Daddy Bear Jack Dixon Slams Teddy Bear in Jizzworthy 'Furgasm' Finale

A couple weeks ago I posted about Jack Dixon’s upcoming scene for Pantheon that I had shot along with a fun little interview video, and y’all went wild. I’m glad because I’m a fucking HUGE fan of Jack Dixon and I always feel my own dick twitch a bit when I even hear that voice or see that hairy butt of his.
Figured I’d do a bit of a reach back to Jack’s scene with my buddy Teddy Bear in Steve Cruz’s FURGASM.

It all comes (and cums) down to this. Seeing those two hairy men, covered in sweat and lubed up… makes me wanna jump in face first and join the fun.
Rugged and hairy muscle bears Jack Dixon and Teddy Bear get down to fucking in the finale of Raging Stallion's Furgasm series.
In the last scene of Steve Cruz’s Furgasm series for Raging Stallion, two of the series’ most hairy – and beary, if you will – guys meet in the bar on a pool table.Rugged and hairy muscle bears Jack Dixon and Teddy Bear get down to fucking in the finale of Raging Stallion's Furgasm series.Teddy Bear (riding above) rides the muscled daddy bear Jack Dixon (right) right on that table, too, billiard balls be damned.
Get your first look way down below at the finale, on Raging Stallion.
Jump here for Scene 1 of Furgasm with Daymin Voss and Drake Masters:
See Jay Austin and Jack’s wildly energetic Scene 2 here:
Watch newcomer Ashland fuck blue-eyed Ziggy Banks here in Scene 3:

Jump here for Scene 4 with Eddy Ceetee and Jay:

But let’s talk about Jack and Teddy….
Jack’s deep and bboming voice is hot… that hairy butt is hot.. but OMG that dick. It’s huge, it’s thick, Jakc uses it like a battering ram right up Teddy’s hole and I jizzed in mypants just watching these men fuck.
Rugged and hairy muscle bears Jack Dixon and Teddy Bear get down to fucking in the finale of Raging Stallion's Furgasm series.

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Coming Soon… Haulin’ Ass

I posted about my drone pilot license and the drone work I did a while ago for a movie with Steve Cruz called Haulin’ Ass… but now I have the cover of the movie which I haven’t seen yet, but Steve Cruz tells me is a spot-on version of what he envisioned when he first asked me if I’d be his co-director. He also said that one of the scenes is one of his favorite things he’s done in 10 years… so I can’t wait to see it, either.

Coming soon to Raging Stallion. Stay Tuned.

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so I was playing with my drone out in Joshua Tree and WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

OK, so… not really. This is a drone shot from the forthcoming movie Hauling Ass that I was graciously invited to co-direct with Steve Cruz for Raging Stallion. This scene stars my old buddy Jack Vidra (whom those of you who have followed my career will remember from my movie Pool Service where he performs with Matthew Bosch and Liam Knox) and Ryan Stone.

Also on hand were Brian Bonds and Mr. Pam as we braved the VERY chilling winter cold in the high desert. As we braved the cold and wind and rain… the guys delivered an excellent performance… Although we did have to retreat inside once temperatures dropped and the wind picked up. Still… So fun that we get to do fun stuff like this.

Watch for Hauling Ass to come out this spring. And keep watching here at DickHarden for more updates…

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TSA Checkpoint – Teddy & Lorenzo

Teddy Torres is a horny airline passenger who thinks that airports are boring so he makes his own fun wherever he goes. Lorenzo Flexx is a baggage handler who comes across Teddy with his dick out by the men’s room. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity, Lorenzo does as he’s told and gets on his knees to suck the hairy, uncut cock in front of him.

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TSA Checkpoint – Daymin & Rikk

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the security line at the airport and see a fine ass guard in uniform, secretly wishing I’d get the strip search treatment. Raging Stallion plays out this fantasy beautifully, with the muscular Daymin Voss dressed up in a sexy uniform that shows off his bulging body. Rikk York gets a full strip search and Daymin discovers contraband shoved up his ass.

Rikk doesn’t want to get busted and asks Daymin “Do you like a loose sloppy hole?”. Without missing a beat, Daymin dives deeper into Rikk’s hairy, muscle butt before feasting on his hole. If you like beefy, hairy dudes this scene is for you. Daymin strips out of his uniform to let Rikk worship his meaty dick, showing off his furry and muscled body. Daymin demands Rikk eat his ass and fuck him senseless, and Rikk has no problem complying to this officer.

Switching roles, Daymin throws Rikk on his back and pounds his hole until they both bust their nuts. Seriously, these 2 have amazing butts that are a privilege to watch get rimmed and fucked.

Watch the full scene of these gorgeous, burly dudes fucking at Raging Stallion HERE.

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