Retreat Yo’Self Part 3

Connor Maguire paired up with my new found love Griffin Barrows is instawood!

Connor has no shame spying on Griffin in the shower and offer to help Griffin relax. Seems like everyone at this spa is really worried about Griffin’s stress levels. Connor drops to his knees to start servicing Griffin. When Griffin lies on his back to get face fucked and eat Connor’s balls, I’m reminded of how much I love ginger pubes.

Connor takes control, fucking Griffin on his side while choking and kissing him. By the time he jumps up into a froggy positions, we can see Connor has worked up a sweat.

Griffin blows his load getting pound on his back. Connor keeps pumping away until he shoots on Griffin’s face. Connor bends over to a cum soaked kiss – I’m loving that I see this more and more often in porn!

I’m a big fan of these 2 sexy fuckers. Head over to Men.com HERE and unlock this scene for only $1!

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Guys. This scene is fucking exciting because I never thought it would happen in a million years.

First we have Aspen. Great face, very expressive, beautifully toned, perfectly shaped butt. Aspen was once a Chaosmen exclusive under the name Solomon and didn’t show any sign of ever working with another studio. It was a big surprise when Men.com scooped him up.

Second, we have Brandon, arguably Sean Cody’s most popular model. Brandon couples his God like physique with the most charming smile, making him seen unreal and your boyfriend all at once. Somehow, Men.com also scooped him up.

So here we are. The fucking of the legends made possible by Men.com

I could write a novel about how amazing this scene but honestly…. I’m too busy beating off again and again. They’re both sweaty and sexy… I gotta go watch this again.

You can sign up to Men.com for $1 HERE and watch these epic performers unite.

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Retreat Yo’Self 2

Here we are. Nov 1st and Men.com has released the Part 2 of the series Retreat Yo’Self. Men.com usually schedules series releases within a week of other, but this was worth that wait. Griffin Barrows explores more the retreat and friendly patron, Adam Thicke, offers him a massage to relieve stress. The massage last 2 seconds before Adam flops his uncut cock on Griffin’s shoulder.

Rather than being startled, Griffin dives in. His throat skills are top notch here, eagerly moaning as Adam’s meat simply disappeared for this part of the scene.

The fucking is hot and aggressive, Adam drilling Griffin’s hole slam after slam. Griffin is determined to be the star of this scene. His arms are noticeably bulkier than he has been, the sweat on his body gently glistening as the camera pans over him and his moans filling my speakers as I stoke.

Adam declares he’s about to cum, pulling out and Griffin slips of the chair he was fucked on to catch the load in his mouth. You can hear the chair loudly falling over in this maneuver, letting you know that aside from the acting Griffin is fucking craving that cum.

I gotta say, I didn’t think I’d like this scene as much as I did but Griffin really puts on a show. You can check out this sweaty scene at Men.com HERE. If you wanna check out Part 1, click HERE.

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Paranormal by Men.com

I am a HUGE Paddy O’Brian fan and have been since his early days. Paddy’s come a long way since begrudgingly jerking off beside a guy to being the center of attention in a gangbang (seriously, check out this wildly hot military scene where a group a studs take turns on Paddy’s hole). Today, Men.com kicks off a series for Halloween called Paranormal starring Paddy and Nicolas Brooks.

I don’t really get the plot for this one, but that’s okay because Paddy and Nicolas are a hot pair. Paddy’s got a beautiful cock, so watching a beefy dude like Nicolas getting face fucked like a piston gets me pumping. Nicolas bends over and offers his meaty butt to Paddy’s face to devour. I love love love rimming and Nicolas has an ass to feast on. Loving all of this!

When Paddy starts fucking Nicolas in doggy, I caught myself admiring Paddy’s incredible physique. Though not a beefy guy, Paddy is tight and ripped which is on display as he power fucks. Once he gets a good rhythm going, Paddy gets covered in sweat which only accents his impeccable body. I’ve love to run my tongue all over him and I know I’d have to get in line.

Nicolas cums while getting drilled on his back, revealing just how huge his balls are. I absolutely love a big pair in my mouth, so watching Nicolas’ boys jiggle is very hypnotic. Paddy blasts his load on Nicolas, frosting his beard. The camera slowly pans up Paddy’s body, showing us his glistening and bulging body panting. Camera pans down again as Paddy leans down for a cum soaked kiss. Ahhhhhhhhh sweat release.

Watch all of this Paddy and Nicolas glory here.

Part 2 is out on Oct 30th – check out the trailer here.

Part 3, a Paddy threesome, comes out on Halloween – check out that trailer here.

Lastly, in writing this post, I checked out some of my favourite scenes of Paddy’s over the years and was impressed to see he has a whopping 111 scenes on Men.com! Check out his entire Men.com catalog here and remember, you can try out Men.com for only $1.

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Reality Blows Part 2

Whenever I see Jason Vario in a scene, I get an insta-chub and need immediate release. His face is a scene of perfection and I can never get enough. Jason’s got a world class ass that I study every day of my life. Though I think his best work so far was at TitanMen (click here to see that glory), Reality Blows Part 2 by Men.com really caught my attention.

