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Tony DiMarco’s Route 69. LOVE this movie.


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So… here’s the deal.

I have a few gay porn director idols that I’ve loved to watch for a long time… Yeah…. Joe Gage, as I’ve said, was my role model when I was a little gayling looking at magazines and imagining living in that world.

Steve Cruz? He even knows my real name is Janus Burridge Mråk. We’re buddies and I know he’ll always have my back.

Chichi? Of course… Chichi is a legend.

Joe and Steve and Chichi have become friends, but the one time I met Tony DiMarco was the time I stole Michael Lucas’ limo and Tony was… there. At the time he had no idea who I was because I was the affiliate manager at Fratmen which was a site he’d probably never heard of.

Anyway… Tony decided to remade the classic Route 66. And it’s FAB.

I posted about it before and you can read about it here…But I wanted to post this… Gay Comic Geek’s review.

Tony, I know we’ve only met once… and at the time I was stealing Michael’s limo so you thought I was… well… the hoodlum that I am. But I still think you’re a brilliant director and… yeah.. that.

The rest of you… click here to see it.

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Gay Comic Geek Reviews Skuff


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Check out the movie here.



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Gay Comic Geek reviews SWAP


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I love it when he reviews my movies… And MAN is he ever cute.

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Not all couples relationships are black and white. Some couples SWAP out their partners. This is explored in the TitanMen Movie – SWAP. This is directed by Jasun Mark and stars Liam Knox and Steve Roman.

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