Chaosmen: Lorenzo & Zane


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I feel like Chaosmen made this scene just for me because they serve up so many things I love in porn. First we have Lorenzo, who is just sex on legs. His dark skin covered in fur always make me pre cum at first sight. Zane always gets me going too, especially when that meaty butt is presented on all fours.

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Bennett and Easton


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Talk about 2 hams just in time for Thanksgiving! Bennett is serving some serious ass in this new scene from Chaosmen. Easton is the lucky fucker who gets to worship, eat and dominate this beefy butt. These two start off by impressing each other with their cock sucking skills before diving into hot and heavy pounding.

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Bronson & Timmy


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Chaosmen presents you instantly fappable material. These guys are just hot, plain and simple. Bronson is still fairly new to gay porn, so Timmy is testing the waters as he starts eating his ass exposing a strong tan line. They trade cock sucking and just look at how great dicks look in their mouths:

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Guys. This scene is fucking exciting because I never thought it would happen in a million years.

First we have Aspen. Great face, very expressive, beautifully toned, perfectly shaped butt. Aspen was once a Chaosmen exclusive under the name Solomon and didn’t show any sign of ever working with another studio. It was a big surprise when scooped him up.

Second, we have Brandon, arguably Sean Cody’s most popular model. Brandon couples his God like physique with the most charming smile, making him seen unreal and your boyfriend all at once. Somehow, also scooped him up.

So here we are. The fucking of the legends made possible by

I could write a novel about how amazing this scene but honestly…. I’m too busy beating off again and again. They’re both sweaty and sexy… I gotta go watch this again.

You can sign up to for $1 HERE and watch these epic performers unite.

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Zane’s Glow Up


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Zane first caught my attention waaaaay back in 2009 in a threesome scene on ChaosMen (check out that scene here). While Zane was fucking hot back then, he is full on sex on thick legs now. Take a look!

The beard, embraced body hair, more mass and tighter definition all have me bulging out. Here he is eating ass and getting his hole eaten in a service scene with Andreus. Zane looks like he’s in heaven in both positions – I love seeing a raging hard on while eating butt!

Here is his beautiful, veiny cock getting worshipped by Jayme. Zane assisting with both hands clasped around Jayme’s head is yummy.

And life wouldn’t be complete without a filthy flip fuck with ChaosMen’s VIP Vander. Vander is clearly in love with the way Zane smells and tastes getting into some pit piggy pleasure. Vander’s always been a fantastic cock sucker, but he goes in on Zane’s meat like he lives to devour all that flavor.

We get some glorious 69 rimming, both hairy holes on clear display for us. Vander’s bottoming talent takes center stage as Zane drives in nuts to guts! Zane takes a turn in doggy, before flipping again. ATM fans rejoice – we get an uninterrupted shot of Zane’s dick leaving Vander’s ass and going in his throat. Vander goes down on it as if he’s beginning a scene, not closing one.

What do you guys think of Zane’s new look?
Check out all of these new scenes of ChaosMen here!

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Caspar and Kevin Reed


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This is a really interesting pairing. Kevin Reed rides that fine line between twink and otter, as his hairy butt can attest to. He’s got a cute face that is meant to be filled with dick and sharp tan lines if that tickles your fancy. Caspar is a great bearded and burly dude who identifies as straight & loves something hard and thick shoved up his meaty ass.

Together, it’s easy to assume that Caspar would dominate Kevin but this flip-fuck shines the light on both their versatile talents. I heavily recommend you turn the volume up for this one. Caspar takes the reigns with his dirty talk; hearing that baritone moan submissively while being tongue fucked was enough to make me shoot my load barely half way through the scene!


After flip-fucking in a few positions, Caspar is a total cum slut scene stealer, earning 2 loads from Kevin – 1 exploded on his hairy hole (and finger fucked in!) and the other all over his beard.  If you like it hairy, loud and sloppy you’re in for a treat.


Get into it!

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