Put It In Your Mouth And Swallow: The IKEAtini.

After a day of buying more candles, some new towels, new pillow cases and a new reading light… I came across the IKEA food area and I had an idea….

The IKEA-tini
Two shots vodka
Half shot IKEA Lingon Berry syrup
Dash lemon bitters

Combine ingredients jn a shaker, strain and serve in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a Swedish fish.

Put it in your mouth and swallow.

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Black Espresso Martini

As a connoisseur of the martini, I’ve managed to come up with many recipes of my own along with my own take on classic drinks. A martini is special because unlike a soft drink or even a basic mixed drink, each one is individually crafted and created just for you. You can order it with your own special preparation likes and dislikes… shaken/not stirred,  extra-dry, with an extra drop of vermouth… your favorite kind of vodka or gin or… anything.

Here’s one of my own creations. The Black Espresso Martini. I use decaf espresso if it’s later in the day, but I find this is a great drink for mid afternoon cocktails on a hot Sunday afternoon.

  1. 1 Oz Espresso
  2. 2½ Oz Vodka
  3. Dash Chocolate Bitters
  4. Dash Vanilla Extract
  5. Luxardo Maraschino Cherry

Combine liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice (you may want to cool the espresso, but it’s not required) and shake until the shaker is almost too cold to hold. Pour into a martini glass and garnish with the cherry.

For a sweeter variation, add ½ Oz Kirschwasser  and ½ Oz simple syrup.. OR ½ Oz of the syrup from the Luxardo Cherry.




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My Hangover Cure.

While I love to share my favorite drink recipes here, even a hardcore cocktail connoisseur such as myself occasionally maybe has a couple more than I wish I’d had the following morning.

A hangover is a combination of a bunch of things, mostly dehydration and a drop in electrolyte and potassium levels. What works for me that morning when I’m feeling a bit delicate is this… an avocado with a sprinkle of sea salt, a sprinkle of raw sugar, a bit of balsamic vinegar, a bit of cheese and then a LOT of water. You’ll feel right as rain in an hour or so.

And yes… since yesterday was both my anniversary AND Cinco De Mayo… I may have partied a bit harder than normal (no I’m not one of those basic bros who wears a fake mustache and a sombrero).

Drink well, my friends.


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Put It In Your Mouth And Swallow: The Blackjack

Just like me: Dark and a bit bitter. But still sweet and smooth. Easy to make, but your friends will think you’re a magician. The Blackjack’s beauty is that with Kirschwasser as a main ingredient, you can adjust how sweet you want it… or… have it not sweet at all.

  • 1½ Oz Brandy (this is the guts of the drink, don’t scrimp on this)
  • ½ Oz Kirschwasser
  • 1 Oz espresso (chilled is best)
  • 1 Tbsp Demerara Syrup (adjust the level depending on how sweet or not sweet you like it)
  • Chocolate Bitters (give it a couple shakes)
  • Pecan Bitters (just one shake)

Combine the ingredients into a shaker with uncrushed ice. Shake until the shaker is uncomfortably cold to the touch. Serve up and garnish with maraschino cherries (I like Luxardo… choose whichever you like).

Drink while listening to Ghost’s Cirise.

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File Under “Duh”: Straight Men More Willing To Have Gay Sex While Drunk

A new study published in The Journal of Social Psychology gives us a bit of scientific background to the well known phenomenon we call “The Five Beer Queer.”

This field study, conducted outside of bars in the Midwestern United States, examined 83 heterosexuals’ sexual willingness with a same- or other-sex partner. Participants viewed a randomly assigned video vignette of a same- or other-sex partner. Alcohol intake, partner attractiveness, and sexual willingness were measured. Using moderated regression analysis, we found that alcohol intake predicted sexual willingness with the male target for both men and women, but not with the female target. The attractiveness of same-sex partners was related to sexual willingness. Sexual willingness was only influenced by alcohol intake and perceived attractiveness of a same-sex prospective partner. Most notably, alcohol intake was related to increased sexual willingness of men with a same-sex partner, suggesting a potential shift in normative casual sexual behavior among heterosexual men.

In other words, straight guys are more likely to “go there” if they’ve had a few drinks.

My own personal market research in this area back in college could have told you that, although I should probably point out that it’s NEVER ok to ply your hot straight guy friend with tequila shots in hopes that he’ll give you a shag.

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