Buck Gets Fucked


The scene isn’t out yet… it’ll be coming to GayHoopla this Friday.

But we’ve been watching Buck Carter… a huge hunk of muscle and attitude… since he appeared in his solo a few weeks ago. He’s not that tall, but he’s HUGE. That deep, booming voice caught us the moment the camera started rolling and once he did some flexing and couch-humping (when did that become a thing?), we were hooked.

In his solo he mentioned that he’d done a couple hardcore scenes, one with Derek Jones and the other… didn’t say. Well, today we found out that Julian Rodriguez got to do the honors of giving Buck his first on-screen dick (Buck mentioned that he got that ass from bottoming, so clearly it’s not his first ever). Read more →

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EXCLUSIVE BTS STORY: Derek just wanted to fuck Bradley, but the rule was “Only on camera.” So….

I LOVE hearing the behind-the-scenes bits from GayHoopla because you get a real picture of how REAL those scenes are.

This isn’t hype… that really WAS Bradley Whitman’s first dick. He’d never kissed a guy, never sucked a dick and he sure as hell hadn’t ever been fucked before. But… there’s a first time for everything, right?

GayHoopla director Landon and I were chatting recently (we’ve kept in touch since our Fratmen days) and he gave me the inside scoop. The big rule for all porn makers is “YOU DO NOT FUCK THE TALENT.” It never ends well and it always ends bad. It’s always a bad idea to fuck the talent.

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