Uncut Legends 2

Men.com is delivering us a series dedicated to foreskin and I love it. I love my foreskin, so I love watching porn where there’s worship I can relate to. This scene opens up with a close up shot of Damien Crosse playing with his uncut skin and it’s fucking hot.

Can we all just agree that Damien Crosse is one of the most beautiful human beings alive?

Damien is quickly joined by Rico Fatale, who is also uncut, and these 2 take turns devouring each other’s meat. These guys are ravenous for each other, switching back and forth to cock sucking, ball eating and intense rimming. BTW I’m adding this cool sex chair to my Amazon Wishlist.

Rico’s the first to get fucked, offering up his ass in doggy then switching to his back. Once they’re both worked up a serious sweat, Rico mounts Damien’s face for more foreskin devotion. I love when a guy gets rimmed after topping, because you know his butt is sweaty and juicy, which Damien’s is on full display.

Rico fucks Damien all over this Tron-like chair until they bust their loads into each other’s mouths. Damien never disappoints with the passion in his scenes and it’s great to see Rico also rose to the occasion.

Check out Men.com to see more foreskin fanatics HERE.

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Quentin Gainz & Kevin Grey

I love all things Quentin Gainz. He’s got such a great smile and oozes charm. I had the incredible pleasure of meeting him earlier this year and that charm is even crazier in person. Such a great guy and his abs are insane. He is paired with Kevin Grey in this hot flip fuck scene by Active Duty.

The guys swap some awesome cock sucking, but the scene really ramps up when Quentin bends Kevin over the bed for ass eating paradise. Quentin spreads Kevin wide open giving us a crystal clear view of that hairy hole covered in spit. Kevin’s not used to bottoming as we can see Quentin’s cock struggling to get into that really tight hole. Once Quentin’s in and gets the rhythm going, Kevin slips into bottom heaven. Kevin’s butt looks fucking perfect getting fucked raw.

Quentin offers up his hole to Kevin too – I love a hot flip scene with 2 ripped dudes. This is a really good flip scene because these guys go back and forth fucking on every inch of the bed until the shoot their loads all over Kevin.

Get into this muscle duo only on Active Duty HERE.

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Brodie’s Back!

I can’t believe it – Brodie Sinclair is back to porn!!! Hurray for all of us. I’ve been a fan of Brodie for YEARS. You can check out some of his best work as a Cocky Boy HERE and my fave scene of his when he bottomed for Phenix Saint HERE.

Men.com brought Brodie back and signed him as an exclusive, so we are going to be seeing a lot of him soon. Today, you watch his fuck the sexy newcomer Max Wilde – who already has 10 scenes with Men.com since June! Talk about an ass that doesn’t quit.

The action starts out as Brodie is on top of Max, intimately kissing him. Max whispers “I’ll take care of you” wrapping his legs around Brodie, setting the tone nicely. Max gets Brodie in a pile driver position to blow him, a position usually reserved for bottoms so this is pretty cool to see.

Brodie dives in balls deep, fucking Max in doggy. Brodie is a fucker and time away from the camera has not slowed him down. Brodie continues to beat up Max’s hole, switching angles and getting him on his back, until he blows his load on Max’s face.

Check out the return of this superstar only at Men.com HERE.

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Derick & Shaw

Do you remember when Shaw used to top? I’m so glad he embraced butt pleasures because he’s become 8 million times better of a performer as a bottom. Shaw is paired up with Derick and prefaces the fucking with “Well, don’t hold back. I’m pretty much telling you to do whatever… however…”

As Derick starts fucking Shaw, you can tell he’s starting slow to test the waters of Shaw’s limits. However, Shaw wants the dick deep, using his hands to keep his butt spread wide while on his back. Derick moves Shaw into doggy and Shaw is done with holding back, barking out orders to have his hair pulled and to be fucked harder.

