Lorenzo Flexx gets fucked by his ‘Big Brother’ Liam Knox

We all need a mentor.. and big brother figure to show us the ropes, right?

This was a fun scene to shoot, although we pushed our own limits in shooting in a very closed, tight space. Looks great and Liam and Lorenzo have chemistry off the chart, although considering they’re two of the coolest men in porn, it wasn’t a surprise that they’d get along so well.

This was NOT an easy scene to shoot.. the alley between houses is VERY tight and we had to use every possible lighting trick to get the light either in there OR sunlight reflected and defused and still able to get two cameras… but we made it work.

I was around the corner watching through the monitors yelling directions through a bush.

No, really.

Electrician Liam Knox gives apprentice Lorenzo Flexx some pointers at the switch box. “I really enjoy working with you,” says Lorenzo, staring intently at him. Liam grips his shoulder, moving in for a kiss as their jean bulges grind. Liam nibbles Lorenzo’s lip and takes charge, keeping the sub under his spell as he guides him down. He beats his dick on the sucker’s face, Lorenzo taking it to the root as he chokes, spit dripping down Liam’s sac to the ground.

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A Tale Of Two Tweets

Yeah…Chichi… I just might have have an idea… 🙂


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Director’s Blog: Making the Big Brother scene with Jesse and Julian


As I wrote over on the Titanmen blog… I almost cut off Jesse Jackman’s head with the drone when we were shooting this scene.

Ok, not quite… there are safety guards and the blades are made of soft plastic.

But it would have done some pretty nasty damage to him and we wouldn’t have been able to shoot the scene. The carnage can be seen in the split screen from the BTS movie… I got REALLY close to Jesse..

BTW… that shot was kinda fucked up. That’s not the one we used. I had forgotten to remove the safety brace on the drone and the camera wasn’t able to pan straight down. The shot that I used in the scene was done after this and the drone stays way above their heads and just pans down at them. But this was a pretty cool shot, too.

The hardest part of the opening bit was that I had to shoot most of the opening sequence twice. I shot this with four different cameras. The Drone, my OSMO, my GoPro and the full-quality Titan HD cameras. But since most of those cameras have to be held very close… I couldn’t be in a wide shot… anyway… I had Jesse and Julian play around in the pool using my big cameras.. and then stripped down to my bathing suit and shot it all under water with my GoPro. Read more →

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A song from… LONG ago… A blast from MY past…

Yesterday I got… a letter.

Almost as cool as a Hogwarts letter….

A royalty check for a song I wrote almost 20 years ago.  I wrote a song that was included in the show FX The Series… And while we got royalties from it for a while…those eventually dried up. And then… I guess the show has been remastered in HD and re-released to streaming and tertiary markets… Because I got a rather huge royalty check for a song that I barely remember.

Anyway… I figured that I’d post this here, it’s too X-rated to post on my Facebook. The video was done a few years back for Island House (my favorite resort in Key West).

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Jesse Jackman Tops Again…(and Introducing Julian Knowles)

I gotta say… we laughed more making Big Brother than we did since we made Cauke For President. We laughed more making this than people should laugh while making gay porn.

Not that making porn isn’t, at the very base, pretty funny. But really… Julian Knowles is one of the funniest guys ever. He spends half the time just doing stand up live with us and keeping everyone on set in stitches.

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The Last Time I Went To The GayVNs, I Stole Michael Lucas’ Limo. And Yet, They’re Inviting Me Back.

I don’t even remember the year, but I was still working at Fratmen. That’s how long ago it was.

2007, I think.

We were nominated for one GayVN Award that we knew we wouldn’t win, but we went anyway because it was a party.


I met Eric Rhodes. I was standing next to a few studio people and I was chatting with them… I thought my friend Jeff from MaleFlixxx was stinging next to me and I turned to him to tell a joke… I made it literally 4 seconds into it before realizing it was porn royalty Eric Rhodes and not my friend Jeff…. I was HORRIFIED. I was thinking “OH man.. he’s going to be REALLY mean to me.”

But I was already telling the joke so I just… finished it. And instead of saying “who the fuck are you?” he laughed, said something like “OH I KNOW, RIGHT?” and we laughed some more. He then said something probably funnier back. That was when I knew that Eric was not, as I had suspected, an attitude-filled, stuck up jerk but one of the coolest, nicest and most laid-back men in porn.


I was drunk at the end of the night and I didn’t want to walk back to the hotel and I didn’t know how to get back. So one of my friends and I literally just… jumped into the limo of Michael Lucas and told the driver to take us to the hotel. We kinda expected to get arrested. The driver started to drive off and then he slammed on the brakes and yelled “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN HERE” and got out of the car, came barreling around and told us to get out…. and THEN… Michael Lucas and Tony Dimarco appeared… trying to get into the limo that we were trying to get out of before the cops arrived.

I was GOING to beg Michael to not have us arrested, but instead of that… he laughed and said “Are you going back to the hotel? I take you there.” So not only did I NOT get a strip search, I got a free ride to my hotel AND I got to hang with Tony DiMarco (who is one of my favorite porn directors).


The nominations for the GayVN Awards came out today and… Titan has 30 nominations, including TWO for me… for Best Director in the Feature category (For Cauke For Free) and Best Director in the Non-Feature category (for Demolition).

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Adam Ramzi gets a face-full from Dakota Rivers.

This was a fun scene to shoot, although we had a couple unexpected visitors… both the owner of the house (a friend of mine) and a construction worker accidentally walking in on the guys naked and blowing each other while my crew switched out lights and stuff in the gym.

And of course, we also had construction noise, street noise and a very tiny space to shoot in…

But ANY scene that ends like this is a good one…

Click Here to see the whole scene at Titanmen.

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