Cher’s New Song is Bonkers.

The undisputed God Mother of gay culture has just released this totally baffling, strange and downright bonkers song called “Ooga Boo.”

From the animated TV show “Home Adventures with Tip and Oh.”

Wait for a protest from some right-wing pearl-clutching tank to start any time.


Gay Porn Star Road Trip Karaoke Kelly Clarkson

Yes… it was time for another Car Karaoke (I was using it long before that British Git was, so I’m not stopping using the name). After a long week of porn… we were all exhausted… a bit punch drunk and I really needed a massage… instead, we hopped in the car and had fun shooting this fun little video to Kelly Clarkson’s song “Go.”

Front seat next to me is Jesse Jackman… back seat is Liam Knox and Steve Roman (those two had just shot their scene together for the new Titanmen movie Swap.

Cindy Wilson’s new single Mystic.

While the B-52’s have fun with their respective solo projects… I’m still hoping for one more B-52’s album. But meh… their solo work has been a blast and while I love it all, Cindy’s has been my personal favorite.

Barry Harris Xanadu Club Enhanced Mix.

When I was 10 I bought the single and then the album… I’d throw it on and dance away my little gay heart.

Nearly 40 years later and it’s still one of my favorite songs. It still feels like listening to magic after all this time. Back in the early 90s in Toronto Barry was a pop star and while I had a huge crush on him, I figured he was WAY out of my league… so I just crushed from… the quiet corner. Love that he’s still making such fun music.

I think we need another “gay porn star road trip karaoke” soon…

It’s A Series Of Tubes

Axe Body Spray up until now has been a collection of scents we associate with teenage male d-bags, but this new campaign seems to shatter that whole image as it asks “is it ok for guys…”

It even lets you know that yes, hooking up with a guy is ok. This is part of their “Find Your Magic Initiative,” the young men’s body spray maker has released a new campaign video, “Is It Ok For Guys?” based on a recent study that found that “72% of guys have been told how a real man should behave.”

So while most of us probably find their scents on this side of “dead musk rat,” we can at least give them props for that.

Yesterday was Cher’s 71st birthday. Here’s one of my favorite songs by her. Back during the AIDS crisis, this became an anthem of a community that had to learn to care for each other while we fought city hall, the federal government, families, hospitals, landlords, drug companies and our own worn resolve.

Yes, Anderson Cooper is very sorry he said “if [Trump] took a dump on his desk, you’d defend it.” But he wasn’t wrong and he WAS throwing a bit of uncharacteristic shade. And while he’s apologized for saying it, I figure if Anderson Cooper can’t make the odd poop joke, the Terrorists have won.

What do we think of this? Some fans are upset there aren’t enough straight white guys, but I’m a bit more worried about how another prequel could potentially fuck up decades of mythology.

Oh Lord…

I’m proud to say I was there from the beginning… I’m thanked in the liner notes of the first album by In This Moment for donating to the Kick Starter that got it made. One of my favorite bands and I’ve loved watching them progress, change, evolve and baffle their audience. This is their new single… enjoy.

Looking back at the 90s

A rather cute parody/homage to the 90s. The short nod to the MTV show Pop-Up Video (which was carried by Much Music in my native Canada) says that director Ben Giroux and hip-hop artist Jensen Reed spent their life savings making this video. That’s probably a bit exaggerated.

Also featured is Garrett Clayton who started out as a child star on Disney Channel star before playing gay porn star Brent Corrigan in porn shockumentary King Cobra. 

They sure put more effort into this than I put into “Back to the 80s”

Tim from The Guy Site

Only a few pics I had available to me… But I’m gonna have to actually log on later and see more of this big chunk of man. Apparently he’s a bouncer… I’d like to bounce THAT around for a while…

Click Here to see The Guy Site.

Put It In Your Mouth And Swallow: The Blackjack

Just like me: Dark and a bit bitter. But still sweet and smooth. Easy to make, but your friends will think you’re a magician. The Blackjack’s beauty is that with Kirschwasser as a main ingredient, you can adjust how sweet you want it… or… have it not sweet at all.

  • 1½ Oz Brandy (this is the guts of the drink, don’t scrimp on this)
  • ½ Oz Kirschwasser
  • 1 Oz espresso (chilled is best)
  • 1 Tbsp Demerara Syrup (adjust the level depending on how sweet or not sweet you like it)
  • Chocolate Bitters (give it a couple shakes)
  • Pecan Bitters (just one shake)

Combine the ingredients into a shaker with uncrushed ice. Shake until the shaker is uncomfortably cold to the touch. Serve up and garnish with maraschino cherries (I like Luxardo… choose whichever you like).

Drink while listening to Ghost’s Cirise.

New Mixtape from Tristan Jaxx

Earlier this month the news finally hit… Tristan Jaxx was returning to gay porn. I got to direct his first scene back. His scene partner was the unsinkable Luke Adams and while I remembered that Tristan was always fun to have on set, I’d honestly forgotten just how much of a pro he is… he did the entire scene without a break… never lost his boner, really, even when we had to stop to move around lights and gear.

I posted this pic to my Instagram and Twitter

…but I guess since we’re among friends, I can post the un-edited one to show that yes… Luke had that big banana dick up his butt:

I don’t have any BTS video from this scene yet, but here’s a Way-Back-Machine BTS clip I shot back in 2012.

If you don’t wanna wait, Check out his scene with Stany Falcone