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2018 Winter Olympics


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Yes, there was a lull in posts – but I’ve been busy drooling over the Men of the Olympics. Yes, there are a ton of hot guys, but these three – hot and openly gay. Now, I’m usually the one that is like… “cool, an athlete is gay.” When it comes to the Olympics though, I always gotta support the team. If you haven’t already, you need to follow them on twitter, be a fan, support the team! Eric Radford (@rad85e) is a Canadian Figure Skater, Adam Rippon (@adaripp) American Figure Skater and Gus Kenworthy (@guskenworthy) American Skier.

Now there are other Olympic Men worth checking out – Chris Mazdzer for starters – American – Luge.  Ok – first of, let me get on my soapbox about this sport. Really, this and skeleton…. really, now who thought it was an awesome idea to wear a skin tight outfit on, put on a helmet and some gloves and shoes with spikes in them, jump on a sled either feet first or head first and barrel down an icy chute?! And then, let’s make it more exciting and get into Doubles Luge… where we do all this… and then there’s another person laying on top of you… soooo, who ever that person was, cool, its awesome entertainment. But enough about that, Chris… he is one fine man. That face, with just the right amount of scruff… and from the neck down, it’s pretty good too! Right amount of muscle and right about of fur… let’s just leave it as I would be on his doubles team!

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Fleshjack in the Flesh


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Johnny catches Justin pleasuring himself with none other than his own Johnny Rapid edition Fleshjack. Johnny decides to fulfill his fantasy and offer him a chance at the real thing.

Now I’m always going to be that guy who catches background things and always wonders about stuff… like what the hell kind of bar is this place, or who’s house is this really, like look at the set up – it’s pretty epic and expensive. But then again I start to wonder, who keeps a dildo and fleshjack under the counter in their bar area? Of course, this is all just silly because you have two hot men fucking.

Lucky for Justin, he discovers these toys and then gets caught… by the real deal. I do love how Johnny walks in, and wants to watch more. And then the best part, Justin gets to fuck Johnny, and he’s shoving his dildo in his tight hole… I can honestly say this scene has made me want to go get my fleshjack and dildo out to go for a ride. This is one scene you don’t want to miss!

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Dick Patrol – Part 1


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Vadim gets stopped for speeding while on a suspended license and can’t afford to pay the tickets or time. Ashton, the cop, is corrupt enough to take in some ass in exchange for a pass go.

Ok – but really? Now don’t get me wrong, this is actually kind of a hot scene. At least while Officer Ashton is fucking Vadim, he keeps his uniform on, which is actually kind of hot. But let’s talk about that uniform though… really? Short shorts and flip flops? I like what does, but this is kind of up there with the entire Superman vs. Batman series where sexy as fuck Topher was in what looked like Superman Pajamas…

I totally give Ashton credit for looking hot as hell, but it feels very Reno 911 to me.. but hey, maybe that’s what they were going for.

Check it out for yourself.

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Ellis Fisher and Jack Hunter


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In his Cocky Boys debut, very experienced Ellis Fisher says upfront that he loves a huge cock in his ass…especially when he’s cumming. Still, he’s a bit anxious… because he’s taking on Jack Hunter! Fortunately Jack breaks the ice by going down on Ellis before taking out his already hard cock. A wide-eyed Ellis only hesitates briefly before hungrily sucking Jack and vocally feasting on and enjoying as much of his cock as he can. Soon enough Ellis wants some more sucking from Jack who quickly puts him in a state of heightened pleasure.

While Jack sucks Ellis, he deftly moves from handling his big balls to fingering his tight hole and making him moan louder. Ellis’ body writhes and contorts and his cock is so hard he’s wordlessly telling Jack he’s ready to be fucked. Ellis squats slowly on Jack’s cock and uses his deep-breathing techniques and bottoming experience to inch his way down and start riding him deeper & deeper. After giving Ellis leeway Jack takes a little more control and moves him up and down as he thrusts up into him in perfect sync.

In one smooth move Jack takes total control by bending over Ellis and giving him every inch with deeper and faster thrusts. He puts the stress test to Ellis’ bottoming credentials with a variation on a pile-driver before turning him round and fucking him on his back. In no time Jack pushes Ellis right over the edge and fucks him into a quivering, quaking orgasm that lasts longer than his substantial cumshot.  Jack is ready to blow too and as he lies back, Ellis recovers quickly to lick his balls and help them churn up a thick creamy load which erupts. down his shaft. Ellis lightly licks Jack’s still towering shaft in worshipful fashion before they kiss in a office welcome to Cocky Boys!


