Military Man 3-way with Billie Starz, Quentin Gainz & Damien Nichols

Totally hot scene. I love that “nervous to get a dick up his hole” look on Damien’s face.

Damien has never done anything with men before but Quentin and Billie are breaking him in slowly. Lots of meat to go around with each one of these studs switching from cock to cock and there is never a mouth left behind.

And by the end of this scene, Damien’s virgin ass is getting fucked.

Billie has to show Damien how it’s done so he lets Quentin fuck him first while he stuffs Damien’s dick in his mouth. Quentin pounds away on Billie’s eager hole and Damien is taking notes waiting for his turn as he fucks Billie’s tight mouth. With a couple deep breaths Damien hunkers down and Quentin pushes his throbbing cock slowly into Damien’s virgin ass. Damien surprisingly takes it great without any hesitation and soon enough Quentin’s balls deep and they are slapping up against Damien’s virgin ass.

Billie now gets a turn on the virgin ass as Damien spreads his legs in doggy style position for Billie to push himself in. Billie mounts that tight fresh hole with no problem and fucks his boy toy slowly. Damien’s moans are cute for a first timer having his ass spread open with two big dicks. They all stand near the bed and stroke their big dicks until one by one they unleash their hot cum loads all over the bed and Damien who is the last to nut wins the bet as he blasts his shooting load the farthest and with the most cum as well.

Click Here to watch it at Active Duty. 

I find this disturbingly hot. John Stamos gives cuddle lessons. With… Bob Saget.

I have the weirdest boner right now.

James and Jordan First Time Friends

I could maybe do without that whole “How’s your girlfriend” bullshit at the beginning… it’s not necessary. Hot men fucking is hot men fucking. And James  and Jorden are two hot men who we all wanna see fuck.

Good enough.

That being said… that whole “talking a buddy into some first time dick…” THAT’s something we’ve all fantasied about, right?

James pulls out and shoots his load onto Jordan’s stomach, dripping cum all over Jordan’s body as the two of them joke about how much Jordan loves the cock. This time, Jordan proudly admits it, now understanding that their friendship is about to go to the next level. Enjoy…

Click Here to watch the whole scene at Next Door Buddies.

Rix & Quentin Gainz fuck at Active Duty

More hot young military tattooed boys fucking. Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty has been one of my top favorite gay porn sites in over a decade. It’s rough and hot… dirty and low-fi. But the sex is always hot.

Rix is back in action with us once again. His firm attitude and lust for that tight ass is making him climb the ranks at a steady pace. This is only his second time being with one of our vets and this time he’s tackling Quentin Gainz. Quentin loves to try out the rookies who are just learning the ways of battling through the ranks here at AD. He’s more of our special ops vet when we need him to test the willingness of these new recruits. Quentin brings the fun while Rix brings the pain and toughness.

Quentin’s cock is usually the first to be hard and throbbing but Rix has beaten him to the punch. Rix drops his drawers and his cock is hard as a rock standing straight up and Quentin is amazed by it. Rix is ready to rock out so he wraps his mouth around Quentin’s throbbing dick.  Read more

It’s A Series Of Tubes

Axe Body Spray up until now has been a collection of scents we associate with teenage male d-bags, but this new campaign seems to shatter that whole image as it asks “is it ok for guys…”

It even lets you know that yes, hooking up with a guy is ok. This is part of their “Find Your Magic Initiative,” the young men’s body spray maker has released a new campaign video, “Is It Ok For Guys?” based on a recent study that found that “72% of guys have been told how a real man should behave.”

So while most of us probably find their scents on this side of “dead musk rat,” we can at least give them props for that.

Yesterday was Cher’s 71st birthday. Here’s one of my favorite songs by her. Back during the AIDS crisis, this became an anthem of a community that had to learn to care for each other while we fought city hall, the federal government, families, hospitals, landlords, drug companies and our own worn resolve.

Yes, Anderson Cooper is very sorry he said “if [Trump] took a dump on his desk, you’d defend it.” But he wasn’t wrong and he WAS throwing a bit of uncharacteristic shade. And while he’s apologized for saying it, I figure if Anderson Cooper can’t make the odd poop joke, the Terrorists have won.

What do we think of this? Some fans are upset there aren’t enough straight white guys, but I’m a bit more worried about how another prequel could potentially fuck up decades of mythology.

Military Straight Boys Flip Fuck: Ryan Jordan & Princeton Price

Those bright blue eyes… that angelic smile. That mop of blond hair and that tight body… Ryan Jordan is hot as fuck, but seeing him get his hole pounded made my day.

When the boys start, Princeton points out that Ryan’s big dick is already hard. There’s some dick sucking and that timid kissing you get from straight boys, but once the action gets going, Ryan pounds Princeton’s ass hard… he can barely take it all. You can see that “OK, I don’t know how much more of this I can take…” on his face.

But then it’s time for the boys to flip around and Ryan’s hole is up for a big dick. The sounds he makes was almost enough to make me cum without touching myself.

Wanna see more of Ryan? You can see all his scenes at Active Duty Here.

Extended Gay Hoopla Cum Shot Collection.

While porting old files over from my old site, I found this rather amazing Cumshot compilation from Gay Hoopla. See all the guys in action here.

College Jocks Lucas Garza and Brady Corbin

So I do actually have a connection to Gay Hoopla. Back in 2005, one of my first jobs in gay porn was for Fratmen. And Landon who now runs Gay Hoopla was one of the guys on camera… Now just directing his own stuff, he’s one of the guys who brings you Gay Hoopla. Very cool to see where it all went.

Here’s Lucas and Brady. Lucas gets fucked for the first time by Brady… he starts out a bit… slow… it’s clearly pushing him past his limits. But he’s eventually enjoying it. A lot. His dick is rock hard, he’s got that pleasure-and-pain thing and that look on his face when he realizes that a dick up your pipe feels good.

And then the cum starts to shoot.

After it’s all done Lucas admits that it hurt a lot at first but then he got into it… but then says “I’m gonna have a hard time walking tomorrow.” I have a feeling he’s gonna want more dick.

Click Here to watch it at Gay Hoopla

Quentin Gaines back at Active Duty

I’ve been a fan of Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty for over a decade, now. Those hot, tight-bodied, tatted young hotties… a mixture of gay and straight but mostly just horny guys wanting to get off any way they can.

Quentin Gaines has been gone for a while but now he’s back and ready to pop some man cherry… Mathias has never been with a guy before. Quentin is surprised by how well he sucks cock but the real test is how it feels fucking a guy’s hole for the first time. He’s a bit nervous at first but before long, he’s bucking like the bronco that he is.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Active Duty.