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Jesse Jackman Tops Again…(and Introducing Julian Knowles)


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I gotta say… we laughed more making Big Brother than we did since we made Cauke For President. We laughed more making this than people should laugh while making gay porn.

Not that making porn isn’t, at the very base, pretty funny. But really… Julian Knowles is one of the funniest guys ever. He spends half the time just doing stand up live with us and keeping everyone on set in stitches.

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Tony DiMarco’s Route 69. LOVE this movie.


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So… here’s the deal.

I have a few gay porn director idols that I’ve loved to watch for a long time… Yeah…. Joe Gage, as I’ve said, was my role model when I was a little gayling looking at magazines and imagining living in that world.

Steve Cruz? He even knows my real name is Janus Burridge Mråk. We’re buddies and I know he’ll always have my back.

Chichi? Of course… Chichi is a legend.

Joe and Steve and Chichi have become friends, but the one time I met Tony DiMarco was the time I stole Michael Lucas’ limo and Tony was… there. At the time he had no idea who I was because I was the affiliate manager at Fratmen which was a site he’d probably never heard of.

Anyway… Tony decided to remade the classic Route 66. And it’s FAB.

I posted about it before and you can read about it here…But I wanted to post this… Gay Comic Geek’s review.

Tony, I know we’ve only met once… and at the time I was stealing Michael’s limo so you thought I was… well… the hoodlum that I am. But I still think you’re a brilliant director and… yeah.. that.

The rest of you… click here to see it.

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All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.


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They won’t be doing that anymore.


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Dario Beck returns in Pure Suit Revivial


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Dario Beck returns to the dry cleaners to complain about a bad cleaning job.

So of course, he gets the nice stiff dick of Andy Star up his asshole for his troubles.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a silly set up but in the end, we have Dario Beck and Andy Star in suits… fucking. So That’s really all I need to know.

Click Here to see the whole sordid affair at MenAtPlay.

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Ginger Hole Gets The Maverick Men Treatment


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A lot going on here.

But I still love Cole and Hunter, the Maverick Men for their dirty, filthy, no-excuses porn action.

They never let me down.

See the whole scene at Maverick Men.

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Watch In Horror: The Star Wars Holiday Special


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The year was 1978 and… well, Star Wars had been around for about a year and a half. It had only grown in popularity and fans couldn’t get enough Star Wars anything.

While home video didn’t exist yet and the movie hadn’t been shown on TV, fans shelled over money for comic books, posters, novels, action figures, space ship miniatures and pretty much anything else with Star Wars on it.

While a sequel movie was already being planned, it was years off and to keep people from forgetting or moving on, CBS suggested a TV special. Bruce Vilanch was one of the writers and he was tasked with following the idea of George Lucas to have it mostly speechless Wookies grunting at each other for 2 hours.

It’s mortifying, but oddly entertaining in the same way it’s fun to watch a building being demolished.

The story is… odd… it has Han, Chewie, Luke and Leah all coming to a sort of Wookie Thanksgiving but they all get delayed by the Empire. Some footage from the original movie is used and a lot of dialogue is lazily dubbed over it. The Death Star is inexplicably back together and Darth Vader makes a sort of cameo appearance (so does Boba Fett who actually debuts in this… mess).

Things to watch for: An alien cooking show featuring Harvey Corman that isn’t mildly amusing for about 30 seconds and then excruciating for the next 8 minutes. Bea Arthur singing a song trying to clear out a bar, Art Carney telling a bunch of very unfunny jokes, Lola Falana playing a CGI masturbation movie (that the grandfather watches while sitting in the living room). Mark Hamill had been in a motorcycle accident so he looks… wrong. Carrie Fisher shows up at the end and is so stoned she seems to be more interested in the invisible butterflies in the room before she bursts into song. There’s also a sort of weird toy circus thing that Lumpy watches for 10 times longer than anyone would want to see it.

Jefferson Starship also sings for some reason.

George Lucas was apparently so horrified by the end result that he refused to ever let it be seen again. But thanks to the wonder of Youtube.. here it is for you. OH and in the book “From A Certain Point Of View,” Chuck S Wendig made Bea Arthur’s character canon which… technically makes this whole mess canon… so… yes, this all happened.

My first love was Han Solo. Not Harrison Ford… Han Solo. But even I had trouble suffering through this mess when it first aired.

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Two of my favorite men to shoot EVER… together…


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I have no idea when this was shot. I thought both Adam Herst and Scott Hunter had retired from porn.

But… here they are together in a scene I admit I wish I had shot myself. These men are so perfect in every way that they were both a joy to work with. And they’re so hot I can cum just from looking at them.

Both hot as ever and both of them have such amazing facial expressions while fucking, it’s… well, it’s porn magic.

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Wish Me Luck…


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Her previous album Shaday had managed to spawn a mega-hit with Im Nin’Alu and a minor hit with Galbi… I think we all thought she’d manage a huge hit with her mostly-english album Desert Wind and this rather cute and poppy single “Wish Me Luck.” It wasn’t the hit we thought it would be but I still put this album on a lot…


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François is back in porn…


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François Sagat made his big return to porn but he didn’t have to fly to America this time… just had to take a cab across town.

It’s a bit weird, I have to admit, to see François in a scene with Johnny V. I’m a big fan of them both and the scene is shot beautifully by Pam… but it’s like seeing two people from different eras in your life together.

Looks like they had a great time shooting this.

Dumped and disillusioned with San Francisco, Colton Grey convinces his best friend Johnny V to join him on an all-expense paid trip to Paris. Fourteen hours later the young Americans land only to discover that the card Colton swiped from his Ex can’t be used to rent a hotel room. While Johnny cruises Grindr, Colton tries to figure out what to do next, and “voila” his problem is solved! A handsome Driver/Valet (Theo Ford) approaches Colton and addresses him as “Mr. Ferrand,” explaining that his limo is waiting to take them to his Penthouse.

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Well, he’s never seen my dick, I hope he won’t be scared…


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You gotta love any porn scene that starts with the top bragging about how his dick is so big, his scene partner is probably going to be scared.

I would be, too, honestly. I mean, I love the big dick and all. But WOW I can’t imagine being on the receiving end of that. Sometimes reactions to Peter’s peter can range from shock and awe, eager anticipation all the way through to fear of its massive girth. Although this is Raphael’s first encounter with Peter, it is certainly not his first encounter with a massive dick. He’s taken THOSE before...

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