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We Don’t Have Homosexuals In Alabama


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Hot gay dude with southern accent and red beard.

I blew a load in my pants before he made it to the actual part where he does a Leslie Jordan impression.

I want to gay sex him.

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Gay Comic Geek Reviews Skuff


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Check out the movie here.



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Gay Comic Geek reviews SWAP


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I love it when he reviews my movies… And MAN is he ever cute.

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Not all couples relationships are black and white. Some couples SWAP out their partners. This is explored in the TitanMen Movie – SWAP. This is directed by Jasun Mark and stars Liam Knox and Steve Roman.

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Spiderman part 2 and 3


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I know it’s been a while –  but things are heating up here in Southern California, and the full time job has me working like a dog thru the middle of the day. So I’m exhausted all the time. But I usually get a chance to relax at least by catching up on the latest scenes.

Than being said, parts 2 and 3 of Spider-Man from is actually quite amazing. In Part 2, we get a chance to see Spider-Man save the day, and the guy he saves thanks him by not only sucking his cock, but offering his ass to our hero. Of course all this is going on while Will Braun is in the Spidey suit. Makes it even hotter! Come on, who wouldn’t want to be fucked by a super hero?

Part 3 is even better – well except for the part where they aren’t fucking in their alter-egos, but the threesome is quite nice. Just the thought of Peter Parker getting fucked by his boyfriend, while he’s sucking his boyfriend’s dad’s cock is super hot.

you can check out all three scenes over at – and you can get in on their summer deal too!

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Gay Comic Geek review of Cum Laude


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See The whole movie at Titanmen HERE.

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Spiderman – A Gay Parody


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Yeah, I’ a little behind – feels like the real life job is trying to work me to death, but I did get a chance to sit down and watch the first part of Spiderman: A Gay XXX Parody from Men.Com.

I’m hoping that this series gets better as it goes on. If you haven’t seen it yet, it does start off rather slow. They are doing the Spiderman build up – how Peter gets his powers, the death of a loved one… discovering his superpowers. I do love the choice of Will Braun as Peter. He’s got the right amount of nerdy-ness and hotness to play the role. I also enjoy the fact that he is partnered with Tobias in the first scene. I’ve started to like him. He’s not super defined, but is still in good shape. The fact that they both flip fuck each other is pretty hot. It’s nice watching a guy not only take it, but give it as well.

It’s great to see the level of detail that Men.Com has put into their parodies. Take a look at Peter’s back wall, and you’ll see movie posters for Superman v. Batman, Star Wars and Captain America.


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MXXX: The Hardest Ride – Episode 3


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Now this is something I’m glad I came across. It’s from NakedSword and it’s Episode 3 of MXXX. The scene is titled “Don’t Mess With Johnny Law” This is definitely something I had to check out.

For starters, you have hot motocross riders, and then you add Johnny V in the mix… And then he tops. Fuck! Instant leakage for me. I’ve started to become more and more of a fan of Johnny, and in everything I’ve seen him in, he’s always been the bottom. Man, was I excited to see him pound Gabriel’s tight hole up against the side of a barn. This is something you shouldn’t miss – I’ll get the other episodes out here soon… but this one by far is my favorite!

Here’s the scene description from the studio: T

he guys decide to stir up some trouble and take off speeding through the streets of Leander, Texas. Tom Faulk and Gabriel Alanzo cut through the Texas mini-mart parking lot and see their parole officer, Johnny V, enjoying a cup of coffee. Wise guy Tom zooms by and knocks the coffee cup out of the officer’s hand – and its on! “Mr. Johnny” jumps in his generic government issued car and starts chasing the boys on their bikes. Tom ditches him but Johnny’s on Gabriel’s ass – literally. Gabriel tries to ditch him on private property but his bike stalls, giving Johnny enough time to jump out of the car and knock him off his bike. Officer Johnny strong-arms Gabriel on the hood of his car then drag him behind a shed where he teaches him a lesson – a lesson on eating ass and sucking cock. Johnny sniffles Gabriel’s cries as he shoves his dick in his ass and fucks him then pulls out and shoots his load all over the sexy motocross rider’s face. Nobody makes a fool out of “Mr. Johnny!”      

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Two Dick Minimun


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I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Two Dick Minimum from Raging Stallion. I must admit, I think this is one of my new favorites. Not only is there a small army of hot men, but leather is involved.

It starts off with a hot four man orgy with Jack Vidra, Jack Andy, Manuel Skye and CJ Phillips. It’s Last Call at the bar, and Jack and Jack aren’t ready to go home. Watching Manuel service the other three and take load after load in the face is a damn good way to start. Check out the hot orgy here.

Scene 2 is another favorite. Mostly because of Jack Vidra – he’s one sexy ginger I would love to meet in a dark alley! This time, he’s waiting outside the bar with his cock in his hands and that’s when Mick shows up and drops to his knees and takes Jack’s monster cock. Watching these two switch roles is amazing.

The first 2 scenes are definitely my favorite – the entire film is nicely done and the cast was well selected for the roles… definitely one that you should put on your watch list.


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Gay Comic Geek reviews 2MenKiss


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Watch the whole movie at Titanmen here.


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Earthbound – Heaven to Hell 2


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What can I say, but WOW. It’s been something like 12 years since the original Heaven to Hell came out and damn, Chi Chi LaRue did an amazing job with this one. Now of course this one had to have a different story line than the original, Falcon summed it up as “Human kindness is put to the test as lust and desire fuel the suspense in this highly stylized, erotic, XXX thriller where sex is king but love conquers all!”

Now that I’ve actually had a chance to sit and watch it all in it’s entirety, I gotta say that my favorite scenes are Scene 2 with Dean Monroe, Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin and Gabriel Alanzo. Dean, played the Devil in the original and is back again to resurrect his role… and fuck does he still got it! This is the orgy scene and watching Dean work over those cocks is actually quite satisfying.

Scene 4 is another good one – JJ Knight is the Henchman that is sent out on a fact finding mission, and comes across a motorcyclist (Blake Riley.) Now scene got me leaking. Being a biker, and having respect for the gear and a huge fetish with it. It was hot to see Blake insist that his helmet stayed on while JJ worked his cock over. Of course, roles flipped and the helmet came off, but still a damn hot scene. Only thing I would of changed is a little more leather on our Motorcycle stud.

Scene 5 – great jerking material. Johnny V plays a barfly, and Andre Donovan is the Dark Angel that has the honor of pounding muscle stud Johnny. Damn, this is one that did me in… Watching Johnny take Andre’s thick cock was perfect.

Rounding out this amazing cast is Brent Corrigan, Skyy Knox, Andrew Stark, Armand Rizzo and Trelino. All great picks to make this film enjoyable. For even more of a throw back, the original Fallen Angel, Brad Patton makes a cameo appearance. Unfortunately, he’s not fucking anyone and we don’t get to see that thick glorious cock of his, but none the less, he’s still hot as hell!

If you were a fan of the original, and haven’t done so already – I highly recommend this sequel! It’s definitely one to please.  Head on over to to check it out.

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