By round 2,  Derick realizes Shaw is a bossy bottom and he loves it, taking instruction and the dirty talk with vigor. Derick’s beefy torso looks really sexy when he starts pumping way like a piston. Derick pops his load on Shaw’s hole in a piledriver before sticking it back in. Shaw wants more and reaches forward with an open mouth to clean off his cock.

Check out this smutty Sean Cody scene HERE and see why Shaw always delivers.

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Trapped – Tegan, Kurtis and Colby

What a fucking treat Raging Stallion unleashed on us. Kurtis Wolfe, Tegan Zayne and Colby Keller in one of the best threesomes I’ve seen this year. I love threesomes that actually take advantage of 3 people, rather than someone off to the side waiting their turn.

Watching Kurtis eat Colby’s balls while Tegan slurps on the head is hot, but it’s even hotter when Kurtis and Tegan make out on Colby’s throbbing knob. When Tegan drops to his knees, he forces both cocks in his mouth with Colby and Kurtis aggressively kissing each other.

Colby is hungry and wants more to eat, getting both guys on their backs and their legs in the air exposing 2 beautiful hairy holes. It’s really hot to see that while Colby is eating one hole, he is still fingering the other. Eventually he makes both Kurtis and Tegan suck his fingers after they’ve been in their butts.

The double oral continues to drive me crazy. Colby is fucking Tegan on his back, so Kurtis flops his cock on Tegan’s face so Colby can lean forward and share the worship. Kudos for Colby’s power fucking, he never slows down his rhythm and is it really driving it deep in Tegan.

Colby slams Kurtis mercilessly in doggy, but Kurtis’ face is forced in Tegan’s hole deeply so we can only hear his muffled moans. The view is fucking amazing, watching this train of sweaty muscle moving in unison.

These guys really put on a show and made sure the cum was shared with everyone. Tegan and Kurtis’s faced glazed in freshly shared jizz is forever blazed in my memory.

Watch this scene now at Raging Stallion HERE and let me know how many times you came watching it, because I’m on round 8.

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Retreat Yo’Self Part 3

Connor Maguire paired up with my new found love Griffin Barrows is instawood!

Connor has no shame spying on Griffin in the shower and offer to help Griffin relax. Seems like everyone at this spa is really worried about Griffin’s stress levels. Connor drops to his knees to start servicing Griffin. When Griffin lies on his back to get face fucked and eat Connor’s balls, I’m reminded of how much I love ginger pubes.

Connor takes control, fucking Griffin on his side while choking and kissing him. By the time he jumps up into a froggy positions, we can see Connor has worked up a sweat.

Griffin blows his load getting pound on his back. Connor keeps pumping away until he shoots on Griffin’s face. Connor bends over to a cum soaked kiss – I’m loving that I see this more and more often in porn!

I’m a big fan of these 2 sexy fuckers. Head over to Men.com HERE and unlock this scene for only $1!

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Retreat Yo’Self 2

Here we are. Nov 1st and Men.com has released the Part 2 of the series Retreat Yo’Self. Men.com usually schedules series releases within a week of other, but this was worth that wait. Griffin Barrows explores more the retreat and friendly patron, Adam Thicke, offers him a massage to relieve stress. The massage last 2 seconds before Adam flops his uncut cock on Griffin’s shoulder.

Rather than being startled, Griffin dives in. His throat skills are top notch here, eagerly moaning as Adam’s meat simply disappeared for this part of the scene.

The fucking is hot and aggressive, Adam drilling Griffin’s hole slam after slam. Griffin is determined to be the star of this scene. His arms are noticeably bulkier than he has been, the sweat on his body gently glistening as the camera pans over him and his moans filling my speakers as I stoke.

Adam declares he’s about to cum, pulling out and Griffin slips of the chair he was fucked on to catch the load in his mouth. You can hear the chair loudly falling over in this maneuver, letting you know that aside from the acting Griffin is fucking craving that cum.

I gotta say, I didn’t think I’d like this scene as much as I did but Griffin really puts on a show. You can check out this sweaty scene at Men.com HERE. If you wanna check out Part 1, click HERE.

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