Homo, Please:

A sadly-necessary roundup of bullshit from the inter webs. 

No, “I would do anything for love but I won’t do that” isn’t about anal sex. Or pegging. And meatloaf didn’t write that song. 

No, Madonna did not “perform with holograms.” Those were just digital layovers done for the TV audience. The live audience didn’t see them. 

No, Hillary Clinton still isn’t going to be arrested. 

There was no cloning facility discovered in the Nevada desert. 

Marijuana doesn’t kill cancer cells. 

Turmeric doesn’t cure Alzheimer’s. 

Dandelion root doesn’t cure liver failure. 

Ginger doesn’t treat kidney problems. 

Boiled banana peel doesn’t help you “melt fat.”

Vaccinate your damn kids. 

There is no such thing as a “condom that tests for STDs.”

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Apparently, ​if you’re Vers, you can go to heaven. Tops and Bottoms are going to Hell.

Christian twit Bryan Fischer explained, for some reason, that there are “two parts to a homosexual liaison, the top and the bottom and neither part of that can get into the eternal kingdom.” Which is fine because if there aren’t bottoms in Heaven, I don’t wanna go.

There’s also a bit about Pete Buttigieg and that gives me a chance to post this:

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TV’s First Gay Wedding…

My buddy Matt Baume, who you can see make cameo appearances in my movies Cauke For President and Cauke For Free, has one of my favorite YouTube Channels and he’s been doing a semi-regular series called “Culture Cruise” and he dissects queer content in mainstream TV. If you like this video, check out his looks at Golden Girls and Married With Children.

But this video is great… I love Matt’s stuff.

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Me waiting for Steven Colbert to get the fuck off the stage and show the damn trailer already.

Also, it was a HOLIDAY special. Not a “Christmas” special.

SO if you haven’t heard because… I dunno, your only internet is DickHarden (and if so, your old buddy Jasun thanks you)… the “teaser trailer” for the new Star Wars movie is out… now… it’s not much of a teaser. It’s really just a 90-second video montage that essentially just shows us moving pictures of the people that we knew were in the movie anyway… virtually no dialogue or real idea of what the movie is about. The only solid info that we have is that the movie takes place a substantial amount of time after the events of the successful but maligned The Last Jedi. The only other hint of what it may be about comes with the cryptic title “The Rise of Skywalker” and the disembodied laugh that was unmistakably from Emperor Palpatine (who, we assumed, died on the second Death Star so he’s either appearing as a Force Ghost or he didn’t really die).

But as a die-hard Star Wars fan, I’ll of course go see this… and was wearing my X-Wing Fighter onesie, drinking from my Death Star rocks glass and holding my light saber because… that’s how I roll.

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Men: Dustin & Ethan

First thing first – I might be in love with Dustin Holloway. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting Dustin a few times, so let me tell you that hanging out with him is dangerous. He is so fucking charming and beautiful, you will fall in love with him in seconds. Ethan Chase is definitely on my radar after his scene that we crowned Bromo’s best ever (check it out HERE). Do these 2 deliver? HELL YES!!!

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A Tale Of Two Tweets

Yeah…Chichi… I just might have have an idea… 🙂


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A Tale Of Three Tweets.

It’s not like we haven’t ALL had those brain-fart moments when we get the director or writer wrong… And I really like Angelo Zambrano and you should all follow him on Twitter… so I’m not gonna razz him too much for this because it’s kinda funny.

And it’s not even his fault. My newest movie Big Brother stars both Tristan Jaxx and Daymin Voss. (just in different scenes… Tristan is with Luke Adams and Daymin is topping Jason Vario).

So it’s not THAT much of a stretch to mistake my good friend Steve Cruz’s movie The Gun Show for that…

Still.. was kinda funny.

Also.. Steve’s movie is hot. So it’s not like I mind his work being mistaken for mine.



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