Gay actors playing gay characters? Well I’ll be damned.


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DC really went balls to the wall with their TV expanded universe that all started with Arrow. I’ve always been hooked to this universe because it all started with sex on legs Stephen Amell. As the universe expanded to include shows The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, I was impressed with the true diversity the shows offered. We have gay men, lesbians, interracial couples and age gaps that all illustrate complex relationships rather than stereotypes. The latest massive crossover event locked lips with Russell Tovey and Wentworth Miller.

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Naked Knight 2


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Another HOT as fuck entry in the Naked Knight Saga from Class Comics.

I’ve been a huge fan of the work of Patrick Fillion for years… the way he draws those comic book heroes with big huge dicks and bulging muscles… and now that Class Comics has exploded into the powerhouse that it is, he’s brought in the work of a lot of other artists that I adore like Jacob Mott (who does my favorite comic Mako Finn) and now Sunny Victor whose artwork reminds me of the Star Blazers anime I used to watch as a kid.

Highly recommended. Click Here to read more

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Men: Justice League Part 2


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What a time to be alive for comic book fans! In the last month, we got Thor: Ragnorak, Justice League, Avengers: Infinity War trailer and’s high budget porn parody of Justice League. Part rolls out today with Colby Keller as Green Lantern and living legend Francois Sagat looking all kinds of badass as Aquaman.

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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer


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After MONTHS of waiting since the D23 private screening, we finally have the Avengers: Infinity War trailer!!!

Get into it after the jump

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Written by: kicks off their next big budget film Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody. This first scene stars Ryan Bones as Batman and Johnny Rapid reprising his role as The Flash. As the scene starts, a dark and solemn tone is set. We see Wonder Woman (played by RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Manila Luzon) and Batman standing by Superman’s corpse (played by Brandon Cody). When Batman goes to his Batcave to mourn in private, The Flash arrives to cheer Bats up.

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Hot Naked Red Head Comic Book Hero…. JOX 4 is Finally Out.


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Two of my favorite things: Red Head Men and Porn Comics with actual good stories.

The JOX series continues with the explosive fourth issue. I’ve been a huge fan of Class Comics for years because of the solid titles, the amazing art and stories, the hot action and the unapologetically gay tone of it all.

Strong, muscular men… heroic and all, but there are also the bad boys who “get it in the end,” so to speak.

In this fourth installment, JOX has been captured by an enigmatic mercenary named Ganymead Sicard. After some hardcore fucking action, JOX is set free and we find out that Ganymead isn’t such a bad guy after all… he just has personal motivation to do the bidding of the evil Reiwulf (who himself is working for someone we don’t know yet…)

I highly recommend this series which is one of my favorites from their massive catalogue of titles, and you can start with this issue or go back to the premier. Class Comics are available in both digital and print versions.

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Class Comics: In Space, No One Can Hear You Cream


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Patrick Fillion launches yet another series, this time a space saga that features all the big dicks and butt sex we’ve come to expect from his work.

Star Crossed tells the story of FLAMER, who’s been sent on a mission to locate a “very important item,” and time is running out. Posing as a human sex slave for the Tolarian warlord DEKKOR, Flamer must infiltrate Dekkor’s stronghold….the survival of an entire species depends on it!

Flamer’s mission becomes even more complicated when Dekkor’s beefy twin sons EZZET and KRUEG kidnap LOCUS, Flamer’s backup.

So you know some butt sex is pretty much guaranteed.

Star Crossed is only available as a PDF at this point… you might have to wait for a print version. Check it out at Class Comics.

This comic also contains a 16 page bonus gallery and two extra “strip show” episdoes.

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BriGAYde #2 – Gay Comic Geek Review


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This is a spoiler filled review, so be warned. But Gay Comic Geek nails why you want to see this series.

Click Here to get the comic in either digital or print format at Class Comics.

Every superhero team needs a base of operations! For some it’s a fancy mansion or a high rise tower. For others, it’s a dark, dingy cave!  For the heroes of the BRIGAYDE, it’s the Armistice Estates; a newly constructed, state of the art townhouse development that comes equipped with all the amenities a superhero could want.

Today is “moving in” day! As NAKED JUSTICE and his teammates lug their belongings, they finally meet DOC SOLANDO, their patron and the man responsible for uniting them as a team. But danger lurks in the least expected places, as Golden Boy soon discovers from a chance meeting with a particularly difficult neighbor.

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More Gay Porn Comics from Class Comics: Exodus


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Been a fan for a long time… I’ll start posting about all my favorites regularly but I wanted to drop a note about the newest title from David Cantero. I’m loving the artwork and the depictions of the raw masculine sexuality… the muscles, the enormous dicks, the body hair. Class Comics always releases the best in gay erotic comics.

NEXUS is a young planet in a far away galaxy, divided by it’s opposing deities. For centuries, KIONA the mother goddess has kept the balance between all other divinities. Each god protects a city in the 7 continents of NEXUS.

Now the unthinkable has happened. KIONA has disappeared and all the other gods are trying to take control of NEXUS, starting a war all over the planet.

This is the beginning of a great adventure, full of magic, fantasy, science-fiction, love, action and sex. The NEXUS universe is just beginning to unveil its unlimited wonders.

Like most of their titles, Exodus is available in both Print and PDF versions, the PDF being available in multiple languages.

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