Jason’s co-star is Trent King. I’ve watched most of his scenes and this is the first I’ve caught where he bottoms. Scene starts with Trent walking in on Jason asleep in the nude. Trent, much like I would do, immediately drops to his knees to fill his mouth with dick. It doesn’t take long for Jason to wake up, force Trent to throat him harder and then return the favour. Trent is packing some serious business so I was happily surprised to see Jason swallow that meat so deeply.

After some ass eating, Trent offers up his hole and takes all of Jason’s power fucking. It’s really impressive how easily Trent moves from positions. He’s pretty voracious for Jason’s dick and loves in every angle he can get it. Men.com is often criticized for poor lighting, but this scene is bright and in your face so you can enjoy all the hole stretching cock pumping beauty properly.

Click here to see these gods fuck in crystal clear HD and remember, you can try out Men.com for only $1!

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Rusty’s Return

After a year and 4 months, it seems that Rusty is back on Sean Cody and I am so happy!!! His beautiful smile and tasty butt needs to be on my screen MUCH more often. The time away has done him gooooooood. Rusty’s body is snatched – it always was, but damn this boy has been paying attention to detail. Many critics have been harsh on Rusty because he doesn’t have a massive dick. When he bottoms like that, I don’t see much to complain about.

Rusty breaks in newcomer Montana on his first fuck scene. Kinda pale skin and beautiful dark hair, Montana is adorable. Absolutely smooth all over except between his cheeks, Montana’s got a great set of lips I want to see wrapped around my dick. He’s only 5’5 and a powerful lil fucker. I kinda have a thing for shorter guys who can take control (Hi Jasun!)

Montana does not waste much time getting inside Rusty and I cannot blame him. While Rusty is riding Montana’s meat, we get some awesome close up shots and I can practically connect-the-dots with my tongue on Rusty’s butt freckles.

Rusty’s first cum shot is a wet and loud geyser immediately followed by Montana’s squirt, which he promptly pushes back in Rusty’s throbbing hole. I’m a huge fan of ATM (ass to mouth) and was pushed over to edge to watch Rusty eagerly slobber over Montana’s cock.

I felt cheated that I didn’t get to see Rusty’s asshole tongue lashed, fortunately at Sean Cody we get A LOT in 1 scene. The next set up is Rusty bent over and spread open, Montana priming that pink pucker for round 2. In some really hot doggy action Rusty screams “Your dick is fucking perfect!” and I can’t help but notice how much Rusty looks like retired porn star Liam Magnuson when bent over. Liam is an old friend of mine so I was happy to fappy to a semi familiar face again.

When watching this scene with my boyfriend, he was mesmerized by Montana’s ass and I didn’t even notice. We definitely need to see this fresh meat bottom soon or at least offer his ass up for a meal.

What do you guys think of Rusty’s return? Do you think Montana’s ass deserves more screen time?

Watch them play!

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A yoga class gets real hot when the students can’t control themselves after Arad shows them how to move their bodies for maximum pleasure.

Now this is a yoga class that I wouldn’t mind being a part of at all. I love the fact that Arad is clueless in the beginning, but then he gives the guys what they want… and it’s one hot orgy!

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The Genie –

I finally got a chance to start getting caught up on all the good stuff from Men.Com. I started off with part 1 of The Genie.

So part 1 starts off with Massimo Piano jerking off in the shower, he turns and ends up blowing his load on an old lamp that he  discovered and ends up rubbing it just the right way for a Genie to appear and grant him anything he wishes. His first wish draws in Lucas Fox to fill his tight hole with his hammer of a cock and makes Massimo believe in true magic.

Now, I did enjoy watching Massimo pounding his thick cock into Lucas’ tight hole, but I didn’t quite get the jump cuts back to the Genie watching as the two studs fuck. But hey, are we really watching for plot lines?

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Not in Front of the Salad – again!?

 Jaxton wants to make it up to his wife with a nice in-home massage but things don’t go as planned when masseur Luke offers up some extra lip service and ass. Little does he know he’s about to get caught and right in front of that salad again!

But seriously – put yourself in either of these guys shorts. If you were Jaxton, how could you pass up that tight ass? and if you were Luke, would you really pass up the chance to get on that thick cock of Jaxton’s? who cares about that salad, really?!

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Daddy’s Little Secret

Daddy has a little secret and it looks like his son is on to him. By day, Myles Landon is the picture perfect father. That is until his son finds a picture of Johnny Rapid in his room. Unbothered with his son’s quest to uncover his dirty secret, Myles ravenously slams Johnny’s open hole with his thick veiny cock.

In Part 2 – Dad is up to it again, this time, thinking that he’s in the clear, Myles picks up Aston after work and heads to a cheep motel – little does he know that his son, still determined to catch his father in the act, is not too far behind. Once inside, Myles gets the chance to burry his thick daddy cock in Aston’s tight ass.

All is revealed in part 3 – and Myles finally gets caught. Despite the fact that his son was hiding in the closet, Myles still continues to pound away at Aspen’s tight ass. Now, in all reality, if I was Myles’ son – I would of stripped down and started working on Aspen’s thick cock. That would of made this final scene perfect.

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