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British Rugby Player Marriage Proposal.

I really need to do a movie about cute random wedding proposals. This is from Pride in London where Kings Cross Steelers (” the first ever gay inclusive rugby union club” founded in 1995) player Fernando Ferreira got up from a sort of fake play (called a “Line out”) and walked to his boyfriend  Greg Woodford, got down […]

No, putting “Contour Makeup” on your dick isn’t gonna make it look bigger. Also, yes, that’s my dick.

You wanna put Lipstick on your Dipstick? Bronzer on your Boner? Some… Contour on your Cock? OK, I’m sorry… this is literally one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard and I actually do know two men who’ve had their assholes bleached. Now… we’ve all seen our masculine-appearing friends throw on some rouge, some eye shadow, […]

Barry Harris Xanadu Club Enhanced Mix.

When I was 10 I bought the single and then the album… I’d throw it on and dance away my little gay heart. Nearly 40 years later and it’s still one of my favorite songs. It still feels like listening to magic after all this time. Back in the early 90s in Toronto Barry was a pop […]

The Return of Dylan Now

So while perusing The Guy Site today I recognized a vaguely familiar face… Their new Southern Gentleman Athlete known as “Dylan” I instantly recognized as the hunky red head uncut stud that was Dylan Now whom I directed back in 2011 just before I left Cocksure Men. Check out his newer pics… and his older […]