Chatting with Jack Dixon

He’s hot, he’s cool, he’s funny, he’s hunky and handsome. He’s also a gamer and a pretty cool guy and yes, he’s got a gigantic dick He smells like man. And WOW that dick is huge. We’d just finished shooting a scene together (I was director of photography) and sat down for a chat. 

Wanna see him in action? Check him out now at NastyDaddy. Oh and BTW… if you happen to want to see that scene I mentioned where I performed with Adam Russo.. that’s also on NastyDaddy. Check out the interview after the jump…

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Coming Soon… Haulin’ Ass

I posted about my drone pilot license and the drone work I did a while ago for a movie with Steve Cruz called Haulin’ Ass… but now I have the cover of the movie which I haven’t seen yet, but Steve Cruz tells me is a spot-on version of what he envisioned when he first asked me if I’d be his co-director. He also said that one of the scenes is one of his favorite things he’s done in 10 years… so I can’t wait to see it, either.

Coming soon to Raging Stallion. Stay Tuned.

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Paranormal by Men.com

I am a HUGE Paddy O’Brian fan and have been since his early days. Paddy’s come a long way since begrudgingly jerking off beside a guy to being the center of attention in a gangbang (seriously, check out this wildly hot military scene where a group a studs take turns on Paddy’s hole). Today, Men.com kicks off a series for Halloween called Paranormal starring Paddy and Nicolas Brooks.

I don’t really get the plot for this one, but that’s okay because Paddy and Nicolas are a hot pair. Paddy’s got a beautiful cock, so watching a beefy dude like Nicolas getting face fucked like a piston gets me pumping. Nicolas bends over and offers his meaty butt to Paddy’s face to devour. I love love love rimming and Nicolas has an ass to feast on. Loving all of this!

When Paddy starts fucking Nicolas in doggy, I caught myself admiring Paddy’s incredible physique. Though not a beefy guy, Paddy is tight and ripped which is on display as he power fucks. Once he gets a good rhythm going, Paddy gets covered in sweat which only accents his impeccable body. I’ve love to run my tongue all over him and I know I’d have to get in line.

Nicolas cums while getting drilled on his back, revealing just how huge his balls are. I absolutely love a big pair in my mouth, so watching Nicolas’ boys jiggle is very hypnotic. Paddy blasts his load on Nicolas, frosting his beard. The camera slowly pans up Paddy’s body, showing us his glistening and bulging body panting. Camera pans down again as Paddy leans down for a cum soaked kiss. Ahhhhhhhhh sweat release.

Watch all of this Paddy and Nicolas glory here.

Part 2 is out on Oct 30th – check out the trailer here.

Part 3, a Paddy threesome, comes out on Halloween – check out that trailer here.

Lastly, in writing this post, I checked out some of my favourite scenes of Paddy’s over the years and was impressed to see he has a whopping 111 scenes on Men.com! Check out his entire Men.com catalog here and remember, you can try out Men.com for only $1.

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And That’s a Wrap…

Day four is done.. we’re finished shooting this new Joe Gage movie… look for it at the end of the year. Jason Vario and Jeremy Spreadums did a great job… we had a LOT of fun but I’ll admit that Joe really challenged us on this one. We couldn’t find a parking garage that would allow us to shoot a porn all day on a Sunday, so we had to use the Jim Support factory and… pretty much shoot around anything that wasn’t a floor or a ceiling. There’s a lot of up and down shots. There’s a lot of tight shots. But mostly there’s a lot of big dick and tight hole.

If you don’t wanna wait to see Jeremy in action, Click Here to see him in action with JJ Knight over at Raging Stallion.

Jeremy showed up to the set wearing a butt plug and carrying a bag of dildos so he’d be stretched enough for Jason’s dick. But it was still a tight fit.

Scene’s gonna be a really good one. They had great chemistry and I think we got a really good day of footage… so that’s a wrap on this week… now back to LA where we start editing and planning for the next shoot.

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Currently Editing: Dirk Caber and Jackson Grant

This is an up-coming feature called Cum Laude. In this scene, Professor Caber and one of his recently graduated students  are having some fun by the pool when they’re caught by two other students (Lorenzo Flexx and Jonah Fontana) who… just watch the action.

Had a great time shooting this. A few drone shots and camera tricks make this a fun one to edit. But also… this was December… this is what December looks like out here. Movie out in early June.

If you wanna see Dirk in action now… Check out his many scenes at Titanmen here. 

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