Gay Comics: DiBEARcity.

Always fun to get new comics from Class Comics with their hot men, amazing storytelling, big dicks and rather incredible 2D action… this month’s new title Dibearcity #1 is no exception and might be one of my favorite titles from this powerhouse of a publisher.

Written and illustrated by David Cantero, Dibearcity tells the story of a group of five VERY hunky, hairy and hung friends. Of course, the action is hot, but it’s this rather stunning image that punched me in the gut. I think most of us have felt like that before. I know I sure did back when I was single and mingling a lot more than I probably would have.

The Deluxe edition contains an additional 30 pages of bonus material, including some HOT pinup art, some creation sketches, some different concept art AND the entire comic with the dialogue removed… just the artwork. It’s one of the things I love about the digital PDF versions from Class Comics...

Can’t wait for more from this series… Click Here to check it out at Class Comics.

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‘Trick’ director Jim Fall in The Monstrosity Chase

We all got our starts in some odd ways. The first movie I directed was a DVD extra called Fratmen Going Down which documented the trip in Northern Australia to shoot Fratmen Alumni Weekend 5: Australia. But the first movie I appeared in was a never-released student film called “Walking Backwards Into The City.” It was a sort of nightmarish, surreal softcore porn about a young man who runs away from home for various reasons and supports himself in the streets of Montreal (played by the city of Moncton).

I think every director has been in the odd student film that’s both amazing and confusing. You’re supposed to make those movies when you’re a student.

This brings us to Jim Fall, a friend I met when he produced a few of the leather contests that I’ve hosted over the years. Most of you would know Jim as the director of The Lizzy Maguire Movie or the gay classic romantic comedy Trick. But back in the 80s, he was also a college student and starred in this bizarre production called The Monstrosity Chase. I’m not sure I understand the whole story but Jim (looking handsome as fuck, not unlike a young Trent Reznor) appears to be playing a hitman.

Anyway… The film surfaced recently on his Vimeo Page and I’m glad to have access so I can share it here… Enjoy.

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Blast from the Past: Submerged.

This was originally shot on the set of my movie “Wide Awake” as part of a short dream sequence (technically the whole movie is a dream sequence) in the “Blue” section of the film where George Ce watches the men from below the surface of the water, looking up. I set my camera at the bottom of the pool and allowed Tom Wolfe and Jay Bentley (and a bit of Dario Beck) to play around in the water in the blazing Palm Springs sun, I shot it during a few different times of day to get slightly different light temperatures and angles of the sunbeams shining through the water.

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Red Light

One of the stranger things about this scene is that it’s literally been over a decade since I saw anyone smoking in a porn movie. It just struck me as… something I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Anyway… Christian Sam and Robbie Rojo are suited (of course, this is MenAtPlay) and at what appears to be a gay sex club. Before long we have slings, bondage gear and some rather beautiful surreal sex.

I love the tone of this one.

It reminds me of the sex parties I used to find myself at back in the 90s… dark and eerie and dangerous and totally hot. Where you could just let yourself go.

Check out the whole movie at MenAtPlay

Big gallery of stills after the jump…

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Director’s Blog: Making the Big Brother scene with Jesse and Julian


As I wrote over on the Titanmen blog… I almost cut off Jesse Jackman’s head with the drone when we were shooting this scene.

Ok, not quite… there are safety guards and the blades are made of soft plastic.

But it would have done some pretty nasty damage to him and we wouldn’t have been able to shoot the scene. The carnage can be seen in the split screen from the BTS movie… I got REALLY close to Jesse..


BTW… that shot was kinda fucked up. That’s not the one we used. I had forgotten to remove the safety brace on the drone and the camera wasn’t able to pan straight down. The shot that I used in the scene was done after this and the drone stays way above their heads and just pans down at them. But this was a pretty cool shot, too.

The hardest part of the opening bit was that I had to shoot most of the opening sequence twice. I shot this with four different cameras. The Drone, my OSMO, my GoPro and the full-quality Titan HD cameras. But since most of those cameras have to be held very close… I couldn’t be in a wide shot… anyway… I had Jesse and Julian play around in the pool using my big cameras.. and then stripped down to my bathing suit and shot it all under water with my GoPro. Read more →

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A song from… LONG ago… A blast from MY past…


Yesterday I got… a letter.

Almost as cool as a Hogwarts letter….

A royalty check for a song I wrote almost 20 years ago.  I wrote a song that was included in the show FX The Series… And while we got royalties from it for a while…those eventually dried up. And then… I guess the show has been remastered in HD and re-released to streaming and tertiary markets… Because I got a rather huge royalty check for a song that I barely remember.

Anyway… I figured that I’d post this here, it’s too X-rated to post on my Facebook. The video was done a few years back for Island House (my favorite resort in Key West).

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Watch In Horror: The Star Wars Holiday Special

The year was 1978 and… well, Star Wars had been around for about a year and a half. It had only grown in popularity and fans couldn’t get enough Star Wars anything.

While home video didn’t exist yet and the movie hadn’t been shown on TV, fans shelled over money for comic books, posters, novels, action figures, space ship miniatures and pretty much anything else with Star Wars on it.

While a sequel movie was already being planned, it was years off and to keep people from forgetting or moving on, CBS suggested a TV special. Bruce Vilanch was one of the writers and he was tasked with following the idea of George Lucas to have it mostly speechless Wookies grunting at each other for 2 hours.