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Arad Winwin and Justin Matthews


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Arad Winwin and Justin Matthews have a joyful day at the beach with fun and affection and some uninhibited nudity and keeps going when they go back to the beach house sun deck. Arad notes it’s a little chilly as Justin rinses the sand off his ass and legs but he quickly warms things up by kissing Justin and lightly grasping his fast-growing cock. Arad’s mouth travels down Justin’s sculpted torso to his irresistible steel hard cock.

Arad can’t get enough of Justin’s throbber or his ripped body and before long he has Justin against the wall, necking him and fondling his creamy white rock hard ass. Justin can feel Arad’s hard cock against his ass and he slowly thrusts it out. Arad takes the hint to rim Justin and slide his cock in, pressing his body up against him and fucking him deeper and faster. Using his muscles, his hands and deep-voiced whispers in Justin’s ears, Arad dominates him totally. Soon he sits back and Justin rides his cock and as they shift and move together, Justin finds that sweet spot deep inside. They find it together again when they fuck standing up, almost edging closer to cumming.

They slow it down on an adjacent outdoor day bed where Justin gets on all fours to suck and slobber on Arad’s cock. As much as he enjoys this, Arad keeps Justin’s ass in focus, reaching over to play with and finger his twitching pucker. Eventually Arad fucks Justin from behind and they regain their momentum, tightly pressed together. On his knees Justin begs Arad to fuck him harder and as he gets close he flips on his back so Arad watch him shoot. Justin’s load spurts out shot after shot of creamy cum scattered over his entire torso. Almost right after an excited Arad shoots his rapid-fire load which lands from Justin’s face to his abs. Now it’s time to really clean up!


As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think there’s any better way to end a day at the beach. Getting fucked by Arad would be the perfect ending. See it all here – At Cockyboys.

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Boomer Banks and Sean Maygers


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Sean Maygers & Casey Everett aren’t good at tennis but fortunately they have an excuse to cut their game short: they’ve each got dates with guys they’ve met online. SO, off they go… with plans tell all the following day. Later a super-horny Sean can barely contain himself when Boomer Banks shows up at his door, looking even hotter in person. Having already chatted online they go right into making out and Sean is fully ready to put himself in Boomer’s hands.

Boomer deftly gets Sean naked and sucks him off, making his thick cock grow quickly and putting him in a state of bliss. Boomer continues to set the course by lying naked on the sofa and getting Sean to sit on his face. Boomer’s cock is too tempting for Sean to resist and he goes down on it as they get into a torrid 69. Sean gorges on Boomer’s cock while Boomer sucks his cock and balls and tongue fucks his hole. Boomer excites him so much that as breathless Sean takes control and starts fucking Boomer! Sean pounds Boomer deep and hard making Boomer the moaning bottom impaled by cock.

Just as quickly they flip and Boomer reclaims his role as power top, fucking Sean from behind on the edge of the bed. Sean is excited to take Boomer’s cock and open up for him and thrilled when he fucks him hard and wrap his arms around him. Sean is vocal in letting Boomer know how it feels and when he’s fucked on his back Boomer can see for himself. He finds the right spot inside Sean and pounds until Sean can’t hold back and shoots. Boomer roars as he follows him by shooting his load over Sean and virtually collapses on top of him to kiss him passionately once again.


Ok – but seriously, watching Boomer Banks get plowed and then having his pound Sean is a sight to see. And you can see it all here – at Cockyboys.

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Sean Zevran and Vincent O’Reilly


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“I get horny every time I work out”. So says Seriously though – this is one scene that shouldn’t be missed.  after they get back from the gym and that’s all Sean needs to hear. He pulls Vincent in for some passionate kissing, their still sweaty bodies pressed together. Shorts come off, their big thick cocks flop out and grow hard almost instantly. Vincent quickly drops to his knees and sucks Sean relentlessly, taking him into his throat as Seriously though – this is one scene that shouldn’t be missed. . Sean returns the favor with the same enthusiastic expertise but even this pro gags on Vincent’s giant mushroom cock. Continue Reading

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Thanks to a friend at the full time job, I was introduced to UNHhhh with Trixie Mattel and Katya – now I love watching Drag Race – and I do have my favorite queens – Katya and Trixie are 2 of my favoritres and I love this show.

These two together are amazing. Honestly, if you haven’t seen any of these, please watch.

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A yoga class gets real hot when the students can’t control themselves after Arad shows them how to move their bodies for maximum pleasure.

Now this is a yoga class that I wouldn’t mind being a part of at all. I love the fact that Arad is clueless in the beginning, but then he gives the guys what they want… and it’s one hot orgy!

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The Ghost


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Jack and Ryan develop a master plan to tag team Bellamy without his knowledge. At first, he’s spooked at seeing Jack in front of him when he thinks he’s behind him but easily relents to getting all his holes filled to the brim.


Ok – but seriously, if you were Bellamy, wouldn’t you just drop your pants for these too studs anyway?

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