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Tristan Jaxx’s Big Ol’ Dick Goes Up Jeremy Spreadums’ Butt.


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This was one of those wild scenes that we had to just… wing.


Keith Webb told me that because all of our rental locations in Palm Springs had been rented for things like Spring Break and other events… we had nowhere to shoot that month. So we had to shoot in LA.

“What do you want me to shoot?” I asked and he told me “whatever you want… make it fun. Make it…. LA.”

I called a few friends. I asked if I could use their houses or basements or garages… This scene was shot in the Korea Town apartment of a friend of my first camera operator Darius Union.

We decided that instead of having a script and dialogue, we’d keep what the guys were saying secret. We were going to have a movie about cruising for sex in Los Angeles. Yeah, it doesn’t happen as much now that smart phones have become how men find quick sex. But we all LOVE that idea of just seeing a guy out in the wild, chatting him up for a minute and then finding a place to have a quick trick.

The opening bits were shot with the same steady cam I used for the Micheltoreana Steps sequence in Silverlake. We were fine with a few cars or people way off in the background, but on a busy day in a busy neighborhood, finding those moments when no people were there… THAT was rough. We had a lot of waiting between takes. But we got it. And it flows beautifully.

Once we got inside and started the still photography, Jeremy saw Tristan’s dick and couldn’t WAIT to get it up his hole. Honestly… Tristan has one of the most pretty dicks I’ve ever seen. Even the tops are all “yeah, he can stick that up my butt.”

This was seriously a great scene. The guys were totally into each other and they just wanted to fuck. Jeremy’s amazing body, Tristan’s amazing dick. Perfect combination. And while it was a VERY tight shoot (that room is a lot smaller than it looks), we made it work.

Click Here to see the whole movie at Titanmen.

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Ultra-Slow Kate Bush is the most wonderful thing you’ve ever heard.


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This has been around for nearly 6 years, but I figured it was time to post it again (Last time I posted this, I was working on a different blog, after all).

The original version of this song is 4:28. It’s a sweet piece of pre-New Wave pre-Goth post-Punk etherial photo-pop that let us know that everything was going to change. If a few years.

Kate’s music still stuns and inspires, scares and comforts. But it’s never quite been like this.

Slowed down to roughly 12% it’s original speed (while digitally maintaining its original pitch), Wuthering Heights now becomes the ultimate chill-out, trip-up track that will either send you into a wonderful sleep or haunt your nightmares.


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Embarrassing moments in Entertainment History: The Brady Bunch sing “Shake Your Booty.”


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It’s hard to know where to start with this. The Brady Bunch Variety Hour was a very unfortunate attempt to recreate the Donny and Marie show using the only whiter TV property… the cast of the Brady Bunch.. who performed in character. Now… most of them couldn’t sing (although the girl recast as Jan could kinda sorta sing) and they really couldn’t dance (although I’d have taken a few pelvic thrusts from Greg) and Alice clearly didn’t know any of the dance steps… Dad couldn’t bend over and the whole thing is such a mess it’s hard to know where to look.

bonus points for that haphazardly thrown together multilayer blue screen at the end that threw in a swimming pool in front of them and miniature kick dancers in front of that…

There is no excuse for this other than “it was the 70s and we didn’t know any better.”

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Currently Editing:


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That look you get when you’re busy doing something else but you can’t remember if you turned off the iron or not.

Look for Joe Gage’s West Texas Park N Ride coming to Titanmen soon…

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Name Those Dicks: The Answer


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Not a totally easy one…

Tex and Luke have already been paired up together, so most people wouldn’t have thought of them.

But their scene in Say Uncle was so hot… we decided to pair them up again…

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Name Those Dicks


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Currently editing… See if you can guess whose dicks those are. For an up-coming Joe Gage feature. 

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The funniest story from the making of the Liam and Luke scene…


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OK so… it was kinda cloudy when we started shooting, so the stunning blue sky I usually try to capture wasn’t going to happen.

We also smelled barbecue.

Half-way into shooting the scene, Keith Webb (head or production) came out and said that the next door rental house had been rented by a bunch of hunky men in town from Chicago for Bear Week… And they’d somehow realized that on the other side of the fence, there was a porn shoot going on. So the whole fence was lined with gay guys peeping over watching. They were doing their best to be quiet and not get caught but… well, you see 6 guys watching, it’s hard not to notice that.

Anyway… we told them “you can watch… no pictures.” We had a deal.

The scene itself is killer. Luke and Liam couldn’t keep their hands off each other. And they both wanted to top and both wanted to bottom… I knew I had a winner of a scene.

Luke Adams in his full beard, having out-grown his “Twink” status and is now a hot man… body looking great and he’s still got that killer smile.

Liam had been working out HARD for this movie. HIs body looked more amazing than ever and with his hair grown in, he looked like the ultimate man. Just perfect. Handsome and solid.

Also… we get to see Luke top, which… we all like to do that.

Watch the whole movie at Titanmen.

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The Wayback Machine: Making the Ropes Scene from François Sagat’s Incubus


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It’s been six years since this scene was shot… this actually isn’t a porn scene, it’s a rather jaw-dropping bridge between scenes 2 and 3 in Incubus Part 1.

We spent a whole day shooting that 1-minute sequence… It’s stunning and is a perfect segue between the scenes.

Follow François Sagat here and watch the whole scenes here.

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Muscle Daddies 2 with Jesse Jackman and Steve Roman


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Washing dishes in nothing but his jockstrap, beefy and bearded Steve Roman is approached from behind by Jesse Jackman—wearing nothing but a tight towel, which soon drops to the floor as they passionately kiss. Jesse grabs Steve’s furry ass, then holds Steve’s hands against the cabinets as he licks him.

He spreads Steve’s cheeks and tongues him, rubbing his shaved head all over Steve’s furry butt. Steve tongue fucks Jesse back, smacking his muscle ass as he plants his hairy chin inside before fingering him.

Steve turns him around and engulfs Jesse’s slab, then feeds him—Jesse’s entire face planted in Steve’s bushy groin. He fucks Jesse’s face, then spits in his mouth. Jesse fingers Steve in the bedroom, then fucks him doggie style, grunting like a beast. Steve turns over, Jesse placing his huge hand between the bottom’s pecs as he owns his ass. Steve’s muscles shake as he gets it hard and fast, his fur soon covered in cum.

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Ever wanted to have a 3-way with two identical twins? Well….


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Active Duty has done it again… I actually stopped writing this post so I could go back to the scene and jerk off a second time.

Michael and Jacob are two HOT identical twins… we’ve seen them jerk off side-by-side before and now we’re seeing them have some fun with Ryan.

You can see the look on Ryan’s face when it’s all about to start that he’s thinking “I can’t believe I’m actually getting to do this.” And he really gets to do it.

First starting sucking those BIG dicks, going back and forth as the twins every so often give each other that eye…


Then Ryan is bent over… fucked by BOTH brothers at once… This is SUCH a hot scene…

THEN… as if that isn’t enough… Ryan gets down between the brothers and takes two loads in the face.


Click Here to see the whole scene at Active Duty.

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