It’s mortifying, but oddly entertaining in the same way it’s fun to watch a building being demolished.

The story is… odd… it has Han, Chewie, Luke and Leah all coming to a sort of Wookie Thanksgiving but they all get delayed by the Empire. Some footage from the original movie is used and a lot of dialogue is lazily dubbed over it. The Death Star is inexplicably back together and Darth Vader makes a sort of cameo appearance (so does Boba Fett who actually debuts in this… mess).

Things to watch for: An alien cooking show featuring Harvey Corman that isn’t mildly amusing for about 30 seconds and then excruciating for the next 8 minutes. Bea Arthur singing a song trying to clear out a bar, Art Carney telling a bunch of very unfunny jokes, Lola Falana playing a CGI masturbation movie (that the grandfather watches while sitting in the living room). Mark Hamill had been in a motorcycle accident so he looks… wrong. Carrie Fisher shows up at the end and is so stoned she seems to be more interested in the invisible butterflies in the room before she bursts into song. There’s also a sort of weird toy circus thing that Lumpy watches for 10 times longer than anyone would want to see it.

Jefferson Starship also sings for some reason.

George Lucas was apparently so horrified by the end result that he refused to ever let it be seen again. But thanks to the wonder of Youtube.. here it is for you. OH and in the book “From A Certain Point Of View,” Chuck S Wendig made Bea Arthur’s character canon which… technically makes this whole mess canon… so… yes, this all happened.

My first love was Han Solo. Not Harrison Ford… Han Solo. But even I had trouble suffering through this mess when it first aired.

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Dick In The Sky…

You know when you see a cloud and think “that looks like a dog” or “that looks like a face?”

Well, in Washington State yesterday… people were looking up into the clouds and saying “that looks like a dick.”

Navy officials have apparently released a statement  saying “The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable.”

When reached for comment about who to sue/arrest/charge for the mostly benign outline, FAA officials said unless the act poses a safety risk, there is nothing they can do about it. The official said they “cannot police morality.”

Also, apparently some upset mom threw a fit saying “how do I explain this to my kids.” Lady, it’s a body part. You should have already explained that to them and if they’re boys, they already know.

Honestly, some people really need to relax.

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Utah Parents: ‘OKLAHOMA!’ is PORN!

The musical Oklahoma is such High School Drama Club and Community Theater boilerplate that pretty much everyone has seen it done in one way or another. The movie is so wholesome that it used to be shown on Sunday night family TV.

It’s so wholesome that the dirtiest thing most of us can think of is the one song where the town “bad girl” sings a song about how she “C’ain’t Say No.” It’s so wholesome it starred Shirley Freaking Jones, for crying out loud.

But some parents of Payson Utah were mortified that the 1999 Broadway revival of the musical starring Hugh Jackman (who sadly… not gay). PBS filmed a live performance for television and use in classrooms.

And THAT is where everything went to shit.

Parents at Payson Junior High accused the Nebo School District of exposing their children to pornography. Not because of the dirty girl who likes to kiss boys, but because of a 7-second shot that shows a few blurry peep-show pictures that are nailed to the wall that Jackman (as Curly) sees on the wall of villain Jud Fry.

“Plum stark naked as a jaybird,” Curly says as an over-the-shoulder shot shows the pictures. “No she ain’t — not quite. She’s got a couple of thingy-bobs tied on her there.” Jud then shows him another picture that the audience can’t see.

“Whew! That’d give me ideas,” Curly says and then the conversation turns to the really morbid part where Curly suggests Jud hang himself.

Apparently the parents didn’t have a problem with the good guy suggesting the bad guy kill himself.

One mother ignited a porno panic on Facebook: “A pornographic movie was shown in a classroom setting to approximately 125 students … among other things, the movie contained an 8-second close-up of 10 full-frontal images of 10 naked women.” (technically, it was 8 and the pictures were so faded and blurry that only one could really be seen with any detail).

Nebo School District begrudgingly agreed in a tacit way… they said that the movie’s screening “violated district policy because the film was not approved by the principal beforehand.” School officials emailed and called parents with an explanation, but no apology.

“This movie was not previewed or approved and some inappropriate material was viewed by the students,” the email says. “As parents, you may want to visit with your student about this.”

The shocking, blink-and-you-miss-it part occurs at 1:05:49-56 in the video below. (Hat Tip YNOT)

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Class Comics: In Space, No One Can Hear You Cream

Patrick Fillion launches yet another series, this time a space saga that features all the big dicks and butt sex we’ve come to expect from his work.

Star Crossed tells the story of FLAMER, who’s been sent on a mission to locate a “very important item,” and time is running out. Posing as a human sex slave for the Tolarian warlord DEKKOR, Flamer must infiltrate Dekkor’s stronghold….the survival of an entire species depends on it!

Flamer’s mission becomes even more complicated when Dekkor’s beefy twin sons EZZET and KRUEG kidnap LOCUS, Flamer’s backup.

So you know some butt sex is pretty much guaranteed.

Star Crossed is only available as a PDF at this point… you might have to wait for a print version. Check it out at Class Comics.

This comic also contains a 16 page bonus gallery and two extra “strip show” episdoes.

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