The Liberal Redneck goes to a Gay Nudist Resort… thing


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Dunno how I feel about this… is this another James Franco-like situation where a straight guy immerses himself in gay culture because it’s cute and funny and he can treat us all like puppies?

Not sure… this video IS very supportive and non-judgemetnal and there’s really no laughing at the men… I find it to be very positive…

Watch and tell me what you think,

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We Won Some Grabbys


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I’m not in Chicago for either The Grabbys or IML, I’m taking a much-needed long weekend with my husband and dogs in Los Angeles.

But last night in Chicago, Titanmen took home three Grabby Awards. Jesse Jackman was there to receive the award for Best Screenplay (for OUT!) that he wrote with Keith Webb and me.

We had a really great time shooting ! (that stars Jesse Jackman as a gay major league baseball player who comes out in a live TV interview) and we’re really happy to have received an award for it.

The movie was a huge hit for us and was part of Titanmen revamping our brand and the way we shot and released movies.

My other win last night for for Rough Trade that won Best Fetish Movie.

That was an odd one. We teamed up with Rough Trade Gear to create a bit of a surrealist leather fantasy movie. We walked onto set without a real plan about what and how we were going to to it and just allowed the whole thing to happen as we did it… someone would throw out an idea for a short cut-away scene with someone taking a piss in the bathroom… we added a dildo scene with Dallas Steele… we shot some random footage together and let it organically grow as we went.

The end effect was something we all loved.

Finally… Alex Mecum and Matthew Bosch won “Best Flip Scene” for their duo in Cauke For Free. I still remember walking out of the room after that saying “That’s one of the best scenes I’ve ever shot.” Their natural chemistry together was jaw-dropping and the movie was a huge hit.

Don’t forget that memberships with Titanmen include full, unlimited access to the entire Titanmen Online Catalogue. That’s over 20 years of the hottest gay porn ever made… thousands of videos and clips.

Streaming in crystal-clear HD to your computer or mobile device. Wanna download instead? Members can download their favorite scenes DRM-free. So you can watch any time the mood strikes you. It’s like having a complete Titanmen DVD Library in your back pocket.

Featuring the biggest stars in porn like Francois Sagat, Jesse Jackman, Dred Scott, Dean Flynn, Dirk Caber… the best movies and, if I may be so bold to say so, some of the best directors.


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It’s A Series Of Tubes


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Axe Body Spray up until now has been a collection of scents we associate with teenage male d-bags, but this new campaign seems to shatter that whole image as it asks “is it ok for guys…”

It even lets you know that yes, hooking up with a guy is ok. This is part of their “Find Your Magic Initiative,” the young men’s body spray maker has released a new campaign video, “Is It Ok For Guys?” based on a recent study that found that “72% of guys have been told how a real man should behave.”

So while most of us probably find their scents on this side of “dead musk rat,” we can at least give them props for that.

Yesterday was Cher’s 71st birthday. Here’s one of my favorite songs by her. Back during the AIDS crisis, this became an anthem of a community that had to learn to care for each other while we fought city hall, the federal government, families, hospitals, landlords, drug companies and our own worn resolve.

Yes, Anderson Cooper is very sorry he said “if [Trump] took a dump on his desk, you’d defend it.” But he wasn’t wrong and he WAS throwing a bit of uncharacteristic shade. And while he’s apologized for saying it, I figure if Anderson Cooper can’t make the odd poop joke, the Terrorists have won.

What do we think of this? Some fans are upset there aren’t enough straight white guys, but I’m a bit more worried about how another prequel could potentially fuck up decades of mythology.

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MTV skewers “Straight Acting” gay men with “American Male” short.


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It’s a bit hard to watch. We’ve mostly all been there. Many of us grew out of it. Many of us didn’t.

Be the man you are. Love the person you are. Let them see the real you. It’ll be easier when you don’t care what they think.


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It’s a Series Of Tubes – Roundup of the best Videos This Week


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Randy Rainbow skewers the disastrous appearance of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s sputtering robot, on a career-defining interview with Brianna Kevlar on CNN.

I’ll be making my own video about Gay-For-Pay performers where I actually talk about my own actual experiences MAKING gay porn with the gay-for-payers. A bit confusing why it seems to suggest that Alex Mecum is straight (he’s not).

Kiss The Girl from Little Mermaid sung in a minor key becomes a horrifying date rape anthem.

Yes, it’s me, dammit. Here’s the Return Of Shut Up, Jasun as I try Swedish Fish Oreos.

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Wonder Woman trailer


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Ask just about any gay guy which superhero movie he’s wanted to see his whole life and he won’t even hesitate before saying Wonder Woman.

While female-lead action movies often get ignored by marketing teams leading to poor box office and the reaction of straight male studio heads saying “nobody wants to see movies about women,” we know that’s a crock. Everyone wants to see Wonder Woman.

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Coming Soon… Bad Cop


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