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Reality Blows Part 2


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Whenever I see Jason Vario in a scene, I get an insta-chub and need immediate release. His face is a scene of perfection and I can never get enough. Jason’s got a world class ass that I study every day of my life. Though I think his best work so far was at TitanMen (click here to see that glory), Reality Blows Part 2 by really caught my attention.

Jason’s co-star is Trent King. I’ve watched most of his scenes and this is the first I’ve caught where he bottoms. Scene starts with Trent walking in on Jason asleep in the nude. Trent, much like I would do, immediately drops to his knees to fill his mouth with dick. It doesn’t take long for Jason to wake up, force Trent to throat him harder and then return the favour. Trent is packing some serious business so I was happily surprised to see Jason swallow that meat so deeply.

After some ass eating, Trent offers up his hole and takes all of Jason’s power fucking. It’s really impressive how easily Trent moves from positions. He’s pretty voracious for Jason’s dick and loves in every angle he can get it. is often criticized for poor lighting, but this scene is bright and in your face so you can enjoy all the hole stretching cock pumping beauty properly.

Click here to see these gods fuck in crystal clear HD and remember, you can try out for only $1!

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Damien Stone Bottoms!


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Damien Stone is a relative newcomer to porn taking the scene by storm. Not to be confused with this retired beautiful man, this muscle stud has already gained a strong following shooting with major studios. I see a lot of you guys on Twitter asking if he’s ever bottomed – I’m here to tell you YES!!!

One of his first scenes was shot by Str8Chaser, and it is hands down their best scene to date. I’m a total ass man so if you’re a fan of big ol’ MUSCLE BUTT, whip it out because Damien delivers.

All of Str8Chaser’s scenes have the same premise of a horny dude cruising parks to find straight guys in need of quick cash. We never see this guy’s face as its shot entirely in POV. Damien’s body is out of control as is his devious grin when he gets propositioned.

Getting to the action, Damien bends over presenting all his muscle butt glory. Beautifully shaped, lightly hairy, back arched *fap*fap*fap*

2 things stand out from the rest of Str8Chaser’s scenes. 1 – Damien actually sounds likes he’s struggling to take dick and is VERY vocal. I always found it amusing when a “first time bottom” takes a 10” inch with barely a grimace. Though Damien is vocal, he powers through and keeps that wonderful arch the entire time in doggy. 2 – POV or amateur scenes often have awful angles that move around too much, making it a challenge to pop off to just the right moment. Our mystery cruiser has a great balance of penetration, muscle admiration and face shots.

I had the chance to chat with Damien recently. I told him how much of a fan I am of this scene and how many times he’s gotten me off with it, asking if he’d bottom again soon. He said he probably won’t bottom on camera again until LATE 2018. Good things come to those who wait, but if you wanna cum now check out this scene ASAP. Really fucking hot and you’ll get fantastic mileage out of it.

Get stroking!

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Rusty’s Return


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After a year and 4 months, it seems that Rusty is back on Sean Cody and I am so happy!!! His beautiful smile and tasty butt needs to be on my screen MUCH more often. The time away has done him gooooooood. Rusty’s body is snatched – it always was, but damn this boy has been paying attention to detail. Many critics have been harsh on Rusty because he doesn’t have a massive dick. When he bottoms like that, I don’t see much to complain about.

Rusty breaks in newcomer Montana on his first fuck scene. Kinda pale skin and beautiful dark hair, Montana is adorable. Absolutely smooth all over except between his cheeks, Montana’s got a great set of lips I want to see wrapped around my dick. He’s only 5’5 and a powerful lil fucker. I kinda have a thing for shorter guys who can take control (Hi Jasun!)

Montana does not waste much time getting inside Rusty and I cannot blame him. While Rusty is riding Montana’s meat, we get some awesome close up shots and I can practically connect-the-dots with my tongue on Rusty’s butt freckles.

Rusty’s first cum shot is a wet and loud geyser immediately followed by Montana’s squirt, which he promptly pushes back in Rusty’s throbbing hole. I’m a huge fan of ATM (ass to mouth) and was pushed over to edge to watch Rusty eagerly slobber over Montana’s cock.

I felt cheated that I didn’t get to see Rusty’s asshole tongue lashed, fortunately at Sean Cody we get A LOT in 1 scene. The next set up is Rusty bent over and spread open, Montana priming that pink pucker for round 2. In some really hot doggy action Rusty screams “Your dick is fucking perfect!” and I can’t help but notice how much Rusty looks like retired porn star Liam Magnuson when bent over. Liam is an old friend of mine so I was happy to fappy to a semi familiar face again.

When watching this scene with my boyfriend, he was mesmerized by Montana’s ass and I didn’t even notice. We definitely need to see this fresh meat bottom soon or at least offer his ass up for a meal.

What do you guys think of Rusty’s return? Do you think Montana’s ass deserves more screen time?

Watch them play!

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Caspar and Kevin Reed


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This is a really interesting pairing. Kevin Reed rides that fine line between twink and otter, as his hairy butt can attest to. He’s got a cute face that is meant to be filled with dick and sharp tan lines if that tickles your fancy. Caspar is a great bearded and burly dude who identifies as straight & loves something hard and thick shoved up his meaty ass.

Together, it’s easy to assume that Caspar would dominate Kevin but this flip-fuck shines the light on both their versatile talents. I heavily recommend you turn the volume up for this one. Caspar takes the reigns with his dirty talk; hearing that baritone moan submissively while being tongue fucked was enough to make me shoot my load barely half way through the scene!


After flip-fucking in a few positions, Caspar is a total cum slut scene stealer, earning 2 loads from Kevin – 1 exploded on his hairy hole (and finger fucked in!) and the other all over his beard.  If you like it hairy, loud and sloppy you’re in for a treat.


Get into it!

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