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Gay actors playing gay characters? Well I’ll be damned.


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DC really went balls to the wall with their TV expanded universe that all started with Arrow. I’ve always been hooked to this universe because it all started with sex on legs Stephen Amell. As the universe expanded to include shows The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, I was impressed with the true diversity the shows offered. We have gay men, lesbians, interracial couples and age gaps that all illustrate complex relationships rather than stereotypes. The latest massive crossover event locked lips with Russell Tovey and Wentworth Miller.

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Gay Comic Geek reviews SWAP


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I love it when he reviews my movies… And MAN is he ever cute.

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Not all couples relationships are black and white. Some couples SWAP out their partners. This is explored in the TitanMen Movie – SWAP. This is directed by Jasun Mark and stars Liam Knox and Steve Roman.

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Trixie & Katya’s High School Reunion


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As we mentioned previously, we are big fans of Ru girls Trixie & Katya. They are absolutely insane and a delight to watch. They’ve been making the rounds lately promoting their new show on Viceland, but their latest promo vehicle takes the cake – a drag queen remaking of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion on stage. Check it out after the jump!

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Utah Parents: ‘OKLAHOMA!’ is PORN!


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The musical Oklahoma is such High School Drama Club and Community Theater boilerplate that pretty much everyone has seen it done in one way or another. The movie is so wholesome that it used to be shown on Sunday night family TV.

It’s so wholesome that the dirtiest thing most of us can think of is the one song where the town “bad girl” sings a song about how she “C’ain’t Say No.” It’s so wholesome it starred Shirley Freaking Jones, for crying out loud.

But some parents of Payson Utah were mortified that the 1999 Broadway revival of the musical starring Hugh Jackman (who sadly… not gay). PBS filmed a live performance for television and use in classrooms.

And THAT is where everything went to shit.

Parents at Payson Junior High accused the Nebo School District of exposing their children to pornography. Not because of the dirty girl who likes to kiss boys, but because of a 7-second shot that shows a few blurry peep-show pictures that are nailed to the wall that Jackman (as Curly) sees on the wall of villain Jud Fry.

“Plum stark naked as a jaybird,” Curly says as an over-the-shoulder shot shows the pictures. “No she ain’t — not quite. She’s got a couple of thingy-bobs tied on her there.” Jud then shows him another picture that the audience can’t see.

“Whew! That’d give me ideas,” Curly says and then the conversation turns to the really morbid part where Curly suggests Jud hang himself.

Apparently the parents didn’t have a problem with the good guy suggesting the bad guy kill himself.

One mother ignited a porno panic on Facebook: “A pornographic movie was shown in a classroom setting to approximately 125 students … among other things, the movie contained an 8-second close-up of 10 full-frontal images of 10 naked women.” (technically, it was 8 and the pictures were so faded and blurry that only one could really be seen with any detail).

Nebo School District begrudgingly agreed in a tacit way… they said that the movie’s screening “violated district policy because the film was not approved by the principal beforehand.” School officials emailed and called parents with an explanation, but no apology.

“This movie was not previewed or approved and some inappropriate material was viewed by the students,” the email says. “As parents, you may want to visit with your student about this.”

The shocking, blink-and-you-miss-it part occurs at 1:05:49-56 in the video below. (Hat Tip YNOT)

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Thanks to a friend at the full time job, I was introduced to UNHhhh with Trixie Mattel and Katya – now I love watching Drag Race – and I do have my favorite queens – Katya and Trixie are 2 of my favoritres and I love this show.

These two together are amazing. Honestly, if you haven’t seen any of these, please watch.

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Gay Men’s Room Blowjob Video Game. No, really.


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So the game… it’s like a sort of… SIMS… where you’re in a men’s washroom… and checking out other men’s dicks at a urinal… (the dicks look like flesh-colored guns). And the object is to suck dick without getting caught by police or in a sting.

This is a video game made by Robert Yang, a gay Asian video game designer whose games are known to follow a “Queer” aesthetic. And hey, if you can play a video game AND get some virtual dick… why not, right?

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Biggest Little Fur Con – 2017


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I’ve been thinking about doing a post like this for quite some time now. Considering that it’s Pride Month, and this is something that is close to me, I wanted to share. The first weekend in June, I was lucky enough to make my way to Reno, Nevada for the Biggest Little Fur Con. This is the second year I have attended and its such an amazing time. 2016 was the year my fursona made it’s debut.

Aside from celebrating Gay Pride, I also fit into the Pup, leather and furry sections of our vast community. Now, not only did we have an extensive collection of Furries, we also had a lot of pups there too.. I’m sure there were plenty of adult activities going on – but I did not partake in any. Although I did go and enjoy the adult section of the Dealer’s Den, where I was able to purchase a range of dildos all modeled after non-human parts. But more about that later.

As a Fox, I just enjoyed time with friends as well as making new ones… we did go-karting as well as mini golf, and dancing. I was able to watch my Fox Brother win 1st place in the novice category of the Dance Competition.

There were plenty of “adult” panels that we were able to take part of. Yes, there was a puppy panel and mosh as well as a pony panel. In the Adult Games panel, they were handing out bags of dicks, as well as condoms and other fun things.

Now, if you’re about to get all, “you damn pervert… fucking animals…” and what not, let me start off with already saying I had a co-worker in my real life job accuse me of being a pedophile. And I recovered and bounce back, made me proud to be a Furry and no… I’m not like that one on the CSI episode or whatever it is…. Yes, I’m in to yiff art and the bad dragon toys. and No, I don’t fuck in my suit and I definitely don’t have sex with bio-animals.

I’m more than happy to answer all questions about being a furry, but here’s a quick rundown, at least as far as I go: I identify as a fox… my fursona is a grey fox with a blue Mohawk. He’s a bit of a nerd, but also tries to be a badass. He loves sci-fi and cosplay, but also rides motorcycles and is into leather. My best friend is a Unicorn and the rest of the team is a wolfpanda and a foxalope. My family ranges from foxes to a werewolf… and everything in between. Family is used to describe all the other suits made by the same maker.

My real family and friends are super supportive and love the fact that I just have another outlet to express myself.

Don’t judge the furries… embrace us and get to know us. It’s a fun community to be apart of. If you are still interested in the Furry Community, there’s a couple of good documentaries out there… the best I’ve seen is FURSONA. I found it on Amazon Prime, but I believe it’s also out on Netflix.

If you want to check out my brother in his dance competition, you can see it here!

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Gay Comic Geek reviews 2MenKiss


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Watch the whole movie at Titanmen here.


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Back To My Roots


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Since the parade of horrors from our current political clusterfuck have finally kinda dragged me down… I decided this morning instead to pour myself a coffee, put on a record (the new Pallbearer album) and dig out some old photography books. If you’re a fan of male erotical (and why else would you be reading my blog?), you’re probably at least a passing fan of Robert Mapplethorpe.

He died in 1989 when I was still in college and because of my lack of gay and lesbian art history knowledge, I knew very little about him until years later. But even without knowing really who he was, Mapplethorpe was a huge influence on me. As a teenager, I’d get my hands on any gay porn I could and the work of artists like him and Tom Of Finland would be featured often.

You can get this book at the Getty Museum website  where it’s currently on sale… trust me you’ll love his artwork, but the book tells such an incredible story of an artist inventing his own medium.

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