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That look you get when you’re busy doing something else but you can’t remember if you turned off the iron or not.

Look for Joe Gage’s West Texas Park N Ride coming to Titanmen soon…

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Porn Director Problems: When there’s something on the lens but the men wanna Suck Dick.


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Being the director means a lot more than just yelling “action” and watching the men fuck. While we were shooting this scene from the up-coming Titanmen movie Cum Laude, I noticed a tiny spec on the monitor from camera 2. That means we have to stop the action… try to fix the problem and then move forward.

But when your men have great chemistry and just wanna play… that means that while you’re moving lights, adjusting gear or (in this case) cleaning the lens… the dick sucking doesn’t stop.

Watch for this scene with Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant coming soon.

If you wanna see Dirk in action now… Click Here check him out in one of the biggest scenes I’ve ever done from OUT!

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Tex Davidson tells us “How To Eat An Ass.” (with Lorenzo Flexx)


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On the set of the upcoming Titanmen movie Demolition, Tex Davidson gave us all a quick lesson on how to help loosen up a hole before sticking in your dick.

BTW… here’s the dick that’s going in that hole…



Check out Tex Davidson in action at Titanmen here.

Check out Lorenzo Flexx here.

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