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and now… a selfie stick


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Will Braun tries to find the perfect angle to take a nude selfie for his roommate Eddy. The selfie stick helps, but works better to open Will’s ass for Eddy’s deep pounding

Who would of thought a didgeridoo was a gateway item to see what things Men.Com would stick up their models’ asses? The latest non sexual item, is of course that pain in the ass, selfie stick.  Now, no matter what your feelings towards these objects of vanity are, you have to admit that shoving the stick up Will’s ass with his phone attached its a pretty interest way to use it…

Check out all the hijinks that Will and Eddy get into in SELFIE STICK.

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Hooray for Fleet Week


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From Men.Com:
These navy gays are ready to take the plunge! Rafael Alencar slides his monster cock deep into Griffin’s puckered pink hole. Griffin’s throat takes that huge dick before Rafael fucks it back into his ass. Once he hops on top for a ride, it’s only so long until he busts his nut all over Rafael’s toned stomach.

Check out Part 1 of Fleet Week!


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James and Jordan First Time Friends


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I could maybe do without that whole “How’s your girlfriend” bullshit at the beginning… it’s not necessary. Hot men fucking is hot men fucking. And James  and Jorden are two hot men who we all wanna see fuck.

Good enough.

That being said… that whole “talking a buddy into some first time dick…” THAT’s something we’ve all fantasied about, right?

James pulls out and shoots his load onto Jordan’s stomach, dripping cum all over Jordan’s body as the two of them joke about how much Jordan loves the cock. This time, Jordan proudly admits it, now understanding that their friendship is about to go to the next level. Enjoy…

Click Here to watch the whole scene at Next Door Buddies.

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Rix & Quentin Gainz fuck at Active Duty


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More hot young military tattooed boys fucking. Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty has been one of my top favorite gay porn sites in over a decade. It’s rough and hot… dirty and low-fi. But the sex is always hot.

Rix is back in action with us once again. His firm attitude and lust for that tight ass is making him climb the ranks at a steady pace. This is only his second time being with one of our vets and this time he’s tackling Quentin Gainz. Quentin loves to try out the rookies who are just learning the ways of battling through the ranks here at AD. He’s more of our special ops vet when we need him to test the willingness of these new recruits. Quentin brings the fun while Rix brings the pain and toughness.

Quentin’s cock is usually the first to be hard and throbbing but Rix has beaten him to the punch. Rix drops his drawers and his cock is hard as a rock standing straight up and Quentin is amazed by it. Rix is ready to rock out so he wraps his mouth around Quentin’s throbbing dick.  Continue Reading

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It was only a matter of time before hit the Pirates franchise. And they did a good job. Diego Sans was the perfect fit to play the leading man. And watching him pound Johnny Rapid is totally hot. Once captured by Captain Paddy O’Brian, part one ends and it leaves a nice segway into part 2

Part 2 consists of Diego leading Johnny away from Paddy’s ship. Aggravated by their escape, Paddy mounts a search to retrieve Johnny. He swims to the shore of the nearest island where he encounters Colton Grey and his tribe. After a pursuit on the beach, Colton gets Paddy exactly where he wants him: pillaging his hot little hole the way only a seaman knows how.

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Kayden Gray is HIV+ and That Changes Absolutely Nothing.


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Working in Sexual Health, Kayden finally bit the bullet and came out publicly as HIV+.

And good for him. Coming out as positive could affect his porn career and his work as an escort. But other than that… it doesn’t affect the way that we here at Dick Harden feel about him. He’s still a handsome, hot and top-notch performer and we’re happy to blog about his scenes.

Watch the video.. it’s rather beautifully unguarded and bluntly honest… and he’s right… being HIV+ doesn’t make you a “whore” nor does it mean anything about you at all. As I’ve told friends, family and strangers for over 25 years… the virus doesn’t care who you are or what you’re like… it’s not a judgment. It just is what it is.

We debated linking to a scene that he’s in on this post because we didn’t want to come across like we were trying to profit from such a serious video but we decided that NOT linking to his new scene would further the stigma that HIV+ men “shouldn’t be having sex.” And that’s just not true.

Besides, his new scene from Naked Sword’s Kiss And Tel Aviv is hot and we were going to be blogging about it, anyway. So.. here’s a few stills… check out the whole scene at Naked Sword.

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Doin’ it… with a Didgeridoo?!


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Big DicksMenMuscleWTF

Now, I only hear about this scene recently. And it was actually on my personal Facebook feed. It popped up because The GayComicGeek commented on an article from on how is under fire for using a didgeridoo as a dildo. Of course, not knowing that it was a scene right away, I had to check out the article, and then I had to find the scene to see what was going on.

I read the article and saw some of the tweets they included as well as some of the comments others have left, and it runs the spectrum of being racially insensitive to you need to get over yourselves. Let it be known that I have no opinion or comment on what the studio is being accused of. I just want to get that out there right now. I’m not here to shove my beliefs on anyone, just here to review some good ol’ dickin. Taking away any symbolism and what the didg is used for, I watched it as if it was no different than someone using a baseball bat as a dildo, or when the girl in American Pie said that one time at band camp she stuck a flute or something in her vagina.

