So great to have François Sagat back in porn

A few years ago, maybe a minute after we had finished shooting the final scene for his magnum opus movie Incubus, François turned to me and said “that’s it… I think that’s my last porn.” He told me that he didn’t regret any of it but that he was ready to go on and do other things. He wanted to do some fashion design, he wanted to do some runway modeling and performance art and music, some acting. He did all of those.

But a few years later, François felt ready to return to porn and we’re all better for it. No longer the mysterious bad boy of gay porn, he’s now a stronger and more confident man. Dare I say “daddy?”

He’s done some amazing work and I was stoked when I saw that he’d finally started to do scenes with one of my favorite sites of all time, MenAtPlay.

Menatplay welcomes gay porn superstar Francois Sagat into the fold and Tyler Berg is all too eager to break him in. Francois is working late on a presentation that he has to deliver to his boss by end of the week, but his insatiably horny colleague and new fuck buddy Tyler Berg has other plans to keep him busy, putting Francois in a very precarious situation. ‘To Work or to Fuck?’

Francois almost immediately gives in and lets Tyler swallow and slobber over every inch of his cock before bending him over and devouring his meaty ass. After pounding Tyler, the way his hole was begging for, Tyler returns the favor and plunges balls deep into Francois giving us a flip flop anyone would stick around late at work to see. After cumming all over each other and the desk, they high tail it out of there leaving the boss with a presentation and a little something extra.

Click Here to see the whole scene at MenAtPlay.

Click Here to see the whole scene at MenAtPlay.

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Make Me Wet

I’ve been a huge fan of MenAtPlay since they first appeared on the web back in the 90s and their content was all just still pictures… some of them got a bit messy, but the whole focus was hot men in suits… fast forward to 2019 and there are literally hundreds of incredible videos with stunning men… muscle, hair, uncut thick dicks, stubble and a lot of steamy action.

This new scene kinda feels like some of their very early scenes… hot action, hot men and the top gets his suit soaking wet while he hauls out that big dick and fucks.

Andy Onassis and Malek Tobias steam up the screen in this one. And I can’t recommend buying a membership to MenAtPlay enough. One of the hottest sites going and with that many years of content you’ll never run out of stuff to jerk off to.

Click Here to watch the whole scene at MenAtPlay

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Red Light

One of the stranger things about this scene is that it’s literally been over a decade since I saw anyone smoking in a porn movie. It just struck me as… something I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Anyway… Christian Sam and Robbie Rojo are suited (of course, this is MenAtPlay) and at what appears to be a gay sex club. Before long we have slings, bondage gear and some rather beautiful surreal sex.

I love the tone of this one.

It reminds me of the sex parties I used to find myself at back in the 90s… dark and eerie and dangerous and totally hot. Where you could just let yourself go.

Check out the whole movie at MenAtPlay

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Dario Beck returns in Pure Suit Revivial

Dario Beck returns to the dry cleaners to complain about a bad cleaning job.

So of course, he gets the nice stiff dick of Andy Star up his asshole for his troubles.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a silly set up but in the end, we have Dario Beck and Andy Star in suits… fucking. So That’s really all I need to know.

Click Here to see the whole sordid affair at MenAtPlay.

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