Anderson Cooper doesn’t just rip up Pat Robertson, he makes him the butthead of the joke.

In defense of Pat Robertson, even a few gay people who should know better. I once had a bar patron tell me I should use rubber gloves when cleaning my bar at the end of the night (back in the 90s when I was a bartender) that if someone had spit or bled on the Formica bar, no amount of cleaning it would kill it and “years later you can burn it back up through the surface and it’ll kill you.”

Some people are so dense.

Anyway… while Pat Robertson isn’t worried about Ebola, he’s quite worried about catching AIDS from towels and bacterial infections from ice when traveling “over seas.”

Anderson Cooper… wasn’t having it.

Whoopie Goldberg meets a Porn Star

Last week Michael Musto tweeted out this picture of himself having lunch with Whoopie Goldberg “and others” having lunch. I couldn’t help but notice that one of the “others” was famously huge-dicked gay porn star Rocco Steele. Musto called the day “stimulating.”

I’ll bet.


Diving and Gymnastics – Rio 2016

Denis Abliazan – Russia

David Belyavskiy – Russia

David Boudia and Steele Johnson – US – Diving


Tom Daley – Great Britain

Diving and Gymnastics – two of the best sports for the hottest guys in the games. You can’t go wrong with the tight speedos and spandex that highlight some of the best parts.



Well, that confirms it. Orlando Bloom IS uncut.


All we needed to know, really.


And as we know… if you want your own naked paradise where all the guys are hanging out naked, go to Island House in Key West


Trump’s An Asshole

Not like it’s not something we didn’t already know, but it’s funny hearing Denis Leary rewrite the lyrics to his 90s hit “Asshole” and oddly hot seeing Denis and Jame Corden make out (even if James in is disturbing Hillary drag).


Watch the original hit from the 90s after the jump… Read more

X Factor’s Ellis Lacy Shows us how to put on a condom

While we’re very happy for the educational content of this video, we’re equally happy that it’s done by a handsome man with an incredible tattooed body and a nice, thick uncut dick.

While it’s not the first time we’ve seem Ellis’ junk, it’s nice to see it all suited up and ready for action. And you know… famous guy’s naked is always hot to see.


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