That being said – on to the fucking! So it turns out that Jack Hunter just returned from Down Under, and decided to play his new didgeridoo. Now, the didg has a distinct sound to it, and well, people are going to hear it. Especially if you are in the common areas of a living space. Speaking from personal experience, it can and will be heard. Now Aspen is trying to sleep when this low rumbling interrupts him. He goes out and confronts Jack – that should be the end of it… but of course it’s not. Jack goes back to playing. This of course pisses off Aspen and that’s where the fucking begins. Aspen comes back out, takes the didg and tries to break it over his knee… (it’s a cheap didg, and bends in half.) So then he proceeds to shove it up Jack’s ass. This is where the comedy of porn kicks in – it’s hard to hear, but you will hear Aspen say, “I’m gonna didgeridoo you in the ass…” and apparently Jack likes big things in his hole. After a little bit of work, Aspen decides that Jack’s hole needs a break, so he grabs his head and starts throat fucking him.. I’ve always liked Aspen – he’s hot. Has the right amount of fur and muscle, and a great cock. And it doesn’t help that he’s wearing a black wife beater and those tailored sweats that tend to drive me crazy cause you can see what the guy who’s wearing them is packing. Anyway – So Jack takes Aspen’s throbbing cock very well and I may or may not have shot my load three times watching this scene. Aspen just acts like the right amount of Aggressive Top that I wouldn’t mind getting pounded by once or twice.

Didgeridoo Me is one scene worth checking out.

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Military Straight Boys Flip Fuck: Ryan Jordan & Princeton Price


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Big DicksCumFuckingStr8tattoos

Those bright blue eyes… that angelic smile. That mop of blond hair and that tight body… Ryan Jordan is hot as fuck, but seeing him get his hole pounded made my day.

When the boys start, Princeton points out that Ryan’s big dick is already hard. There’s some dick sucking and that timid kissing you get from straight boys, but once the action gets going, Ryan pounds Princeton’s ass hard… he can barely take it all. You can see that “OK, I don’t know how much more of this I can take…” on his face.

But then it’s time for the boys to flip around and Ryan’s hole is up for a big dick. The sounds he makes was almost enough to make me cum without touching myself.

Wanna see more of Ryan? You can see all his scenes at Active Duty Here.

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Cockyboys – Levi and Cory


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Levi Karter intuitively knows Cory Kane may be a quiet type, but he is NOT shy…as they both show you here. Levi gives Cory a little tour of the CockyBoys country retreat but it’s in his bedroom where they start sucking each other off they use their phones to film themselves, creating some gonzo POV porn! That’s the ice-breaker for the real scene in which they start kissing and making out with genuinely sweet affection…and open up to each other, quiet no more. It’s Levi who lights the main fuse by starting to suck Cory’s big and thick, steel-hard cock deep into his throat.

Levi Karter tells Cory Kane without so much as one word how much he enjoys his cock by his lengthy sucking. Cory is not without words though, or deep moans, expressing the seemingly endless pleasure he’s receiving. Cory gives Levi his turn by licking his big balls and taking Levi’s cock with the same hungry enthusiasm and adds a little more by flipping Levi backwards and rimming him. Levi flips back to suck Cory again with extra enthusiasm because Cory has reached over to finger his sensitive hole. Cory needs only to mention the word fucking before flipping on his back, eager to get Cory’s cock inside him.

After just a little teasing Cory Kane slowly slides his cock in and every inch that enters can be seen in Levi’s eyes and widening mouth. As Cory fucks him, Levi’s breathless sighs and moans get louder and the increasingly confident Cory fucks him harder and deeper. His inner power top now unleashed, Cory pounds Levi from behind and with Levi face down, ass up. As you’ll see in Levi’s face he’s in total sexual ecstasy reaching its peak as he rides Cory’s cock until he explodes over Cory’s chest. And with Levi burying his face and tongue under his cum-swollen balls Cory shoots an even bigger load over himself and glazing his torso. Levi Karter has made sure no one should EVER again think Cory Kane is at all shy.

Click Here to see the whole scene at Cocky Boys

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Earthbound – Heaven to Hell 2


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What can I say, but WOW. It’s been something like 12 years since the original Heaven to Hell came out and damn, Chi Chi LaRue did an amazing job with this one. Now of course this one had to have a different story line than the original, Falcon summed it up as “Human kindness is put to the test as lust and desire fuel the suspense in this highly stylized, erotic, XXX thriller where sex is king but love conquers all!”

Now that I’ve actually had a chance to sit and watch it all in it’s entirety, I gotta say that my favorite scenes are Scene 2 with Dean Monroe, Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin and Gabriel Alanzo. Dean, played the Devil in the original and is back again to resurrect his role… and fuck does he still got it! This is the orgy scene and watching Dean work over those cocks is actually quite satisfying.

Scene 4 is another good one – JJ Knight is the Henchman that is sent out on a fact finding mission, and comes across a motorcyclist (Blake Riley.) Now scene got me leaking. Being a biker, and having respect for the gear and a huge fetish with it. It was hot to see Blake insist that his helmet stayed on while JJ worked his cock over. Of course, roles flipped and the helmet came off, but still a damn hot scene. Only thing I would of changed is a little more leather on our Motorcycle stud.

Scene 5 – great jerking material. Johnny V plays a barfly, and Andre Donovan is the Dark Angel that has the honor of pounding muscle stud Johnny. Damn, this is one that did me in… Watching Johnny take Andre’s thick cock was perfect.

Rounding out this amazing cast is Brent Corrigan, Skyy Knox, Andrew Stark, Armand Rizzo and Trelino. All great picks to make this film enjoyable. For even more of a throw back, the original Fallen Angel, Brad Patton makes a cameo appearance. Unfortunately, he’s not fucking anyone and we don’t get to see that thick glorious cock of his, but none the less, he’s still hot as hell!

If you were a fan of the original, and haven’t done so already – I highly recommend this sequel! It’s definitely one to please.  Head on over to to check it out.

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