Some things are so sacred…


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Canadian New Wave diva Dalbello was way too talented for the New Wave scene in the 80s in Canada.

Her three albums Whomanforsays, She and Whore are all so perfect it’s hard to describe. But it was all a bit too much, including this single Black On Black that was about masturbating alter boys, sin and guilt and anger.

One of my favorite albums. I still put this one on a lot.

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Blondie and Joan Jett’s video for Doom Or Destiny.


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The first rock concert I ever saw was Brian Adams opening for Loverboy. That was great and I had a blast.

But the SECOND rock concert I ever saw was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. And that changed my life. Joan was incredible… the magic in the crowd that hot summer night was something I’ll never forget.

And now… 35 years later… here’s Blondie (another one of my favorite bands) and Joan Jett together from the new Blondie album.


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I grew up thinking that The B-52’s were the 5 coolest people in the world… Ricky died when I was in 10th grade and I was bit of a mess. But his sister and the band, in various incarnations, still persevere to this day… I saw them play a free show in downtown LA this summer that was so over-attended that it shut down the city.

Anyway… Cindy has a new album and although this song isn’t on it, both of her EPs and her new full length album can be downloaded or purchased (don’t be cheap, buy it) on her Band Camp page.

But this song is what I’ve been singing in my mind all day (while I toured various colleges around Los Angeles trying to decide where I’m going to go… news on that soon, probably… stay tuned).

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A song from… LONG ago… A blast from MY past…


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Yesterday I got… a letter.

Almost as cool as a Hogwarts letter….

A royalty check for a song I wrote almost 20 years ago.  I wrote a song that was included in the show FX The Series… And while we got royalties from it for a while…those eventually dried up. And then… I guess the show has been remastered in HD and re-released to streaming and tertiary markets… Because I got a rather huge royalty check for a song that I barely remember.

Anyway… I figured that I’d post this here, it’s too X-rated to post on my Facebook. The video was done a few years back for Island House (my favorite resort in Key West).

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Wish Me Luck…


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Her previous album Shaday had managed to spawn a mega-hit with Im Nin’Alu and a minor hit with Galbi… I think we all thought she’d manage a huge hit with her mostly-english album Desert Wind and this rather cute and poppy single “Wish Me Luck.” It wasn’t the hit we thought it would be but I still put this album on a lot…


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Steve Grand’s new video for Walking.


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Its been a few years since Steve burst onto the scene with his self-produced and written song All American Boy along with a video that broke a million hearts.

He’s back with this sweet track and adorable video that makes us love him even more.


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Most of you under 50 would just remember Nancy Walker as “The Quicker Picker Upper” lady from the paper towel commercials. If you’re under about 37, you might recognize her as “Rhoda’s Mother.”

But she was, in fact, a hilarious and talented woman of stage and screen. She was also a TV director, bringing us episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. So yes, she was a genius.

But few people under 60 know that she also had a beautiful singing voice and had quite the recording career. Her first commercially available record was in the 40s, avaialble only a 10″ shellacs, a selection of songs from “On The Town.”

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Jasun’s Song Of The Day


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You know when it’s time to just… leave it all behind and move on?

This song is like… a rally cry.


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Blast From The Past: I Stole Your Purse


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This is still one of my favorite comedy tracks. Almost a decade ago and Wendy Ho is still making us laugh.

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Utah Parents: ‘OKLAHOMA!’ is PORN!


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The musical Oklahoma is such High School Drama Club and Community Theater boilerplate that pretty much everyone has seen it done in one way or another. The movie is so wholesome that it used to be shown on Sunday night family TV.

It’s so wholesome that the dirtiest thing most of us can think of is the one song where the town “bad girl” sings a song about how she “C’ain’t Say No.” It’s so wholesome it starred Shirley Freaking Jones, for crying out loud.

But some parents of Payson Utah were mortified that the 1999 Broadway revival of the musical starring Hugh Jackman (who sadly… not gay). PBS filmed a live performance for television and use in classrooms.

And THAT is where everything went to shit.

Parents at Payson Junior High accused the Nebo School District of exposing their children to pornography. Not because of the dirty girl who likes to kiss boys, but because of a 7-second shot that shows a few blurry peep-show pictures that are nailed to the wall that Jackman (as Curly) sees on the wall of villain Jud Fry.

“Plum stark naked as a jaybird,” Curly says as an over-the-shoulder shot shows the pictures. “No she ain’t — not quite. She’s got a couple of thingy-bobs tied on her there.” Jud then shows him another picture that the audience can’t see.

“Whew! That’d give me ideas,” Curly says and then the conversation turns to the really morbid part where Curly suggests Jud hang himself.

Apparently the parents didn’t have a problem with the good guy suggesting the bad guy kill himself.

One mother ignited a porno panic on Facebook: “A pornographic movie was shown in a classroom setting to approximately 125 students … among other things, the movie contained an 8-second close-up of 10 full-frontal images of 10 naked women.” (technically, it was 8 and the pictures were so faded and blurry that only one could really be seen with any detail).

Nebo School District begrudgingly agreed in a tacit way… they said that the movie’s screening “violated district policy because the film was not approved by the principal beforehand.” School officials emailed and called parents with an explanation, but no apology.

“This movie was not previewed or approved and some inappropriate material was viewed by the students,” the email says. “As parents, you may want to visit with your student about this.”

The shocking, blink-and-you-miss-it part occurs at 1:05:49-56 in the video below. (Hat Tip YNOT)

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