99 Seconds From The Last Year

Titan is taking a short break from shooting for the summer… we’re not taking a break, though. I’m editing movies we’ve shot this year and catching up with all that other “stuff” we need to do… Maybe writing a script or two…

But I figured I’d take a look back at some of the highlights from the last 12 months. Enjoy…

No, putting “Contour Makeup” on your dick isn’t gonna make it look bigger. Also, yes, that’s my dick.

You wanna put Lipstick on your Dipstick?

Bronzer on your Boner?

Some… Contour on your Cock?

OK, I’m sorry… this is literally one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard and I actually do know two men who’ve had their assholes bleached. Now… we’ve all seen our masculine-appearing friends throw on some rouge, some eye shadow, some powder and some mascara and suddenly look like the most beautiful woman one could imagine… so it’s not like makeup can’t work wonders. But “internet-famous makeup artist” Jeffree Star says that he uses makeup to make his Lance Larger (Sorry, I spent all dinner thinking of penis puns and I’m going to use them all).

I contour my shaft a lot,” were his words. And while I’ve seen makeup work magic, I’ve never seen that magic work on an actual wand.

Now… I’m not going to really dump on anyone who wants to add some Womp to their Wang… but aside from a possible good use in intentionally-misleading Grindr pictures to send to Rubes who are gonna know you’ve shafted them in hopes they’d… open the door and let you in… WHO is going to want to do this?

I mean… your dick might look bigger in selfies, but it’s gonna taste REALLY bad and it’s all gonna rub off once the main event starts… right?

While I hate having to be the guy with the bad news…. if there was a way to make your dick bigger… you’d know about it. You’d be able to get it in places other than spam emails and clickbait banners on garbage blogs. They’d be handing it out at the corner of Hollywood and Highland. They’d sell it on the front page of Amazon.

I’d sell it here.

But it doesn’t exist.

So… learn to love your dick. It’s the only one you’ve got.

Long-Lost François Sagat Video: Making The Pool Scene From Incubus (Parts 1 & 2)

Here’s a very rare look at François letting down his guard and laughing, joking around and having fun while shooting the “Naked Underwater Wrestle” scene from Incubus.

I found this while cleaning out some old drives and it’s fascinating but fun… hot… and rather endearing to see François, Jesse Jackman, Christopher Daniels, Bruce Cam and Brian Mills all in the pool making the movie. I was just a quiet on-looker for this part. But This was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

Here’s Part 2 of the video:

Working Again with Joe Gage.

Joe Gage is a legend. I joke about how he “invented gay porn,” but it’s really not a joke. The whole look and feel of gay porn through the 70s and 80s came from him.

I’ve been a fan as long as I’ve been a fan of porn, and when I met him it was like meeting your idol and finding out he knew who you were.

I’m back in Palm Springs today shooting a new movie (as yet untitled) and sitting next to Joe at the director’s table. This is our fourth time working directly together like this.. He’s the director and writer of the movie… I’m there to more direct the cameras and technical side of it all.

Today’s scene stars Titanmen Exclusive Matthew Bosch along with returning Titan mega-star Dakota Rivers. Two men I love working with.. they’re funny and fun and smart and a blast to have on set.

See all of Joe’s Titanmen movies here.

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My Hangover Cure.

While I love to share my favorite drink recipes here, even a hardcore cocktail connoisseur such as myself occasionally maybe has a couple more than I wish I’d had the following morning.

A hangover is a combination of a bunch of things, mostly dehydration and a drop in electrolyte and potassium levels. What works for me that morning when I’m feeling a bit delicate is this… an avocado with a sprinkle of sea salt, a sprinkle of raw sugar, a bit of balsamic vinegar, a bit of cheese and then a LOT of water. You’ll feel right as rain in an hour or so.

And yes… since yesterday was both my anniversary AND Cinco De Mayo… I may have partied a bit harder than normal (no I’m not one of those basic bros who wears a fake mustache and a sombrero).

Drink well, my friends.


yet another year….

Nine years ago, Carlo and I finally were legally married in Toronto. I had a broken arm, the only song we had on my iPhone was “Shine a Little Love” by ELO (this was before the iTunes store app existed) and after our 10-minute ceremony at City Hall, we went and had brunch with friends. We’d already been together for 16 years (25 now), so it was mostly just for legal reasons we did it. But it was still fun.

(Making of) Jason Vario Fucks Bennett Anthony

This was one of those scenes that all kinda managed to come together at the last minute into a rather stunning finished product. Originally, this scene was supposed to feature Jesse Jackman bottoming for Jason. Except Jesse had started to feel a bit sick when he arrived and by the morning we were to shoot this scene, Jesse was doubled over in his room with the flu. That wasn’t pretty.

Without time to bring anyone in to fill in at the last minute, we made a change: Bennet Anthony would be in two scenes in this movie (he’d already shot his first scene for it the day before with Adam Ramzi) and so would Jack Vidra. Bennett and Jack would play two red-head brothers who ran a pool cleaning service. We wrote a bit of a fun story to pull it all together and moved forward.

The second obstacle was the sunlight. Lighting a scene with two men whose skin tones are that different can present its own challenge… Bennett is a red head with very fair skin, Jason is a black man with a beautiful but totally different skin tone.. trying to properly shoot that to bring out the best in both of them is the primary job of porn cinematography… but adding blazingly-bright sunlight streaming through the palm trees made it even harder. We created a cantilevered scrim that hung directly above them but didn’t clutter my shots with support poles. We then hit it with as much light as we had from the front so the background didn’t get washed out…

I posted a video live from the set about the scrim here:

A LOT more after the jump…

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Mr. Los Angeles Leather

Back in 2009, I was Eagle LA. Mr. Leather. Had a great time that year… was a blast doing it and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

All these years later, they’re still asking me to host shows, contests and occasionally judge them..

Anyway.. this year I was asked to host with Bruce Beckham but I was ALSO asked if I could shoot a bit of a promotional video that they’d also use to open the contest… and here it is.

Bruce Tells Jasun “No.”

Be there or be square.

Gay Comic Geek review of Say Uncle

I love it when he reviews my movies and yes… I’m really proud of Say Uncle. Such a great movie with a top notch cast.

Click here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.