It doesn’t take long for Jason to wake up, force Trent to throat him harder and then return the favour. Trent is packing some serious business so I was happily surprised to see Jason swallow that meat so deeply.

After some ass eating, Trent offers up his hole and takes all of Jason’s power fucking. It’s really impressive how easily Trent moves from positions. He’s pretty voracious for Jason’s dick and loves in every angle he can get it. Men.com is often criticized for poor lighting, but this scene is bright and in your face so you can enjoy all the hole stretching cock pumping beauty properly.

Click here to see these gods fuck in crystal clear HD and remember, you can try out Men.com for only $1!

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Pierre Fitch returns to porn

I first remember seeing Pierre Fitch doing a solo jerk off and dildo scene on a long-defunct site called Bedfellow. His English wasn’t great (he’s from Quebec) and he had a cute, twinkish.. maybe a bit dopey look to him.

Fast forward 15 years (?!?) and Pierre makes a rather stunning return. Looking better than ever, sounding happy and confident. And his English is WAY improved now…

Anyway… Here he is with Calvin Banks. What I like is that theme is Pierre returning to porn. That’s all. They just decided to make the scene about that and that alone… so the dialogue is all natural and real, the action is real and what you get are two guys fucking. I think it’s brilliant.

Check out this extended clip.

I’m really impressed with how great and soft-lit Cocky Boys work looks. Feels like you’re right in the room with them. The flip fuck is something you really wanna see. Two hot men with two big dicks taking turns on each other. The muscle and sweat and that floppy hair… they’ve both clearly loving the action.

Calvin’s hole stretches to take Pierre’s dick… but his own stays hard and dripping the whole time. It’s amazing. Really.

Check out some stills.

I’m really glad Pierre is back and chose such a great studio to return with.

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Ever wanted to have a 3-way with two identical twins? Well….

Active Duty has done it again… I actually stopped writing this post so I could go back to the scene and jerk off a second time.

Michael and Jacob are two HOT identical twins… we’ve seen them jerk off side-by-side before and now we’re seeing them have some fun with Ryan.

You can see the look on Ryan’s face when it’s all about to start that he’s thinking “I can’t believe I’m actually getting to do this.” And he really gets to do it.

First starting sucking those BIG dicks, going back and forth as the twins every so often give each other that eye…


Then Ryan is bent over… fucked by BOTH brothers at once… This is SUCH a hot scene…

THEN… as if that isn’t enough… Ryan gets down between the brothers and takes two loads in the face.


Click Here to see the whole scene at Active Duty.

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